swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 33)


Hello guyz I am sorry if I hurt any of your sentiments I hope to write something new but if then too I hurt your sentiments I will not write it again I will reduce romance and yup today I will upload two parts next part in night and yes thanks for your comments plz do comments like this I hope I will entertain you like this
Recap : swasan and raglak first wedding night
It was a bright morning for both couples swasan and raglak the sun rays were falling on their rooms indicating their fresh new start lives
In swasan room swara wakes up due to sun rays falls on her she smiles seeing sanskaar sleeping like a innocent baby and goes towards him and kisses his cheeks and then went to bathroom to change

In raglak room ragini wakes up and sees laksh is still sleeping she slowly kisses her forehead and smiled and went to bath room to change
In swasan room swara came out of bathroom and goes to Sanskaar to wake up
Swara : sanskaar wake up see its late we have to do puja too wake up na
Sanskaar : (in sleepy voice) good morning my beautiful wife but still I am sleepy you too come na we both will sleep together
Swara : sanskaar plz stop it everybody Is waiting and what will they think come get up
Sanskaar : you are so stubborn na swara
Swara : yes I am now go

Sanskaar : ok as you say
Sanskaar took bath and came swara was wearing her jewelleries then sanskaar came near her and put sinddor and make her wear mangalsutra swara was happy today that finally she is with her world today and now she is complete
At raglak room ragini came after having bath and goes to laksh
Ragini : laksh get up na see its 8 you have to go to office too
Laksh pulls her : no ragini today holiday I want to spend this day with you
Ragini : laksh we will spend but no go and have bath everybody is waiting down
Laksh : no I will not
Ragini : laksh plz get up my sweet hubby
Laksh : ok my wifey
Laksh goes to take bath after some time he came ragini was dressing herself he signs laksh to come
Laksh comes and make ragini wear mangalsutra and puts sindoor on her forhead and kisses it
After sometime both couples comes down swaragini does the puja and take elders blessings
Anupurna : swaragini today is your first day in kitchen make a sweet dish ok
Swaragini : yes mom

Swaragini went to kitchen and makes dishes for all the family after sometime they serve the dishes all family praises them and sanlak too were happy
After sometime sanlak went to office and swaragini got busy in their work
At last it was a happy day for them

Precap ; a new entry in maheshwari mansion

So guyz I know it was too small but I will write my next part too in night so wait and keep loving it bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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