swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 29)


Hello guyz once again though some of them have told me not to end it so I have decided not to end it now I will write more for youll so lets start
Recap : sanlak and swaragini haldi

It was morning in gadodia house our princesss woke up and saw their hands it was deep red yes trheir mehendi colour turned into deep red they were smiling seeing their colour then swara runs to raginis room
Swara : ragini show me your mehendi colour
Ragini : no no first you show
Swara : no no you first
Ragini : ok we both will show together
Swara : ok

They bothshow their hands both their mehendi turned into deep red
Swara : wow ragini see your mehendi colour that means laksh will love very very much I am happy for you
Swara : see your mehendi colour oo swara no doubt sanskaar will love you so much come now will have breakfast
Swara : yup

There in maheswari mansion our both prince also woke up with a bright smile as it was their sangeet
Both got ready and went down to have breakfast with family all of them settled down and had breakfast
After breakfast all got busy in some of the other work laksh and sanskaar were checking files in study room there anupurna came
Anupurna : sanskaar laksh plz try this this outfit na for tomorrows wedding
Sanskaar ; mom this is the fifth time you are asking us to try the outfit
Laksh : why you are so tensed mom everything will be fine and this outfits are perfect so you go and rest for some time
Anupurna : ok ok I will go but stop all this work you both are having wedding and you both are busy in these work common now
Sanskaar : yes mom we will finish it in just half an hour
Laksh : till then you too go and rest ok
Anupurna : ok

In gadodia house swara and ragini were busy in selectin jewellery n all
Swara : yr ragini so much jewellerywhat should I wear
Ragini : swara I am too confused with so many
Suddenly sharmsishta came into their room
Swara : maa thank god you came plz suggest us what we both will wear for tomorrow
Ragini : yes maa its so confusing plz tell na
Sharmishta : ok calm down I will help youll

Then sharmishta helped them in selecting jewellerys and all
Sharmishta : beta today is your sangeet at maheshwari house and youll have to get ready too go now
Swara : yes maa wil go but you sit here and take some rest how much you will do work
Ragini : yes maa take some rest
Sharmishta : no no if I will sit you both will do nothing common now get take your outfits out and start to get ready common
Swaragini : ok maa
Swaragini went to get ready

It was evening in maheswari house the house was decorated like palace and todays dress code was white so all members wore white colour but different patterns sanskaar got ready wearing white chamki kurta paigama he was looking damn cute in that outfit and laksh got ready wearing white kurta paigama with black design on he was looking dashing in it and all the members too got ready and came down and started to invite the guests
Sanlak were meeting with guests and all but they were waiting for only swaragini and there gadodia family comes
Swaragini came swara was wearing white blouse and white lehenga with all the diamonds work in lehenga and she was looking today extremely preety and ragini was wearing white white and light pinkish blouse and white lehenga with light pinkish work of embroidery over it she was looking extremely beautiful sanlak saw them they couldn’t took of their eyes over them shekhar and sharmishta too come with them all the members greeted them swaragini took blessings from them
Sanlak too came and took blessings from shekhar and sharmishta sanlak smiles looking at swaragini they too smiled over them
After sometime sangeet ceremony starts all eyes went to sanskaar and laksh

Song starts sanlak starts dancing
Sanskaar : teri aankhon ke matwaale kajol ko mera salaam zulfo ke kale kale badal ko mera salam
Swara was blushing seeing him
Laksh : ghayal karde mujhe aaj teri paayal ki jhankaar he soni soni meri soni teri har ada ko salam
Ragini was blushing seeing him
Sanlak : salam e ishq salam e ishq ishq ishq salaam e ishq
They both took swaragini to stage it was now raglak turn

Laksh : teri meri nazar jo mili pehli baar hogaya hogaya tujhse pyaar dil hai kya dil hai kya jab hi tujhpe nisaar maine tujhpe kiya aitbaar
Ragini ho ho mai bhi toh tujhpe margayi deewana pan kya kar gayi meri hardhadkan betaab hai palo which tera naam hai
Laksh : dhadkano me rehne wali soniye so salaam
Ragini : salaam e ishq salam e ishq
Both were dancing passionately

Next it was now swasan turn
Sanskaar : mai tere ishq me do jahan vaar du mere vaade pe kar le yaqeen keh rhi hai zameen keh rha aasman tere jaisa duja nhi
Swara : aise jaadu na dal ve na aau me tere naal ve jhuti taarife chod de ab dil mere dil se jod de
Sanskaar : oh jo abhi hai dil se nikli iss dua ko salam
Sanskaar : salam e ishq salam e ishq salaam e ishq
Both were dancing passionately
Song gots over everybody claps for them
Uttara came on stage : so guyz be ready for next dance it is so amazing
Durga Prasad ram Prasad and shekhar came on stage and anupurna sujata and sharmishta came on stage
Song starts all women sings in equal
women : ude jab jab zulfe tere ho ude jab jab zulfe tere kawariyon ka dil machle dil bairiye
men : oh jab aise chicken chehre toh kaise na nazar phisle toh kaise na nazar phisle jind mereye
both couple were enjoying their parents dance soon the dance got over all claps for them
uttara : so last dance for todays sangeet all young couple will dance

so lights goes off and dimn light starts
swasan and raglak came on stage and started dancing
song plays
muskurune ki wajah tum ho gungune ki wajah tum ho jiya jaye na jaye jaye na o re piya re
jiya jaaye na jaaye na na o re piya re
both swasan and raglak were lost in eachothers dance completely
dhoop aaye toh chav tum laana khawshio ki baarisho me bheeg sang jaana jiya jaaye na jaye na o re piya re
they turns swaragini round and round and holds them
jo mile uss me baat lenge hum thodi khushiyan thode aasu baat lenge hum jiya jaaye na jaye na jaye na o re piya re
and song ends all claps for them and both couples were happyepisode ends

precap : sanlak goes to meet swaragini at night

so guyz wrote this part in hurry but I promise next part would be romantic so plz do comments more thank you by

Credit to: kaynat khan

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