swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 37)


Hello guyz I am really sorry for no update for yesterday and thank you to you everyone who are the readers of my f thank you so much and I am thankful to those who have read my os on swasan and raglak and to my os too you have given immense love thank you so much I will try hard that you love my ff like this so lets start
Recap : swaragini went to office to give lunch to sanlak and some cute moments of swasan and raglak

Swaragini were thinking and they went to uttara and rahul to ask whats going on
Swaragini : are rahul you here
Rahul : oh hello bhabhi actually I came here to drop uttara
Swara ; uttara where you have gone now is you leg fine
Uttara : don’t worry bhabhi it is fine and rahul is such a good friend he droped me here
Ragini : oh thanks rahl for your help now you can leave
Uttara was stunned as they were not asking him to come they are telling him to leave
Rahul : ok bye
Rahul went

Uttara : bhabhi why you have told him to leave cant you ask him to come inside
Swara : uttara he is a stranger why you are being so fee to him
Ragini : uttara we are like your sisters we will not give you bad advice
Uttara : bhabhi I have grown up I know which is right for me and which is not so plz don’t talk o rahul like this plz
Swaragini was shocked as uttara didn’t talk with anyone like this and uttara went angrily
Swara : ragini whats happening to uttara yr
Ragini : I am too shocked swara we have to keep uttara away from rahul I don’t know but somehow I am feeing that he is not good
Swara : yes ragini but we should talk to sanskaar and laksh about this
Ragini : yup will talk to them
It was night sanlak came from office all have dinneruttara was so sad for rahul she at last called him
Uttara : hello rahul
Rahul : hello uttara hii how are you
Uttara : I am sorry if I am disturbing you
Rahul : no no uttara not at all say na what happened
Uttara : who I am sorry for what swara bhabhi and ragini bhabhi did I am sorry for them
Rahul : no no uttara you don’t be sorry they love that’s why they are possessive about you they are very nice
Uttara : how swee of you rahul you are so matured you rae really very nice I really like you
Uutara thinks what she said now
Rahul : what you said
Uttara : I said good night bye
She cuts the call and started smiling she is in love with rahul unknowingly she is in love with rahul

In swasan room sanskaar was busy in laptop
Swara : sanskaar I wanted to talk to you
Sanskaar : sayna
Swara : first keep that lapyop aside neither I will not talk to you
Sanskaar : swara its small work let me finish it
Swara : ok you be busy with yor work I am going to sleep bye
And she lay on bye angrily sanskaar saw this and goes to her
Sanskaar : so my princess is angry with me
Swara : go now talk with your laptop don’t talk with me
Sanskaar : but laptop doesn’t love me you love me na
Swara : who told you I don’t love you
Sanskaar : so you hate me right
Swara : yes
Sanskaar : so if I will toch you you will shout at me na
Swara : sanskaar just go away

He goes to her and started to tickle her swara started to laugh loudly
Swara : ok ok you won I loose leave me
Sanskaar : first tell me that you love me
Swara : acha ok I love you now leave me
Sanskaar : that’s better acha tell me what you wanna say
Swara : ha sanskaar today morning I saw rahul dropping uttara and she is becoming very close to rahul
Sanskaar : yr this rahul why cant he just be away from us you know swara he is not good man we should keep uttara away from him
Swara : I too think the same I and ragini will keep an eye on her
Sanskar : so when will you keep an eye on me you look to everyone only forgets me
Swara : acha lets see
And lights go off and you all know what happened next

At raglak side
Ragini was in deep thoughts laksh came and shoted ragini got scared
Ragini : laksh you scared me
Laksh : so what are you thinking yr
Ragini :I will not tell you you are so bad what if because of your shout my heart fails
Laksh : then my heart will also die
Ragini : laksh what rubbish
Laksh : and you are talking use ful things you I cant live without then why you always talk this stupid things
Ragini : ok I am sorry
Laksh : no
Ragini goes to him and kisses his cheeks
Laksh : you always melt me ragini
Ragini : because I know you cant be angry with me so long
Laksh : ok now tell me whats going in your mind
Ragini : laksh who actually rahul is getting more close to uttara he dropped her at home in morning you know rahul na is he good or bad
Laksh : ragini I don’t know him totaaly but he is really bad I want to keep uttara away frm him let me talk with her
Ragini : no laksh you will not say anything I and swara will take care of that you just only concentrate on your work ok
Laksh : you always take care of everyone come na take care of mine also
Ragini : oh so you want care come
She switch off the lights don’t need to say anything all readers are smart
Episode ends

Precap : rahul proposes to uttara swaragini watches this and shouts at rahul

So guyz today no romance from my side today but more drama is to come and I will try to add romance too see you tomorrow bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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