swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 35)


Hello everyone so I will not reveal that rahuls character is positive or negative because it will unravel soon so wait and lets start
Recap : rahul saves uttara
Sanlak were tensed as rahuls behavior and both were standing alone in garden
Sanskaar : laksh I am not able to believe that rahul saved uttara
Laksh : mee too sanskaar but what to do this is the fact that rahul saved uttara
Sanskaar : we cant do anything but we have to keep an eye on rahul
Laksh : yes don’t worry sanskaar now come neither our wives will broke our eye
Sanskaar : are yes I forgot about swara come lets go
They go to their rooms in swasan room swara was sitting with some papers sanskaar entered the room
Sanskaar : swara what are you doing with this papers
Swara : actually sanskaar I thought that whatever I have earned from concerts till now I am giving it in ngo so I am just signing the papers

Sanskaar : so you mean that you will not do concerts anymore
Swara : actually no sanskaar but I will visit ngo in weekends
Sanskaar : but swara you told me na that you will work after marriage too then
Swara : yes I told you but now I don’t because now I want to take care of my family and most of all I want to be wioth you all the time so that’s why
Sanskaar ; swara
Sanskaar : sanskaar its fine i am loving this work too and you have said na you will support me in my each and every decision then
Swara : anytime swara
Swara : so that’s it ok
Swara turns to go
Sanskaar : swara
Swara turns to him and directly kisses him to make him quiet sanskaar was surprise but later on he too was lost in the kiss it was a soft but yet strong kiss sanskaar was caressing swara from waist later they broke the kiss
Sanskaar comes near to her ears : swara you have shocked me by this sudden kiss let me too give you a shock
Swara blushed hard sanskaar picked her in his arms swara starts unbotting his shirt sanskaar placed her her on bed sanskaar throws his shirt on the ground he came up on swara and starts kissing her hard swara too reciprocates it by holding his hairs tightly after sometime sanskaar placed a blanket over them both were naked and both were teasing each other and cuddling inside the blanket after sometime both slept in eachothers embrace smiling
In raglak room laksh entered the room he saw ragini standing at the window
He hugs her from behind laksh : what are you doing here

Ragini ; who nothing just waiting for you and where were you
Laksh : I was just talking to sanskaar leave all that but you told me that you will join the office after marriage so when are you coming
Ragini : actually laksh I am not going to continue with office now actually I want to do now house works and all and I want to take care of our house and yours
Laksh : oh common ragini don’t be of 80s ok you have told me that you will work so what happened now
Ragini : its right laksh but understand now its not needed I was doing the work and all to help my dad and business but now when his gadodia company and maheshwari company is one and you dad sanskaar all are there so why should I work now
Laksh : ya its true but then too
Ragini : whenever I am needed to you in office you can call me I will be there ok
Laksh : Really somebody has told right that its impossible to understand girls
Ragini : but only one can understand me
Laksh : who
Ragini : you
Laksh : acha so I understand you so yu should also understand what I am thinking now
Ragini realize what he means
Laksh : ok so
Ragini : catch me if you can
Ragini starts running laksh chases her both run on sofa than they play with curtain ragini runs to bed laksh catches her both falls on bed both breathes heavily
Laksh : so mrs. Laksh you loose like everytime so are you ready for punishment
Ragini : when I got a husband like you I am ready for any punishment
Laksh : I like your spirit my girl

Saying this he kissed ragini on her lips tightly it was strong hard but yet one of the most beautiful kisses of them both were lost in the kiss ragini opens laksh shirts buttons while kissing after sometime they broke the kiss and both were under blanket naked teasing eachother cuddling with eachother and loving each other both slept in each others embrace smiling
There in uttara room she was thinking how good is rahul and how good looking he was suddenly her phone rang
Rahul : hello
Uttara ; whoz dis
Rahul : I am rahul rahul malhotra
Uttara : oh rahul where did you got my no.
Rahul : its not important dear I have just called you to ask are you ok
Uttara : yup I am fine no need to worry its little pain I am fine now
Rahul : ok so friend
Uttara : yes of course you have saved me and from now you are my best friend
Rahul ; yes I think its late you should rest bye take care
Uttara : bye
uttara now started feeling something for rahul and she was so happy that he was taking his care and she slept thinking of rahul
next morning at swasan room today sanskaar woke up as sun rays first falls on him he sees swara was holding him tightly he was just staring her beauty her love only for him and ask to himself “why she is different yr” he was busy in staring just then swara makes her grip more tight on him and opened her eyes
swara : good morning my hubby
sanskaar : good morning my wifey so you woke up
swara : when you will stare like this to me I have to wake na
sanskaar : acha now come give me good morning kiss
swara : no you will give
sanskaar : wow swara I was wrong you are seriously romantic ok so see my morning kiss
he kissed her lips softly and pecks her lips
sanskaar : this is called morning kiss ok
swara : ok so give me everyday

sanskaar : what
swara run to bathroom to change
sanskaar was smiling at her childish acts
at raglak room both raglak woke up at the same moment as sun rays falls on both faces
laksh : so you woke my wifey
ragini : you also woke sun is also telling us to wake now neither we will be late
laksh : but whats hurry say you liked yesterday punishment
ragini was holding laksh so she makes it more gripped
ragini : yup I liked it very much now I am addicted to your touch
laksh : what seriously
ragini : yes I am serious because I love you
laksh : ok so come give me morning kiss
she kisses him on cheeks
laksh : I am not a baby like you kiss me on lips
ragini : laksh leave me I wanna go to take bath
laksh : see I show you morning kiss
he kisses her lips slowly and softly and then pecks it
laksh : howz it
ragini : nice now leave I wanna leave

laksh : I was thinking that we both should take bath together what you say
ragini : laksh leave me we are not going to do anything ok bye
saying this she runs to bathroom laksh smiles at her stupid acts
swasan raglak came down now all of them were seated at breakfast table after sometime sanlak left for office and swaragini got busy in their work
episode ends

precap : swaragini goes to office to give sanlak lunch and some more office romance

so guyz I tried my level hard in romance if I have done any sort of mistake plz spare me ok see you soon bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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