swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 28)

Hey guyz once again I was thinking of posting os on Sunday and I think many of you are bored with my ff and some new ffs are also there many peoples are posting many ffs I am happy for all and I am reading all the ffs so I decided to end my ff in 3 to 4 episodes but don’t worry I will try to post os every weekend and I have got lots of appreciation from youll so thank you all I know thank you is such a small word for you all but I don’t have any other words to express so just thank you and I promise these episode I will make as much as romantic as I can make
Recap : swasan romantic moments after puja

It was bright morning for everyone as it was the first day of rasam today was haldi and mehendi day
In maheshwari house it was morning all were busy for sanlak haldi suddenly anupurna and sujata saw sanlak going somewhere
Anupurna : hey you both where are youll going
Sanskaar : who mom we are
Laksh : we are going to office mom
Sujata : hey you both don’t need to anywhere today is your haldi and you both are going
Sanskaar : oh common chachi how can we apply haldi
Laksh : yes how can we we are boys
Anupurna : oh my boys its compulsory to apply haldi for you both as your fairness will increase more and you will look more fair
Sujata : and your wives will love you’ll more
Sanskaar : oh acha then we are ready
Laksh : yes yes we can apply haldi for our wives
Anupurna : you both na are really dramebaaz
Sujata : but before haldi plz go to gadodia house and give this mehendi to sharmishta ji
Both were really happy to go to gadodia house

At gadodia house all were busy there and some relatives and friends have also gathered there for swaraginis haldi
Swaragini were too busy at the time they heard a bell knock
Swara : whoz it now ragini
Ragini : lets see
Both goes and opens the door they were shocked to sanlak smiling there with a plate full of mehendi covered with a cloth
Swara: you both here
Sanskaar : why we cant come
Ragini : but why have you came here
Laksh : actually I was missing you and bhai was missing swara so we came have we did anything wrong
Suddenly they heard sharmishtas voice
Sharmishta : whoz there swara oh sanskaar laksh you both something important
Sanskaar : actually maa mom send these mehendi for swaragini so we came
Sharmishta : oh thank you come na inside
Laksh : no no maa we are in hurry we also have to go for haldi
Sharmishta : ya ya you both will have to apply haldi
Swaragini laughs hearing that they will also apply haldi
Sanlak : ok maa bye
They went from there to maheswari mansion
And haldi ceromany starts sanskaar and laksh both were sitting one by one everybody was coming and applying haldi on them they were really happy

In gadodia house
Swaragini also sat sharmishta shekhar came and applied haldi on both and all the relatives came and applied haldi on them they both were blushing
Soon haldi ceremony gots over both swaragini and sanlak went to take bath it was now evening and it was now mehendi time in gadodia house
Ragini swara sat to apply mehendi
Girl : so did whats your husbands name what I should write
Swara : fumbles ssanskaaar
Girl : oh so his name is sanskaar ok don’t worry I will write his name and will hide like this that he will never be able to hide
Second girl : so didi whats your husband name
Ragini : blushes woo actually
Girl : oh ho how much you blush tell his name yr
Ragini : woh laksh
Girl : oh laksh ok really lucky laksh
Then both of them applied mehendi on both swara and ragini both were happy as their only wish of marrying sanskaar and laksh is going to fulfill
And there sanskaar and laksh were busy in decorations and lightings for tomorrows sangeet and they were missing swaragini badly
Sanskaar : are yr laksh when this will get over I want to talk to swara
Laksh : mee to bhai I also wanna talk to ragini but atleast finish this work then will talk
Sanskaar : yup common now do fast

After 2 hours sanlak work got over and swaraginis mehendi was also done and they have gone to their respective rooms to rest as they were really tired today all the family members also slept but swara and ragini were still awake and they were still waiting of sanlak call

In swasan side sanskaar calls swara after doing his work
Swara sees it and attend it in first ring
Swara : (didn’t let him tell anything) I was so much waiting for your call and you are calling me now I was so much missing you but you
Sanskaar : swara my darling plz calm down plz take a deep breath and now listen I was also busy in decorations and all now only I finished my work and I didn’t eat my food too for calling you
Swara : who I am sorry sanskaar I dint realize that you might be in some work I am sorry for me you didn’t eat food go ad have your food
Sanskaar : oh swarawhy are you telling sorry I like when you shouts at me I love it and don’t worry I am not hungry when I am with you I only wants you
Swara : but sanskaar eat something
Sanskaar : how can I swara I know that you also didn’t have your food
Swara : how do you know that
Sanskaar : swara I have said you that our hearts are joined and I know that because after your mehendi ceremony you were only waiting for my call and in that you forget to eat I know it because I know your excitement to talk with me
Swara : how do you know me so much sanskaar I cant give you that much love sanskaar that yo give me veryday
Swara : no swara you love more than me because of me you forgets everything and only remembers me that’s what I love about you So you go and eat then only I will eat got it
Swara ; ok I will go but after talking with you because I only want you just now
Sanskaar : aaww you are missing me so much so should I come there
Swara : sanskaar wait for 2 days I will be yours only
Sanskaar : that only I cant do you have only seen the trailer I will make you watch the movie after 2 days
Swara : sanskaar you na acha listen you know I have applied mehendi of your name and all of them says that if the mehendi colours gets really deep than your husband loves you the most
Sanskaar : oh swara don’t wait for the mehendi to gets deeper you know how I much love you and this intensity can never be measured
Swara : that’s true and I love you
Sanskaar : and I love you too
Both were talking and both felt asleep and swara in sleep cuts the call both slept thinking of eachother.

At raglak side
Ragini was so desperate for lakshs call to come she was s mch waiting for him atlast he calls her she picks t u
Ragini : where were you laksh you have saw the time its so lat and you are calling me now can you tell me which work has kept you busy till now
Laksh : ragini my baby plz calm down sit down and listen to me I was busy in decorations or tomorrow as its our sangeet so I and bhai were doing were work now only I got free so just now I called you
Ragini : oh sorry you are doing so much work and I shouted so much
Ragini : oh common ragini I love the way you shouts I just love when you are angry I just want to pull your cheeks
Ragini : laksh kuch bhi acha listen have you had your dinner
Laksh : no you
Ragini : how can I have I was not able to eat without talking to you
Laksh : oh so my baby was missing me so much
Ragini : yup very much
Laksh : don’t need to miss because after 2 days you wll be mine and I will ot leave you for a second ok
Ragini blushes
Laksh : ok now stop blushing your cheeks are turning red ok
Ragini : oh do you know that
Laksh : oh common ragini I know ou more than you your every moment I know
Ragini : acha this much yu loves me
Laksh : no more than this
Laksh : acha listen I have aapied mehendi of your name and it is said that if your mehendi colours turs into deeper than your husband loves you the most
Laksh : so what you are thinking
Ragini : I was thinking that it have to be deeper I know how much yu loves me and how much I loves you
Laksh : I love you beyond infinity
Ragini : I love you too laksh
Both were talking and slept and laksh in sleeps cuts the call and both were thinking of eachother
Episode ends

Precap : sangeet ceremony with losts of songs and dances

So guyz how do you like this comments plz what you need to say towards my idea thank you all bye

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