swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 32)


Hey everyone sory for late update do comment and I have tried my best to give romance to both couples hope youll will like it
Recap : finally swasan and raglak get married
All reached mansion anupurna and sujata welcomed their bahus with full rituals and customs and after that all enetered the mansion
Anupurna : uttara beta take your bhabhis to their rooms remaining rituals will be done tomorrow and sanskaar and laksh plz put medicine on your wound ok
Sanlak : yes mom
Uttara took swaragini to their room all others too went to their rooms
After sometime sanlak too went to their respective rooms
At raglak side laksh closed the door ragini was finding the first aid box
Ragini : laksh where is the first aid box
Laksh : there in the second drawer

Ragini took first aid box in her hand and made laksh sit and started applying medicine on his wound laksh was staring her continuously as his all pain has vanished but ragini could feel his pain and small tears were rolling from her eyes but she was controlling it
Laksh : ragini why are you controlling your feelings let them be out tell me what are you feeling I cant see you like this plz tell me
Ragini busted out crying and hugged him tightly
Ragini : laksh what if something happens to yu I will not be able to live only I was so much scared today when you didn’t came but my heart was telling that you will come
Laksh : and I came ragini we are not gonna be separated I will never ever go from you you have caught me in your trap ok
Ragini : this time too you are joking
Laksh : acha I am sorry but I love you my baby
Ragini : I love you too
There in swasan side

Sanskaar came and locks the door he saw swara was sitting with first aid box and indicating him to sit down sanskaar sat beside her she started to put medicine sanskaar was feeling pain but he didn’t show but swara can easily feel it and was crying inside but was not showing outside finally a small droplet fall from her eyes she somehow controlled but sanskaar saw this
Sanskaar : swara why are you crying yr
Swara : sanskaar no I am not crying who just dust went into my eyes that’s y
Sanskaar : swara you know you cant lie in front of me so don’t lie and tell me what happened why are you sad
Swara hugged him tightly
Swara : sanskaar today I was so much scared for you I was knowing that you will come but nobody was listening me but atlast you came sanskaar
Sanskaar : swara I will not go anywhere I am with you always ok
Swara : I know that and now we are tied forever I really love you sanskaar
Sanskaar : I love you too swara
They hugged eachother

At raglak side laksh while hugging ragini kissed her neck slowly ragini could feel it she was somehow shy and turned her face to another side laksh was happy to see her shyness and cupped her face and said
Laksh : its our first night of wedding finally we will became one
Ragini could not control it she hugged him tightly laksh too huged her and slowly remove her earings and bites her earlobes ragini was blushing hard laksh then slowly removes her bangles and kissed her hands then finally he removes all her jewellery and then finally he kissed her lips ragini too reciprocates with him the kiss turned into passionate both tounges were roaming their mouth it was a hard kiss after sometime they broke the kiss and ragini hugged him laksh opens her dori of her top slowly he opened the dori finally her back was open laksh remove it from one shoulder and kissed her shoulder ragini just hold his kurta tightly and was unknowingly paying with his buttons and was slowly removing it one by one laksh now goes to the other shoulder and removed it and kissed her there after that laksh removes his kurta and made ragini lied on bed slowly and he was now top of her

At swasan side both were hugging sanskaar slowly kissed her cheeks she was shying now she ran from there and stand near the window sanskaar comes there and hugged her from behind leaving his hot breath on hers he slowly removes her earrings while biting her earlobes and kissing it swara was blushing hard he know slowly removes her all jewelry one by one and kissed her everywhere then finally he makes her look into his eyes he now finally kissed her on lips swara was shy but she too reciprocates with him it was a hard kiss passionate and a needed one both tongues got entwined and were lost in eachothers kiss after sometime they broke the kiss and swara hugged him sanskaar finally removes the dori of her blouse and swara was removing his kurtas buttons sanskaar removed her one side of shoulder and kissed her there and then he removed the other side of shoulder and kissed her then finally he removed his kurta and took swara in his strong arms and placed her slowly n bed now sanskaar was top of swara

At raglak side both were fully naked ragini was shying in front of him but laksh made her see in to his eyes and he kissed her eyes and then he kissed her nose and then he finally kissed her lips sensuously ragini caressed his hairs with one hand and her other hand was on his bare body finally laksh broke the kiss now he kissed her neck full passionately ragini turned to other side to give him full access and was caressing his hairs then he goes to other side of neck and bites there ragini now was moaning and was taking his name “laksshh” laksh finds good to hear his name from her mouth and then he kissed the bite ragini kissed her collar bone senuously and then he goes down to her exposed bosoms he sucks her br*asts and bites them ragini was moaning his name and was dugging her nails on his back and after that he finally entered into hers ragini could feel the pain but it was the pleasures pain for her yes she was enjoying the pain laksh leaves love bites all over her body then he placed a blanket over them and consummate their marriage

On swasan side both were naked sanskaar was on top of her sanskaar was staring her swara was feeling shy so she turned her face sanskaar made her see and then he kissed her forehead and then he kissed her eyes and then he kissed her nose and finally he kissed her lips passionately swara too reciprocates with the kiss and caressed his back sanskaar after sometime he broke the kiss and goes to her neck and was dugging himself into her neck swara was caressing his back and kissed his collar bone sanskaar now went to other side of neck and kiss there after that he goes down and sucked her br*ast and bites it swara now was moning in pain and was taking sanskaars name “sansskaaar” sanskaar was happy to hear his name from her then after sometime he gets into hers swara was feeling immense pain in her lower part but it was pleasures pain to her she dugged her nails on her back tightly after sometime he left all the love bites on her body then he placed a blanket over them and consummate their marriage

After sometime both couple slept in eachothers embrace hugging each other now swara and ragini felt like a complete women sanskaar and laksh was too happy because they made them theirs forever both swaragini bodys were filled of love bites and sanlak bare body was filled of scrates made by their cats swara and ragini moon and stars were witnessed of both unique couple becoming one finally swasan and raglak became one

Precap : a new morning for swasan and raglak

So guyz I hope I didn’t disappointed youll with this I tried my best to put the romance as it was difficult to put romance of two couples differntely but I tried my level hard hope you like it if you dislike it plz do comment I need your comments very much for this episode next part I will upload soon bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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  11. Hey Kainaat! first of all lemme say,a great work??.i was a bit tensd when i din find ua ff.am happy now.But i wud like to giv some suggestions I hope u’ll try to understand:
    1)SAME DIAlOGUE:i hav noticed dat u giv same dialoges to SWARAGINI.lyk today they both r crying..n trying to control.so pls try to giv dem diff dialgs n scenes,?
    2)today i felt a bit wierd….Like SUCKING br***t…..U juz think for a moment dat if raglak are reading this ff together,..n wat wud they feel…kisssing..liplock datz ok…but sucking?
    Kainaat pls dont feel bad,coz i juz want to enjoy ua ff.Until now i was a silent reader.But now i felt dat even i shud giv some sugestions,coz u r creative…Wat if 2mrw u become a novelist like ‘Chetan bhagat’?

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