swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 36)


Hello everyone I think I am getting silent readers more that’s why only three comments in previous part but no worries thanks for commenting and a small request to silent readers too comment as I cant guess that I am writing good or bad your comments will only tell me na so it’s a humble request so lets start
Recap : swasan raglak cute romantic moments

It was afternoon swaragini had made lunch and they packed their hubbys lunch too and gave to servant anupurna and sujata saw this
Anupurna : swara and ragini why don’t you both only go and give lunch to them
Sujata : and meet office staff too as after marriage you are going first time na
Swara : ok maa
They both go to their rooms change their dresses and got ready they both sat in car
Swara : wow ragini I am so exited that I am going to office to meet sanskaar
Ragini : let me inform laksh that we are coming
Swara : are buddhu let them give surprise
Ragini : oh yaa
They both headed towards office sanlak were in their cabins respectively swaragini went frst to durga Prasad cabin
Swara : dad can we come in
Ram Prasad : are swara and ragini you both come inside
Ragini : actually chacha ji and dad we both came here to give lunch to youll mom told us
Durga Prasad : its so nice that you both came come with me
Durga Prasad to staff : hello everyone you all know ragini as she have worked in our office and swara used to come in some meetings but they are bahus of maheshwari family so I wanted to introduce my daughter in laws swara sanskaar maheswari and ragini laksh maheswari

All greeted them swara and ragini was so happy
Durga Prasad : I think sanskaar and laksh both are in their room so you both go and make them have lunch as they will be busy in work ok
Swaragini : yes dad
Swara goes to sanskaars room and ragini goes to laksh room smiling
At sanskaars cabin swara knocked but sanskaar was busy in his files she knocked again hardly sanskaar got irritated
Sanskaar : whoz der don’t come now I am busy come later
Swara opened the door
Swara : oh so my hubby is busy ok I thought that I will lunch with him but he is busy ok then
Sanskaar : swara you
Swara : why I cant
Sanskaar goes to her and hugs her
Sanskaar : I miss you so much darling
Swara : I can see that you were missing me by seeing the files na
Sanskaar : oh its just work swara
Swara : why you take work so seriously beside work there is more and if you work like this you will be ill and I cant see you ill
Sanskaar : sshh how much you talk swara nothing will happen to me you are there na my medicine how can anything happen to me
Swara : very funny come lets have lunch
Sanskaar : k come
Swara removes food and keeps in plate
Swara : come sanskaar
Sanskaar : I will eat only on one condition
Swara : whats that
Sanskaar : you will feed me
Swara : sanskaar you are really a kid come sit
Sanskaar sits swara feeds him and sanskaar then takes a bite and feeds swara both eats happily

At laksh cabin
Ragini knockes the door
Laksh : are don’t disturb I am busy and I will not have lunch too so don’t disturb
Ragini opens the door
Ragini : why yu will not have lunch is work more important
Laksh : ragini you when did you came
Ragini : now only when you were busy
Laksh : oh ragini its work ok I am sorry but you have bought lunch wow you were missing me that’s why you came
Ragini : I was but I think you were not go and don’t talk to me
Laksh goes to her and kisses her cheeks
laksh : I am sorry common now lets have lunch together
ragini calms now : ok come
both sat and ragini started to feed laksh and laksh feeds ragini both were having their lunch happily

after sometime
ragini : ok now lunch is finished now you can do your important work I have to go to
laksh : you are going too soon come na be here only
ragini : laksh this is office not our home to romance
laksh : what yr you always did this to me go bye
ragini suddenly pecks his lips
ragini : I am sorry but I have to go and swara is too waiting na bye
laksh too goes to her and presses her lips into his and both kiss each other
laksh : this is a kiss ok ok bye and one minute you said swara too came that means both are romacing come lets break their romance
ragini : laksh not now yr
laksh : oh you just come yr
at swasan side swara was about to leave when sanskaar holds her duppata
swara : sanskaar please leave me its your office not now plz
sanskaar : not so easily my dear wifey where you want to go yesterday you were being so romantic and today what happened
swara : sanskaar it was home and its your office if anyone came
sanskaar : they can see that its my cabin and nobody dare to come in my cabin without permission so
swara : sanskaar you are so naughty na ii have to go bye
sanskaar stands there sadly swara otices it she goes to him and kisses his cheeks
swara : bye my sweet dear hubby
sanskaar smiled
sanskaar : now I have to return your kiss too
when swara could say sanskaar grabed her and kisses her tightly swara too reciprocates it

after that swara hugged sanskaar
swara : you always do what you want
swara : and I only want you
at that time raglak come they saw them hugging and winked and then goes to them and coughed loudly
swasan sees them and broke the hug
sanskaar : you both here and that too without knocking
laksh : I guess thisis office not your room that you will do this things
swara : no we were not doing anything
ragini : oh common swara laksh and I have seen everything yr jiju please close the door yr when you are doing all this private things
swara : oh shut up you guyz everytime disturbing our romance
swara : oh guyz now plz teasing us and ragini we both have to go swaragini wayed bye and went sanskaar started to beat laksh in masti and laksh ran from there

at home uttara went for her work she saw rahul talking in car she goes to him
uttara : hey rahul you here
rahul : oh uttara I was just waiting for someone seems he will not come but what are you doing here is your leg fine
uttara : yup I am fine I have came here for my work its over so I was going home I saw that’s y came to talk to you
rahul : would you mind for a coffe ith me
uttara : why not
they both goes to coffee shop and started talking uttara started to like him by his style of talking and everything then after sometime rahul drops uttara at her house
swaragini sees this
swara : are this rahul is becoming very free to uttara see him
ragini : but swara he must be his friend I think we must talk about this to sanlak
swara : yes ragini
episode ends at swaragini tensed face

precap : swaragini tells about rahul to sanlak and uttara started to love rahul

so guyz how do you like it so guyz in my ff I haven’t made our couplesfight so do youll want them do fight or not say me see you soon bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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