swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 39)


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Recap : rahul proposes uttara and uttara shouts on swaragini and sanlak

Swasan and raglak went to swasan room both sanlak were angry on what uttara did
Sanskaar : how can this uttara be so blind this rahul is using her
Laksh : ou are right sanskaar how can rahul use her and we cant do anything we cant stop their engagement too
Swara goes to sanskaar and ragini goes to laksh
Swara : sanskaar calm down she is smaal but why are you reacting at her
Ragini : yes laksh you should calmly handle the sitation
Sanskaar : are you both mad
Laksh : seriously she has said so uch to youll but then too
Swara : that’s because she is small she cant see the difference between truth and lie
Ragini : and most of all she is in love with rahul so if we do anything this will hurt her
Sanskaar ; so what are you both trying to tell we should keep our mouth shut
Laksh : like seriously should bear all this bull shit common guyz
Ragini : who is telling youll to bear it we will investigate but calmly
Swara : without anybody knowing we will keep an eye on rahul what he is really upto
Sanskaar : but how
Laksh : seriously what are you both upto
swara : keep patience sanskaar and laksh
ragini : wait and watch

it was next day of engagement anupurna and durga Prasad asked sanlak to come for engagement as its for uttara sanlak agreeds for uttara all were unhappy expect uttara she was very happy that finally she is getting engaged to rahul
swasan and raglak were getting ready
at swasan side
sanskaar got ready wearing a traditional dress he wore purple sherwani (which he wore on janmashtami in serial) he was looking cute there swara got ready wearing a yellow embroidery saree and she was looking damn cute sanskaar saw her and was lost in her beauty
sanskaar : swara you are looking gorgeous n this saree
swara : thanks but you too are looking handsome
sanskaar grabs her by waist
sanskaar : we both don’t go down we bth will romance
swara : sanskaar leave me
sanskaar : I will not
swara pecks his lips which make sanskaar shock
swara : sanskaar plz leave me we have to go down and keep an eye on rahul don’t forget
sanskaar : oh yaa come

at raglak side laksh got ready wearing red sherwani and he was looking damn handsome and ragini got ready wearing light bluish and white combination saree she was looking damn beautiful laksh saw her and grabbed her by waist
laksh : I don’t feel like leaving you you are looking so beautiful
ragini : but you are looking more handsome
laksh : you know one girl is most beautiful and preety in this world and that is you
ragini : really
laksh pecks her lips
laksh : really
ragini : acha leave me we have to go down and see what is happening don’t forget
laksh : oh yaa come

both swasan and raglak went down swaragini separated and sanlak separated as sanlak were not interested n this engagement but came because of uttara and swaragini was watching rahul
after some time uttara comes down rahuls parents too came and they were shocked as uttaras parents but because of their son they accepted it rahul and uttara both changes the rings uttara was really happy but swasan and raglak were not because they were not able to do anything sanlak was so much sad by the scenario that they went to their rooms but swaragini didn’t gave up they were keeping an eye on rahul and then they saw rahul was going to a room swaragini follows him but they saw that rahul was not there they both turned back and they was shocked to see rahul rahul slowlycloses the door
rahul : hello my beautiful bhabhis you both are looking so beautiful today and by the way why are you following me
swara : plz don’t act atleast in front of us
ragini : we know that you are acting so plz
rahul ; ok then I will say one thing that you both are right yes I don’t love uttara ok do whatever you both wanted to do go and tell uttara do you still think that she will believe you oh common my smart bhabhis she is mad in my love whatever I will say she will trust so you both cant do anything and listen carefully this is the starting and many more to come
saying this he left from there leaving swaragini in shock
and episode ends

precap : uttara gets kidnapped by rahul. Rahul calls swaragini to save her uttara but do not inform sanlak

so guyz I know this is short part but next part will be big as its 40 part so big one so what do you think it’s a trap for swaragini do sanlak will be able to save their loves and why is rahul doing all this . all this answers you all will get in my next episode I will upload tomorrow so bye guyz take care

Credit to: kaynat khan

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