swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 31)


Hey guyz once again so lets start with todays episode which will be dramtic and some emotional points too and it would be big so lets start
Recap : swasan and raglak sleeps together

It was now noon laksh and sanskaar were busy with weddings works anupurna was giving them continuos work because of this they didn’t get time to solve any office work
Sanskaar : yr laksh I am worried for office yr till when dad papa and chachaji will handle the office
Laksh : ya sanskaar this preparations na never get over yr but don’t worry yr we will go na tomorrow office we will see the work
Sanskaar : oh yes com now continue with this work neither mom will again shout at us
Laksh : yup

In gadodia house all were busy in preparation as wedding is gonna held there
Shekher : are do that perfectly I don’t need any kind of mistake ok
Servant : sir come lets check the food
Shekhar : yr go to mam na she will check I am busy with this work
Servant : ok sir
Sharmishta : oh ho shekhar calm down everything will be done ok
Shekhar : ya ya I know bas I hope this wedding to be done perfectly then I will have no problems my both daughters are getting married in the same house and that too so good house they will live perfectly
Sharmishta : I am also happy shekhar but I will miss them so much and this house will be so dull without them (she starts crying)
Shekhar ; ya u are right(tears were flowing from his eyes too)
Swaragini heard their conversation and hugs them tightly
Swara : (cryingly) we both will too miss youll maa and papa
Ragini : (she too crys) and don’t think that we will not come here we will come every weekend to visit youll and papa I am will continue the office after marriage too so you will see me everyday
Swara : and yes maa i am also going to continue my charity work so I will too meet you
Shekhar : ok my angels now stop crying and go get ready for today’s wedding
Sharmishta : neither whoz wedding is there they are only not ready go
All smiles and get busy in the work

Its evening in maheswari house full mansion was decorated to welcome their daughter in laws all got ready sanskaar and laksh too got ready and came down sanskaar was wearing red sherwani and laksh was wearing blue sherwani ( as both wear in the serial) both were looking handsome dulhas
Anupurna : oh both my son are looking handsome what will happen to swara and ragini I don’t know
Sanlak blushes
Durga Prasad : anupurna all teasing will you do it now we have to go too to gadodia mansion so plz come
Anupurna : ok ok coming come both of you
All leaves happily
In gadodia mansion full mansion was decorated like palace and the mandap was beautifully decorated shekhar and sharmishta started to invite the guests but our dulhans were still getting ready swara wore red lehenga and ragini wore dark pink lehenga ( as they wore in the serials in their wedding) both were looking absolutely gorgeous don’t know who was looking more beautiful suddenly they heard the noice that baratis have came
Swara : ragini see sanskaar and laksh came
Laksh : yaa I would also hear that but don’t be so m patient 1 and a half hour is left for our wedding ok
Swara : oh you are telling me or composing yourself
Ragini : swara
Both smiles

Down there shekhar and sharmishta welcomes full maheshwari mansion with all the rituals and all have settled but wedding has not started as there was time sanskaar and laksh were being so impatient to see ragini uttara saw this
Uttara : my handsome bros wait na bhabhis will come in half an hour
Sanskaar : uttara you shut up ok we are looking for something else
Laksh : yes sanskaar is right we are looking for something else ok
Uttara : ok ok will see
Anupurna : sharmishta ji come will go to swaragini and meet them come sujata
All three women goes to meet swaragini and here durga Prasad gots a call and he was tensed shekhar and ramprasad were also tensed seeing him all three headed towards a room

In swaraginis room both were sitting suddenly sharmishta came with anupurna and sujata they saw swaragini and were mesmerized to see them
Anupurna : wow sujata see our bahus are looking so preety you both are looking worlds best dulhans
Both swaragini blushes
Sujata : they are looking so beautiful that they our sons will get a shock by their beauty
Sharmishta : I am happy that they got such in laws like youll ( and tears flow from her eyes )
Anupurna : oh ho sharmishta ji stop it they are going to their own house don’t be scared I will treat them like my daughters
Sharmishta : you don’t have to say that because you are treating them like daughters thank you
Anupurna : if you will not stop all this I will never talk to you ok
Sujata : and mee too
Sharmishta : oh sorry ok
Swaragini were having happy tears and all smiles

In other room
Durga Prasad : shekhar ji what to do now with meeting
Shekhar : I am too thinking the same this meeting needs only sanskaar and laksh and if they don’t go we will miss the biggest contract
Ram Prasad : and it’s a big loss for our company too what to do now this meeting also only came now only on this day only
Durga Prasad ; its all right we will overcome the loss but its their wedding no need to say to them they will be tensed I will solve it
Sanlak heard all the conversation from the door and goes to the room
Sanlak : don’t worry dad we will go
All three were shocked to see sanlak
Durga Prasad : no beta its your wedding today
Sanskaar : ya we know dad but its our company too which will have a great loss
Laksh : and you three who worked hard for company will all go vanished so plz let us go
Shekhar : but sons wedding
Sanskaar : baba no worry we will do the meeting in 1 hour and will come soon
Laksh : and there is yet time for the wedding na we will come
Ram Prasad : ok I will ready the car
Shekhar : beta I have trust on you both come fast
Durga Prasad ; be careful ok in today’s meeting that rahul is very smart take care ok come soon
Sanskaar : yes dad come laksh
Both sanlak leaves all three were tensed

Sanlak while driving
Sanskaar ; yr have to attend the meeting soon neither swara and ragini will be tensed
Laksh : we haven’t told them too while coming
Sanskaar : don’t worry laksh we will solve the meeting soon and will come early
Here shekhar durga Prasad and ramprasad told everything to anupurna sharmista and sujata
Anupurna : what you send them if anybody comes to know that grooms are only not there then
Durga Prasad : don’t worry they will come soon
Sharmishta : but shekhar if they come late
Shekhar : trust them yr they will come soon and plz now don’t talk about all this neither everyone will get to know
Durga Prasad : ya no one should come to know ok
All were tensed but headed to welcome the guests as they have no option but they were un aware that swaragini heard all the news

In room
Swara : ragini did you heard that I am scared yr
Ragini ; don’t worry swara they will come soon I hope their meetin got successful
Swara : yes ragini come lets pray to god
They both folded their hands and prayed in their hearts that their meeting get over soon and both come soon
After half an hour in office sanlak got the contract and they win the contract from rahul the biggest business man and their competitor sanlak got happy and soon headed towards their car and sat down
Sanskaar : finally laksh we got the contract all will be very happy
Laksh ; ya they will but they will be more happy if we drive fast and go to house and attend the wedding ok because we are grooms
Sanskaar : they start the car sanskaar was driving very fast

In room swaragini were very tensed that they didn’t came
Ragini : swara I think meeting has got over I should call laksh wait
Swara : but tell him to keep on speaker I also wanna talk to sanskaar
Ragini : ok
She calls laksh there laksh was happy that ragini called him he picked up
Laksh : hello ragini
Ragini : laksh sanskaar is with you na can you keep the mobile on speaker
Laksh : ok
He keeps the mobile on spekar
Swara : hello sanskaar
Sanskaar heard her voice : hello swara what happened sudden call
Swara : how was your meeting is everything done perfectly
Laksh : 1 min how did you both get to know about the meeting
Ragini : actually we heard our parents conversation say na how was the meeting
Laksh : are it was nice and we got the contract
Sansakar : yes finally after so many hurdles we got it
Swara : congrats you both I am so happy
Ragini : mee to so come fast you both
Laksh : ya ya we are on the way only
Sanskaar : and I cant wait for today’s wedding swara
Laksh : bhai I and ragini are also there plz can you talk this personally
Both swaragini smiled

Sanalak : will you both wait for us na
Swaragini : till last breath we will wait for youll
Sanskaar realizes something and he signals laksh to cut the call he cuts the call
Laksh : what happened sanskaar why are you so tensed
Sanskaar : laksh brake is not working yr
Laksh : what are you saying sanskaar try it
Sanskaar : laksh I am trying it but it is not working yr
Both were shocked and tensed
There swaragini goes to their parents
Swara : maa papa mom dad we called sanlak they are on the way
Ragini : and finally they got the contract
All were happy to hear this
Durgaprasad : wow its really great news congrats shekhar ji
Shekhar : congrats durga Prasad ji now I am tension free
Sharmishta : come you both pandit ji is calling the brides
Then both anupurna and sharmishta took swaragini to mandap and made them sit both were sitting and waiting for their grooms
There in the car sanskaar tried so many attempts for brake but all failed sanskaar after thinking so much said to laksh
Sanskaar : laksh get of the car
Laksh : what
Sanskaar : yes laksh brakes will not work you get off the car I will not bear if somethings happens to you
Laksh : shut up sanskaar what are you telling we will find a way to get off
Sanskaar : there is no way laksh only one can survive that is you plz jump
Laksh : sanskaar are you mad I will not jump if there is no way so we both will die but I am not going anywhere let me think
Sanskaar : laksh plz listen to me yr
Laksh : no sanskaar I will not this time ok I will not able to leave without you I love you my bhai how I can you think that I will jump
Sanskaar ; I love you too laksh that’s y I am telling you to jump
Laksh : I will not sanskaar and don’t repeat it again let me think yr
Both were helpless now suddenly they hits a tree on a highway both gets unconscious both head was hitted badly

There in gadodia mansion all were looking tensedly at gate for sanlak but they didn’t came yet it was now 1 hour till thy didnt came but swaragini was having faith that they will come pandit was calling grooms continuously but they were asking for some more time they will come
In car both were unconscious they didn’t get up till now
Time was going but they didn’t got to know about sanlak they tried their numbers hard but they were not picking it up seeing this they were becoming more and more tensed and couldn’t handle up slowly guest were decreasing one by one all were helpless beside swaragini who were waiting for them and composing themselves that they will come all guests left only pandit was there he was also about to go when
Swara : pandit ji where are you going plz wait sanskaar is on the way
Ragini : yes pandit ji give us some more time laksh will come plz
Pandit : beta they will not come don’t wait
Swara : plz pandit ji they will come
Ragini : plz wait
Pandit : ok for some more time
Durga Prasad : I have in form the police they will find them
Shekhar : where have they gone now I hope they are fine
all ladies were crying but composing themselves for swaragini
Swara in her heart : sanskaar where are you plz come I am waiting for you plz come
Ragini in her heart : laksh plz come soon I am waiting your ragini is waiting plz come soon
There in car sanlak felt something in their heart and slowly slowly they move their hands and slowly the open their eyes
Laksh : sanskaar aah sanskaar are you fine
Sanskaar : laksh oh my head laksh are you fine
Laksh : yes I am fine
Sanskaar : I am too fine
Sanskaar sees his watch and and said : oh shit laksh see the time
Laksh : sanskaar ragini and swara we have to go there quickly
They get off from the car but were not able to walk properly because of their head it was hitten badly but since they were searching for a lift
Sanskaar : hey stop plz
Laksh : sanskaar I am not able to walk yr
Sanskaar : laksh plz have courage we have to walk for them
Atlast they got a lift
Sanskaar: bro plz give us a lift to gadodia mansion
Laksh : plz bro plz its our wedding we are getting late plz
Man : ok come I will drop
both gets happy and sits in car and curiously waiting to go there

There sharmishta and anupurna cant it anymore and goes to mandap
Sharmishta : pandit ji sorry now you can leave they will not come
Swara : maa what are you telling plz don’t say that they will come
Anuurna : beta plz compose yourself they are missing they will not
Ragini : mom plz don’t say like this they have proms us they will come
Sharmishta : ragini you are older than swara na plz tell her
Ragini : no maa swara is right laksh and sanskaar will come plz pandit ji wait
Swara : ma mom dad papa they will come plz have patience they will come plz pandit ji plz
Durga Prasad and shekhar were helpless and ramprasad and sujata too were sad
Pandit : you both plz take care I think they will not I should go now
Suddenly a voice came
Sanskaar : no pandit ji wait where are you going
Laksh : yes first do our wedding then go
All looked at the gate and gets shocked to see them and the wound on their head swaragini saw them they had teary eyes they were now uncontrollable and run to them and hugged them tightly sanlak too hugged them

Swara : sanskaar so much time you have taken to come here if you wouldn’t have come then I would not able to live
Sanskaar ; swara stop crying see I have came now
Ragini : laksh today you have been so much late if you wouldn’t come then I would have died here only
Laksh : ragini stop it yr I have came na and stop crying ok
All smiled seeing their love swaragini releases the hug and saw the wound on sanlak head
Swara : sanskaar this wound what happened
Ragini : what happened to your head say na
Sanlak narrates the whole story of their accident all were shocked to hear this
Swara : oh my god so much have happened to you
Ragini : come will go to doctor
Laksh : no first will gonna marry
Sanskaar : after marriage all this ok
Swaragin : but
Sanlak : no buts and all k come

All were happy at them pandit started his mantars all both couples settled down all were happy seeing their marriage all wedding they got up and does the saath phere after that they fill their forehead and wore mangalsutra and their marriage was done at last
They took the blessings of all the elders all were emotional but happy at their love shekhar and sharmishta got emotional and blessed their daughters to live life happily
And episode ends

Precap : swasan and raglak wedding night

So guyz how do you’ll like it hope I wrote it well so plz do comment and I want suggestion plz do tell me what kind of romance do you’ll want in my next episode as usual or hot romance plz do tell me I will write then as your comments ok bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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