swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 26)


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Recap : sanlak brings swaragini back home and kavya and kavita went to jail
5 days went swaragini recovered from their health and now preparations of wedding was coming more close sanlak also used to go to office very rarely because of preparation
It was now night both couples were busy in talking in phone

In swasan side
Sanskaar : so my swara is coming tomorrow finally I will see you after 5 days
Swara : oh so you were missing me
Sanskaar : why I cant miss my future wife I have that right ok
Swara : yes my jaan you have that right and only you have that right of loving me
Sanskaar : nice yr you are becoming romantic day by day so what you will wear tomorrow
Swara : that may be surprise for you so wait and watch
Sanskaar : swara you and your surprises ok I will wait
Swara : sanskaar I wanna ask you something
Sanskaar : yes swara ask na
Swara : sanskaar after marriage too I wanna help my charities so you will allow me to do
Sanskaar : swara why are you asking me common swara you are getting married you are not going to jail that you will lost your freedom after being my wife too you can do anything you want and i will always be there to support you
Swara : you know what sanskaar I am really lucky that I got you I feel like that something I have done good so I got you in my life
Sanskaar : oh so you are lucky I think I am lucky that I got a loving girl like you who loves everyone cares for everyone and always there for me in my problems you are the angel swara in my life
Swara : ok now stop praising me but I love you
Sanskaar : I know that and I love you more than anything
Swara : I also know that
Sanskaar : acha you know everything see tomorrow I will show you my love
Swara : ok its late now I think we should sleep
Sanskaar : ok ok but my good night kiss
Swara : sanskaar good night bye and no kiss
And she cuts the call
Sanskaar : bye (stupid girl but I love her)

At raglak side
Laksh : ragini I cant wait for tomorrow when I will see you
Ragini : have patience laksh tomorrow will meet ok
Laksh : you are not missing me na I got it
Ragini : what I am not missing you you have gone in my heart o what that you know I am missing you or not
Laksh : yes I know because your heart is with me
Ragini : oh so close your eyes and take a deep breath and listen to its beats every beat will tell you the deep of my love
Laksh : oh my god ragini you being serious yr I know that you love me because I know that in my each breath only you and you are there and nobody will get that right till I die
Ragini : oh shut up laksh again you started I have said you na don’t talk about this it broke me laksh I cant even imagine and you just say it laksh
And she starts crying

Laksh : ok ragini I am sorry I will not say all this again I am sorry I cant see you crying plz it hurts me plz
Ragini : ok don’t say all this
Laksh tries to change the topic : acha ragini I am seeing you after 5 days so tell me na what you will wear in puja
Ragini : it’s a surprise for you
Laksh : you na see tomorrow I will not leave you
Ragini : first catch then talk about leave
Laksh : oh ho my ragini is being naghty not bad but you have to pay for this tomorrow
Ragini : laksh listen I remembered I wanna ask you something
Laksh : yup say
Ragini : actually laksh after marriage you will allow me to do work in office
Laksh : what are you asking ragini how can I answer that its your decision how can I tell you you are independent girl you do what you want say me you want to continue job
Ragini : yes laksh
Laksh : so its after marriage too you will join you are going to be my life partner not a slave ok so you will ask me whether I should do this or not its your decision ok and whatever your decision is I will be there for you
Ragini : laksh I am really lucky that I got you neither ome man treat their wives like slaves but you are not like of them ou are different I feel so happy that I got you
Laksh : oh wow madam these things you have thought me you remembered I was impressed on you for your work only that being a girl you are holding your company with your dad its really difficult but you are an example ragini to all the women and girls and I am lucky to have such an independent but traditional girl in my life who balances her office and home perfectly
Ragini : stop it laksh how much you say na don’t your mouth pains
Laksh : all because of your love my darling
Ragini : ok stop this all I have to go see you tomorrow bye good night
Laksh : good night bye waiting for tomorrow bye
All four of them sleeps thinking of one another

Next morning in gadodia house all were getting ready for puja to be held in maheshwari house for mahashivrathri and for their upcoming marriage
Sharmishta : you both got ready na oh my god both are looking pretty in these if your partners will see they will die
Swaragini : blushes
Shekhar : even you too is looking gorgeous
Sharmishta : oh common shekhar our daughters have grown up have some shame
Shekhar : ok ok come we have to reach there at time come

In maheshwari house all were preparing for puja
Sujata : are that thali keep it there oh ho nobody has finished their work its getting late they will arrive
Anupurna : oh sujata why are you shouting everything has done you get calmed
Sujata : no jiji if I will not shout these people will not do their work
Ram Prasad : are keep calm sujata don’t shout much neither we all will be deaf ok
Durga Prasad : are ram don’t tease her and stop fighting are this laksh and sanskaar didn’t came yet
Suddenly sanskaar and laksh comes down from their rooms
Anupurna : here your sons have came
Both sanskaar and laksh came sanskaar was wearing blue sherwani and laksh was wearing yellow sherwani both were looking awesome and both took blessings from elders
Sujata : are see gadodia family too arrives
All see at the gate but laksh and sanskaar were searching for their brides and yes they saw them when they saw them they were awestruck both were wearing saree swara was wearing light green colour embroidery saree and ragini was wearing pink diamond saree and both were looking preety and gorgeous
All welcome them but sanlak eyes couldn’t took off from swaragini and swaragini sees they are staring them and they start blushing and took blessings from all the elders
And episode ends

Precap : again romantic moments of swasan and raglak and haldi time

So guyz how do you like this and guyz I was thinking to write an os on my favorite film yeh jawani hai deewani what youll say should I make an os on this or not say me and bye guyz waiting for your comments

Credit to: kaynat khan

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