swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 30)

Hey guyz sorry for late update kinda busy but writing this part only for you I will make this part as much as romantic I can so let’s start
Recap : swasan sangeet

So everyone was tired of todays ceremony everyone was gathered a hall all the guest left the party only gadodias and maheswari were setteled
Shekhar : so durga Prasad ji tomorrows preparation almost have done I have told the pandit ji too he will come on time
Durga Prasad : ya ya everything will be fine you don’t need to worry
All were busy in talking while sanskaar and laksh were signaling ragini and swara to come to a side but they were refusing finally anupurna and sharmishta watched it and started to tease them
Sharmishta : I think its late shall we go shekhar
Anupurna : so sanskaar and laksh you too should go and sleep you both are tired na
Sanlak : no mom we are not tired at all
Sharmishta : no no beta anupurna ji is right you two shall go and we are too going so come swara and ragini we will go
Swaragini little upset : ok maa
Shekhar : so durga Prasad ji meet youll tomorrow
Durga Prasad : now we will come only with barat ok
Shekhar : yes bye everyone
Swaragini took blessings from everyone sanlak were pissed off and were totally upset that they didn’t got a single chance to romance and swaragini too were upset as they didn’t talk to them
Gadodias went and everyone went to their rooms respectively sanskaar and laksh too went to their rooms sanskaar and laksh both were restless to meet swaragini so sanskaar went to lakshs room to talk for some time

Sanskaar: laksh what are you doing are you sleeping
Laksh : are no sanskaar I was not actually I was upset that I didn’t got time to talk with ragini
Sanskaar : I am too yr these too mom and maa didn’t let us romance only
Laksh : so what should we do now
Suddenly both their mobile rings it was swara and ragini respectively suddenly sanskaar got an idea
laksh was above to receive the call when sanskaar stopped him
sanskaar : no no don’t pick it up I know its ragini because swara is too calling me don’t pick their calls
laksh : but y yr what they have done
sanskaar : are I have a mindblowing plan come lets go to gadodia mansion right now
laksh : what if any one catches
sanskaar : oh common laksh don’t be fattu yr you play pranks more than me so this is an easy one
laksh : I am not fattu ok and by the way nice idea come lets give them surprises
sanskaar : this is like my bro
and both drove the car to gadodia mansion
swara was in her room and ragini was in her room both were thinking sanlak that why they are not lifting the call

it was now 15 minutes since they are trying their number
swara in mind : why this sanskaar is not picking up my call has he slept? No no he cant sleep so early and without talking with me impossible is he angry on me but why ? what did I did is it my fault that maa told me to come I was too feeling to talk with him but he is angry on me
suddenly someone hugs her from back swara was in utter shock she was so much scared that who enetered her room in late night she was having no guts to see him finally she turned around to see him he was none other than our sanskaar
swara relieved : sanskaar you I was so much scared (again she became shock) but how did you came in my room from where and that too in late night if someone sees then
sanskaar keeps his finger on her lips : ssshhh how much you talk yr how much questions in one second breath first and listen I came from pipe and entered to window ok and another answer to your question is I have came to meet my future wife so I have rights to come late at night ok
swara smiled at him and romantically put her hands around his neck : oh really you came here to meet your future wife but if anyone sees us then
sanskaar : I will tell them to close their eyes
swara : sanskaar you na totally mad
sanskaar : all in your love sweety
swara : wait a second why were you not lifting my calls now
sanskaar : actually I wanna give you surprise that’s y
swara : because of your surprise I was so tensed that you might be angry on me and I was thinking how to cool you down and you were thinking of surprise
sanskaar : my darling why would I be angry on you does someone gets angry on his life yes you are my life and how would I be angry on you common I will never be angry on you and if I be angry then I will see your beautiful face then my anger will be gone
swara : oh really what if I get angry on you
sanskaar : I know how to cool your anger
swara : how
sanskaar : ok I will show you the demo
saying this he leans towards her and kisses her on her lips swara was in little shock but she reciprocates it the kiss soon became a needed and passionate ones they were just lost in the kiss and somehow its their love they were showing after sometime they broke the kiss and swara hugged him sanskaar too hugged her back
sanskaar ; so by this your anger will be soon gone
swara : you are really shameless but still I love this shameless sanskaar
sanskaar : I know that and I love this blushing swara
both shares a nice and cute hug

ok now screen shifts to raginis room she came out wearing nity she was so much angry on laksh that he didn’t received his call
ragini starts blabbering to herself : yr this laksh is too much how can he don’t pick up my call is it my fault that maa told me to come I too wanted to talk with him and spend time with him but he is busy in his anger I know that he is awake and doing it purposely but I will not spare him let him make a call I will show him how real anger is
laksh enters her room silently and was smiling seeing her blabbering and slowly hugged her from behind
ragini was in so much shock that she closed her eyes that who may be she was so scared to see his face thet she turned around with her eyes closed and was having no guts to see his face laksh was smiling at her childish behavior and her innocence finally ragini decides to see the person she opens her 1 eye and was happy to see laksh and hugged her tightly
ragini : laksh you you have scared me so much I was thinking that who might it be I would have died because of so much shock
laksh holds her hand : oh common ragini don’t be scared I am here na and who might it be I am always there to protect you ok and by the way you are looking damn hot n this nity
ragini : laksh you na wait a minute am I dreaming or you seriously here no no I am dreaming how can you be here I was thinking of you so that’s why I am seeing you na common pinch me no no wait a minute if you will pinch me then you will be gone then I won’t able to see you no don’t pinch me I want to live this dream
laksh was so much happy at her chidish behavior : ragini you are not dreaming and let me prove it to you
saying this he leans to kiss her and kisses her ragini was in shock that she wasn’t dreaming and laksh was here seriously and he was kissing her ragini was really happy that laksh was with him so she kissed him back with same response the kiss was now becoming more passionate and strong both tongues got exchanged both were enjoying the kiss after sometime they broke the kiss and ragini hugs laksh tightly laksh too hugs her back
laksh : so ragini now you felt that you were not dreaming
ragini : yes now I felt your touch I am so happy that you came her (another thing strucks on her mind) wait a minute I mean you are seriously here then how did you came and if some one sees you and why you were not picking up my call say me
laksh : ragini first you tell me are you a police officer that you are asking so much questions hold on yr take a deep breath in and out
ragini: laksh give my answers ok
laksh : ok baba wait I came her from pipe and entered to your window and I was not picking your call because I wanna give you surprise and third thing let anyone sees I have came here to meet my future wife because we didn’t spend much time in sangeet so that’s why I came but if you don’t want I will go
ragini : no no laksh plz don’t go I want you to be here with me plz
laksh : I am always with you my jaan
saying this they both hug eachother
at swasan side both were talking and talking of sangeet and all it was now 2 am
sanskaar : swara it is late now I should go now you too sleep ok
swara was little upset as he was going sanskaar saw this
sanskaar : oh swara if you wil be upset like this how will I go don’t be upset yr
swara : no sanskaar I am not upset plz don’t go na I am feeling something strange and fear so plz don’t leave I want to be with you
saying this she hugged her
sanskaar cupped her face : swara look at me nothing is gonna happen bad ok I will stay here but you don’t be upset ok
he too hugs her
both sat on bed and started talking after sometime they both slept in each others embrace comfortably and forgot that sanskaar have to go home
on raglak side they were sitting and talking and laughing so much they didn’t get to know about the time and all suddenly laksh watches his watch it shows 2:30 am
laksh : ragini I have to go yr its so late you too sleep you have to look beautiful tomorrow na
suddenly ragini holds his hand tightly
ragini : no laksh plz don’t go I am feeling some kind of fear plz don’t leave me and go plz stay here
laksh hugs her tightly : no ragini don’t be scared I am here na plz don’t be upset ok I will not go ok I will not leave you ever ok
ragini : ok
they both shares a hug and both again started talking and after some mintes both slept in eachother embrace nicely
it was now 8 am of morning sun rays falls on swara and raginis room both were sleeping hugging their partners but boh of them woke up due to alarm
in swara room
swara : oh my god sanskaar wake up its morning you have to go to your house common wake up
sanskaar wakes up in hurry : what I slept here only oh no and what about laksh
swara : what laksh
sanskaar : are yesterday he too came with me to meet ragini has he gone or he too slept like me
swara : what he too came oh no if anyone sees you both
sanskaar : swara you be calm let me call him
in raginis room
ragini : laksh get up its morning what if anyone sees you
laksh : (in sleepy tone) mom let me sleep more yr
laksh : I am ragini and you are in my room get up
laksh gets up in hurry : what I slept here only
ragini : yes you slept here andgo now if anybody sees you it will became more problem
suddenly laksh mobile rang it was sanskaar
sanskaar : laksh where are you
laksh : sanskaar I am in raginis room actually I slept here by mistakenly but where are you
sanskaar : I am too here yr in swaras room actually I too slept yesterday so comedown quietly and we both will go
laksh : ok sanskaar come fast
laksh cuts the call
ragini : I heard correctly that sanskaar is also here in swaras room oh my god what if maa baba sees you both
laksh : ragini plz stop it nobody will see us and now I am going bye i am eagerly waiting for todays wedding then you will be mine and I will ot be scared of anybody so bye
ragini ; I will be waiting for you bye
saying this laksh pecks raginis lips and ways bye

there sanskaar : ok swara gotta go bye see you in wedding I am so much waiting for todays night where you will be mine forever
swara : I will be waiting for you sanskaar bye
sanskaar pecks her lips and ways good bye
swara meets ragini and told about yesterdays incident
swara : these both na are totally mad
ragini : yes both are mad come now lets get ready neither maa baba will shout at us and we will get mad common
there laksh and sanskaar drive to maheswari mansion when they entered they saw durga Prasad and anupurna
durga Prasad : are where were you both we were finding you both
sansakar ; actually we have gone for jogging
laksh : yes dad morning jogging
anupurna : that’s great go now and fresh up and have breakfast
sanlak : yup
and episode ends with swaragini and sanlak smiling faces

precap : swaragini were waiting for sanlak at mandap but sanlak meets with an accident

so guys how was todays episode don’t worry so much about precap I will not separate our couples just wait for tomorrow and I need a favour from youll plz do tell me how did I balance swasan raglak scenes and whoz scene was more or less or am I doing equally plz let me know so I would make changes ok see you tomorrow with a nice episode bye take care

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