swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 34)


Hello guyz thanks for your response I will not end it now don’t worry guys I know there are many who love it so I will do my best to make it best so lets start
Recap : swasan and raglak first day after wedding
Swaragini were busy in kitchen and they were missing the hubbies very much
Swara : ragini i am happy finally be a married and the most important thing is that we both are together
Ragini : ya I am so happy but I don’t know between us who is devrani and jethani
Swara : ya its true bcoz both sanskar and laksh are twins
Ragini : lets ask mom
They go to anupurna and sujata
Ragini : mom who is bigger between sanskar and laksh

Anupurna and sujata laughed at her question
Sujata : but beta sudden this question why
Swara : actually chachi ji we were discussing that between us who is devrani and jethani so that’s why we came to both of u
Ragini : tell na mom who is elder between sanskar and laksh
Anupurna : actually beta sanskar is older than laksh only 1 minute difference is there between them but we they were friends from childhood
Ragini : oh so this means that you are jetrani and I am devrani swara
Swara : ragini its not important the fact is that you are 1 year older than me and will always be and we together make swaragini ok
Ragini : yup swara
Anupurna and sujata smiled at their sister bonding
Uttara : maa badi maa I am going for some work I will be back in two hours
Sujata : ok go safely
Utaara : yes maa
In office sanlak was continuosly thinking of swaragini
Sanskaar called swara
Swara : hello whoz dis

Sanskaar : I wanna talk to my girlfriend can I talk
Swara : sorry mr. your girlfriend is married now so you cant talk and you are too married
Sanskaar : yaa but you know my wife is so boring she send me to office today and that too first day after wedding she is really unromantic
Swara : maybe your wife is too missing you
Sanskaar : so why she didn’t call me
Swara : maybe she was waiting for your call
Sanskaar : swara you are really unbelievable how you do all this everytime everytime I lose with you
Swara : because I am now swara sanskaar maheshwari and being mrs. Sanskaar I know to win everytime
Sanskaar : lets see who wins at night ok
Swara blushes : sanskaarr

Sanskaar : now what and see how you loose
Swara : ok I have some work ok I will talk to you later bye
Swara cuts the call sanskaar smiled at her behavior
Sanskaar : really she is mad
There in room ragini was keeping all the files in shelves so she find a file which was related to meeting so she called laksh
Ragini : hello
Laksh : oh so my beautiful wife was missing me
Ragini : laksh today is yur meeting with mehras
Laksh : no its tomorrow
Ragini : thank god mr. mehras file is here I thought you have forgetten
Laksh : sop for this stupid file you have called me
Ragini : hmm yes
Laksh : ok then I am having work talk to you later
Ragini : laksh wait
Laksh : what
Ragini : I was also missing you but I was waiting or your call you too didn’t called me
Laksh : no ragini I was about to call you

Ragini : nice excuse
Laksh : you don’t trust me
Ragini : no
Laksh : oh so that means you don’t love me
Ragini : hmm no
Laksh : but I love you and I am coming in two hours home ok and then we both in our room..
Ragini : ok now stop it go and do your work
Laksh : no work is important than you
Ragini : acha but work is to be done na so common now go
Laksh : ok bye wait for me bye
Ragini : bye
There somewhere in road uttara was walking when someone was riding a bike and he hitted uttaras leg badly uttara fall down and she was not able to stand because of pain someone in car sees this and move to her to give help
Person : hello excuse me can I help you
Uttara : sure

He picks her uttara was lost in his charm
Person : oh no I think you have got a sprain or fracture maybe come I will take you to the hospital
Utaara : no no its not needed thanks for your help
Person : oh common now don’t hesitate plz come
Uttara : ok
They go in his car and sat there
While driving
Uttara : my name is uttara maheshwari and yours
Person : my name is rahul malhotra
Uttara : thanks rahul for giving me help its such sweet of you
Rahul : its alright come
Rahul took her to the hospital uttaras toe was fractured and so she was need atleast 2 days bed rest rahul told her that he will drop her to her house
There in maheshwari mansion all were seated sanlak too came from office but sujata was tensed
Sujata : jiji its been three hours since uttara have gone where is she now I am really worried
Anupurna : ya she didn’t came till now
Durgaprasad : what happened aupurna why you both are tensed
Anupurna : actually uttara went for some work and she told that she will be back in 2 hours but its now 3 hours she didn’t came
Sanskaar : mom don’t worry will find her
Laksh : I will too come sanskaar come

Suddenly they saw rahul coming with uttara
He was rahul malhotra sanlak business rival
And he was the one who was having meeting with them on their wedding day
Sanskaar : uttara what happened to you and rahul why you are with her
Uttara : bhai relax I met with an accident but rahul helped me and he droped me
Sanlak was shocked at he helped their sister
Laksh : aa thank you rahul
Rahul : its alright
Sujata tok uttara to her room rahul left the mansion and sanlak was in deep thought that what is rahul really upto

Precap : uttara and rahul bondind and swasan and raglak more cute moments

So guyz what youll think rahul is a good character or negative character and assume rahul as yuvraaj of tashan e ish do leave your comments ok bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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