swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 38)


Hello guyz once again so lets start
Recap : swaragini tells sanlak about rahul
It was a bright Sunday morning for our swasan raglak
Swasan who were hugging eachother sun rays falls on sanskaars face he woke up and saw his princess is still sleeping like a baby he kissed her forehead swara tightens her grip on him and opened her eyes
Swara : good morning jaan
Sanskaar : good morning while sleeping you look more cute
Swara : but you look more cute than me
Sanskaar : I am not cute swara
Swara : yes sanskaar you are cute cute and cute
Saying this she ran from there sanskaar chases her swara then went to bathroom and locks the door
Sanskaar : swara open the door
Swara : no I will not and listen cutie pie I wanna get ready ok
Sanskaar : you will pay for this swara
Swara : will see

At raglak side laksh phones rings and his sleep gets disturbed but ragini was still sleeping so he switched off the mobile he sees ragini who was hugging him tightly laksh stares her and kissed her cheeks ragini gets up and hgs him more tightly
Ragini : good morning hbby
Laksh : good morning my angel you look so beautiful in morning
Ragini : you look so handsome in morning
Laksh : acha ji being romantic
Ragini then sees the time and shouts
Ragini : laksh its so late I haven’t got ready too I wanna take bath
Laksh dragged her by waist
Laksh : no first give me a kiss
Ragini : laksh leave me
Laksh : first give me a kiss
Ragini : ok
Laksh closes his eyes taking this as achance ragini runs to bathroom and locks it laksh realize that ragini has ran he goes to bathroom but it was locked
Laksh : ragini I will not spare you
Ragini : sorry laksh but have to get ready
Laksh : I will not leave you ok

After sometime both couple comes down all of them were on dining table as it was Sunday everyone was gathered down suddenly uttara mobile rang she it was rahul swaragini got suspicious uttara told him that she is coming in half an hour and cuts the call
Uttara : maa I hav to go some urjnt work
Swara : uttara what urjnt work are you going for
Ragini : then will send the driver with you
Uttara : its non of your business bhabhi mind your own business
Vyone was shocked at uttaras statement
Sanskaar : uttara what was that how are you talking
Laksh : they hav only asked you where are you going simple
Uttara : oh common bhai don’t take thei side I know you both love them so plz tell them don’t interfare in my life let me live my life on my own
Sujata : uttara have you gone mad
Ram Prasad : this is the way to talk with your brothers and bhabhis
Anupurna : uttara say sorry to them just now
Durga Prasad : this was not expected from you uttara
Uttara : are wah everybody is pointing at me why not a single person is telling to swara and ragini bhabhi its their fault leave all that I will not sorry to them and now I am going bye
Uttara wents from there sanlak were calling but then too she wents
Durga Prasad : don’t know what happened to this girl
Swara : dad I think she must be in tension
Ragini : maa I and swara are going to market will come soon
Anuuna : ok beta
Swara then drags to ragini to a corner
Swara to ragini : ragini why are we going to market everything is there
Ragini : are bhuddu we are going to follow uttara we have to keep an eye on her
Swara : oh yaa I forgot come
Sanlak comes there
Sanskaar : oh so two detective are going to do their work
Laksh : I think sour wives are are james bond bhai
Sanskaar : shut up sanskaar always you tease me
Ragini : yes laksh you are too so bad
Sanskaar : acha acha listen be careful ok
Laksh : take care
Swaragini : ok bye
Saragini went from there
Sanskaar : yr this girls w cant understand always understand they are really different
Laksh : always thy want happiness this girls na

On the other hand uttara went her rahul has called her he has called he at a very lonely place where building work was going on
Uttara : rahul why you have called me here is everything fine
Rahul : actually uttara I wanna say some thing to you
Swaragini came there and hide themselves and try to hear the conversation
Uttara : then say na
Rahul bends down on his knees
Rahul ; uttara when I saw you first time on the road I was just lost I your beauty i have started to like you from or first meet but now I am in love with you yes I have started to love you I want you to be mine forever will you marry me miss uttara maheshwari
Uttara was having tears in her eyes
Uttara : I love you too rahul and yes I ill marry you
Swaragini were shocked to see the scenario they goes to rahul and dragged uttara back
Swara : how dare you rahul why are you behind our uttara plz leave her alone
Ragini ; why you are playing with her feelings its your dirty game behind all this I know
Uttara : shut up bhabhi why you both are after me why you are not leaving me alone rahul is such a good guy why you both are not understanding plz leave us alone
Rahul : plz see I love her a lot I am a good guy its nothing behind all this
Swara : shut up rahul
Uttara : you shut up bhabhi plz leave us now plz go to home no you both will not go we both will go come rahul lets go to our house
Swaragini were standing still at her reaction after some time in maheshwari mansion all were seated when rahul and uttara came by holding eachothers hands
All were shocked to see both o tem

Uttara : maa where is bhabhis they didn’t came yet
Sanskaar : what did you ean they didn’t came
Laksh : what are you telling say clearly
Uttara : wait na they will come
Ater that swaragini came sanlak goes to them
Sanskaar : what happened swara
Laksh : ragini what happened
Uttara : excuse me everyone let me speak today rahul proposed me for marriage and I accepted his proposal I want to marry him
All were shocked

Durga Prasad : are you mad uttara what are saying
Sanlak goes to her
Sanskaar : uttara he just want his revenge that he cant win over us in business trhats it
Laksh : he doesn’t want to marry you its his trap
Rahul : no sanskaar and laksh its true that I wanted that project but you took over I didn’t feel bad and when I saw uttara I really love her
Swara : just shut up rahul just get out of our house
Ragini : neither we will call the guards
Uttara : just shut up swara and ragini
Sanskaar : how dare you uttara
Laksh : uttara have you gone really mad
Uttara : yes bhai I have gone mad but I have gone mad because of this swara and ragini from when they have came all are listening to them and you both don’t look at others only you see is your wives oh plz you know what mr sanskaar and mr. laksh you don’t love me you both love only is your reputation in this house and your lovely wives you don’t love us plz let me be happy I am happy with rahul he can take better care of me
Anupurna : but beta marriage is not done so easily
Uttara : why sanskaar bhai and laksh bhai also have done sudden marriage with this too h yaa because they are big and they are the owner of the house they can do whatever but I cant do
Sujata : uttara just go to your room right now
Uttara then goes to dining table and brings a knife and places on her hand
Uttara : if you will not accept our marriage then I will die in front of youll say what you want
All were shocked
Rahul : uttara plz leave it plz for me leave it
Uttara : no rahul I cant live without you if I cannot be yours then I cant be of anyone
She was about to cut

Anupurna : no beta
Durga Prasad : your marriage will be done with rahul now plz leave the knife
Uttara gets happy and throws the knife rahul goes to her and hugs her swaragini gets very angry on rahul
Swara : uttara you will regret your decision
Uttara : mrs . swara sanskaar maheshwari and mr. ragini laksh maheshwari I don’t know you both and I broke all the realtions with youll
Sanskaar : ok uttara if you want this only from today you are not my sister
Laksh : yes uttara if our decisions doesn’t bother you we too doesn’t bother you from now your brother is dead
Swara : sanskaar what are you saying she is your sister
Ragini : laksh she is small but you boh are matured what are youll sayng
Uttara : just shut up you both because of you both I lost my brothers but I will not leave you’ll
Sanskaar : uttara just shut neither I will forget everything
Laksh : from now you are not our sister did you get that

All were tensed that how to handle the situation sanskaar drags swaras hand and leaves to his room and laksh drags raginis hand and takes her to his room
Uttara was sad
Rahul : don’t worry uttara all will be fine
Uttara : I know and our engagement will be tomorrow ok is that ok na badi ma and bade papa
Anupurna : yes beta
Ram Prasad : I will not give you my blessings
Sujata : mee too uttara
Durga Prasad : its ok ram and sujata let it be what she wants
All elaves rahul too went and uttara went into her room
Episode ends

Precap : uttaras engagement and swaragini gets to know about rahuls fake face

So guyz I hope that this part will be dramatic as brothers and sister tashan and all please give your valuable comments

Credit to: kaynat khan

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