swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 3)

Hello everyone thanks for your love and support your comments are giving me much strength so thank you all. And i forgot to tell you dat sanskaar and laksh are non identical twins. So lets start with my ff

Swaragini : swasan raglak a unique love story episode 3

Recap : swasan raglak first conversation

So laksh and ragini went for lunch with their dad's and swasan left for their work in sanskaar car
In car
Sanskaar : so swara lets be frnds
Swara : ya sure but i have one problem i talk a lot with my frnds hope you dont mind
Sanskaar : (usually talks less) oh no not at all
Swara : so sanskaar when did you decide to join bussiness
Sanskaar : actually swara i was having only 1 aim dat one day i will become no. 1 bussiness tycoon so after completing my graduation i have started it to work in the bussiness and i am trying to fullfill it
Swara : oh nice i dont have interest in this business but ragini has so she decided to do and i decided to help charitys and all so when ever i do concerts and whatever i earn from dat i give dat to charity.
Sanskaar : you are doing a great work swara it is nice to help poor and orphans.
Swara : thanks so whom do you love the most in the world
Sanskaar : i love laksh very much bcoz he knows me very well and i knows him very well we share brother friendship bond
Swara : oh dats really very nice i too love my sister despite being 1 year older than me we are also like friends. So any girlfriends sanskaar
Sanskaar : (surprised) oh no i usually make frnds so girlfriends are far away i hardly get time from my work to do all this things. So dont have any but you tell you have bf
Swara : (thinking dat how can a man live in such a boring life and notice his question and replied) no i dont have any bf i have many frnds but dat feeling never had came in my life
Suddenly her charity house came
Swara : sanskaar stop my place has came it was nice talking you thank you for dropping me
Sanskaar : we are frnds and in friendship no sorry no thank you and bye
Swara : ok bye take care
In hotel
Ragini and laksh were sitting but their parents were busy talking so laksh started talking to ragini
Laksh : so ragini what do you have interest in beside working
Ragini : actually i like music i and swara use to sing together when we were in college but i decided to do work for our company so i joined it besides this there is nothing much in my life and what about you
Laksh : (thinks that she is totally differents from him) ya i have interest in many things like travelling and all i believe in live your life to the fullest so i fullfill all my dreams dats it
Ragini : nice you seem like a great person who lives his dreams 
Laksh : hey ragini lets be frnds it will be nice
Ragini : ya sure why not but i have less frnds so be careful bcoz i am a little boring person so only few are there who talks with me like swara
Laksh : oh no ragini you are very cute i have many frnds but you are very nice and who said you are boring you are very nice
Ragini : oh thanks
Durga prasad : so i was thing shekhar why dont we become bussiness partners it will be great two leading industries become 1 what say
Shekhar : ya ya why not i was too thinking the same what say ragini how is the plan
Ragini : you two have decided this how can it will be wrong ya nice idea
Laksh : ya ya its nice
Durga prasad : so deal
Shekhar : yup
Laksh becomes very happy he dont know why but he was very happy and ragini was happy for his papa and company
On the other hand sanskaar reached office but was continuously thinking of swara dat how a person can talk so much but she was very nice
And swara was also thinking about sanskaar dat how can a person be so boring but he is cute.

All four are having different thoughts so lets see how their thoughts will match lets see

Precap : swasan again meet and laksh joins office permanently

So guyz as i said next part i have uploaded how do you like the episode plz tell me by your comment your comments are really encouraging keep reading and keep posting your comments next part too will be uploaded soon.

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