swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 25)


Hello everyone thanks for your unbelievable response towards my ff I am greatly thankful to all of you keep loving my ff and keep supporting like this I will not you’ll let down I will add more and more drama day by day and make it more interesting so let’s start
Recap : sanlak found swaragini and they beats the goons

In forest in swasan side
Swara : sanskaar I cant run now I am tired see the goons are too not following
Sanskaar : ya I think so come we will rest here for sometimes
Swara : yup
And they both sat down swara looks at sanskaar with teary eyes
Sanskaar cupped her face : what happened swara why are you crying
Swara hugged him tightly : sanskaar thank god you came I am really happy I thought you will not come
Sanskaar : how could I swara how could I leave you we have promised each other that we will never separate then
Swara : yes sanskaar I know when I recorded that video I somewhere in my heart was knowing that you will come and see you came
Sanskaar : swara I trust you more than me how could I trust that video if you would have also said me that you don’t love I wouldn’t trust that because I know you love me and this your eyes and your heart tell me
Swara : why sanskaar why do you love me so much
Sanskaar : I don’t know but I know only one thing without you I am nothing
Swara : and without sanskaar swara is nothing
And both hugged eachother

At raglak side
Laksh : ragini I think you might be tired of running come lets rest here for sometime then I will call sanskaar ok
Ragini : but goons
Laksh : don’t worry ragini they are not there and don’t afraid I am there for you
Ragini : I know that when you are there so that goons can never hurt me but what if they hurt you I will not able to protect you I am not that much strong than you are
Laksh makes her sit : who said that you are not strong I can’t do this what you have done you have sacrificed your love to save me you have been in all the tortures so that I can be save and you are telling that you are not strong you are more stronger than me
Ragini : laksh always you have did everything for me this is really very small thing I have done if I have to give my life I will give that too for you
Laksh : don’t ever say that if you will give your life than what will I do alone in this world without you my world is incomplete you have completed my world and I will never let you go anywhere
Ragini : I will be yours forever and I will never let you go too because you are the one in this world whom I can trust whom I can share everything whom I can love you are my everything I love you laksh
Laksh : I love you too ragini
And both hugged eachother

At swasan side both were hugging eachother suddenly swara felt pain in her hands
Swara : aahh
Sanskaar releases the hug : what happened swara are you ok
Swara : no sanskaar nothing just little pain in my hands
Sanskaar : show me
He saw her arms all were red with belt marks he became teary eyes
Sanskaar : I am sorry swara I didn’t came to save you I am really bad
Swara : no sanskaar you are not bad and don’t ever tell this you came to save me sanskaar don’t feel bad it just happened the pain will get over in two or three days so it’s ok and when you are there with me my pain will go like this
Sanskaar : but I can remove your pain
Saying this he kissed her arms where the belt marks was when he kissed swara swara was feeling like electric current passes through her body then he kissed her second arm swara closes her eyes in shyness then he kissed her forhead and then eyes and later her cheeks and finally he went to lips swara was closing her eyes she felt his lips on hers she too reciprocates the kiss sanskaars hands was on swaras body and swaras hands was on sanskaars hairs then soon the soft kiss went into passionate kiss a needed one swara forgot all her pain in the kiss soon after some minutes they broke the kiss due to oxygen and both were breathing heavily swara put her eyes down in shyness sanskaar loved her shyness and put his fingers on her chin and made her see his face swara could not take it so she hugged him very much tightly sanskaar too give her a warmth hug of his after some time he broke the hug swara lied on the ground and sanskaar came up on her body and then entwined his fingers and swara too entwined hers then they again kissed each other this was much more passionate than before ones all the stars and moons were witnessed of their love then sanskaar releases the kiss and kissed her one side of neck softly and then he kissed other side of neck of hers swara was blushing heavily and after sometime they both slept in each others warm embrace
And background music pays
Male : tenu itna mai pyaar kara ek pal vich sau baar kara
Tu jave ji menu chad ke maut da intezaar kara
Ke tere liye duniya chod di hai ke tujhpe hi saans aake rue mai tujhko kitna chahta hu ke tu kabhi soch na sake
Female : ke tere liye duniya chod di hai ke tujhpe saans aake ruke mai tujhko kitna chahti hu ke tu kabhi soch na sake
Aankhon ki hai yeh khwahishen ki chehre se teri na hate ne
Neendo mai hai bas teri yaadein khwabon ne li hai karvate
Male : ke teri ore leke mujhko chale yeh duniyan bhar ke sab raaste mai tujhko kitna chahta hu ke tu kabhi soch na sake
Female : ke tere liye duniya chod di hai ke tujhpe saans aake ruke mai tujhko kitna chahta hu ke tu kabhi soch na sake
At raglak side ragini was sitting and laksh kept his hand around her arms suddenly he saw her arms which were totally red with belt marks
Laksh : ragini see your arms don’t you feel pain why did you not told me before is it hurting I am sorry ragini because of me it all happened
Ragini : laksh in one breath how much you will talk let me say something its nothing it will get healed in some days and you know one thing when I am in your arms my whole pain got disappeared when I am with you these small things can’t hurt me
Laksh : oh so I reduce your pain ok I will try to reduce it more
Saying this he gets more close to ragini he kissed her checks and then he looked her lips and then he looked into her eyes ragini without giving permission she only kissed him laksh was shocked but later he too reciprocates with her their kiss was now becoming passionate and they both fall down kissing each other laksh was on top ragini they both entwined their hands and again started kissing eachother today ragini was feeling safe in his kiss moon and stars was witnessed of their love after sometime they release their kiss ragini closed her eyes in shyness then laksh kissed her arms where she got hurted then she he kissed her neck and then other side of neck then ragini opened her eyes both have an passionate eyelock after some time they both hug eachother and slept in their embrace both were feeling happy
Background music
Male : chuteya na chute mose rag tera dholna ek tere baju duja mera koi molna
bolna maahi bolna bolna mahi bolna
Tere liye aaya mai toh tere sang jaana dholna vet ere naal jindani beetava
Kabhi nayo chodhna ishq ki dor na
Saare chad jaana maahi tu na chodna bolna maahi bolna bolna maahi bolna
Female : tere sang hasna mai tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rehna mai tujhme hi khona
Dil main chupa tujhe dil nayo kholna
Mar ke bhi maahi tuse moh na modna
Bolna maahi bolna bolna maahi bolna
Male : chuteya na chute mose rang tera dholna
Ek tere baju duja mera koi molna bolna maahi bolna bolna maahi bolna
It was now morning ragini woke up as sunrays falls on hers she opened her eyes and saw his laksh sleeping and holding her tightly she was just staring her with much love and after that laksh got up
Laksh : good morning my sweetheart
Ragini : good morning
Laksh : oh so somebody was staring me when I was sleeping
Ragini : I think staring is not a crime ha and that too I am staring my future husband I have full rights
Laksh tightens his grip on hers : oh so you are seeing your future husband
Ragini : (suddenly she remembers something) laksh swara sanskaar
Laksh : oh yaa I forgot about them yr but don’t worry they will be fine and I think they might be sleeping
Ragini : oh so call them we have to go to home also to say the truth
Laksh : yup come

At swasan side both were sleeping peacefully suddenly sunrays falls on sanskaars face and he opened his eyes he saw swara holding him very much tightly he just saw her love and care towards him that in sleep too she doesn’t want to leave me he don’t want to wake her up but still does because they have to go to home
Sanskaar : swara my sweety get up good morning
Swara slowly opened her eyes : good morning you know one thing sanskaar I have heard that in morning when you see a person whom you loved then your day will be the happiest day
Sanskaar : oh so then I want to see you daily then to make all my days happily
Swara : ok I will do this for you and she smiles suddenly they get didturbed by a call it was laksh
Sanskaar picked up : hello laksh how are you’ll
Laksh : sanskaar we are fine but how are you’ll
Sanskaar : we are also fine so where are you’ll we are coming
Laksh : sanskaar it’s a big forest I think we might go to where we started where our cars are parked you know na
Sanskaar : ya ya I will reach there ok
And he cuts the call
Swara : what happened sanskaar
Sanskaar : come swara we have to go home
Swara : yup today we will take out the truth
Sanskaar : yup
Both couple headed towards their way after some time raglak reached where the car was parked
Ragini : laksh they haven’t came yet
Laksh : wait they will come
After sometimes they saw swasan coming ragini hugged swara and sanskaar hugged laksh and all of them headed to maheshwari mansion
In maheswari mansion all got up anupurna and durga Prasad were now very much worried for them
Anupurna : they haven’t come plz try their number
Durga Prasad : wait ill try sanskaar number
And phone bell rings sanskaar picked it up
Sanskaar : hello dad
Durga Prasad : sanskaar thank god you picked the phone where are you’ll all of you are fine na
Sanskaar : yes dad we are fine we got swaragini now we are coming to home dad just do me a favor call shekhar papa and sharmishta maa too at the house
Durga Prasad : ok beta come fast
And they cut the call
Durga Prasad : they all are fine and they are coming to home
Anupurna : thank you god for keeping them save
And all went for breakfast kavita and kavya too came
Kavita : uncle sanskaar and laksh didn’t came yet
Anupurna : no actually they are just coming
Kavya : how much they work na
Suddenly shekhar and sharmishta came
Kavita and kavya mumurs why they have came
Durga Prasad : I have call shekhar ji and sharmishta ji for some work plz come you both
Shekhar and sharmishta settled down
After sometime sanskaar and laksh came in the house anupurna and durga Prasad were happy to see them kavita and kavya ran towards them and hugged them
Kavita : sanskaar why didn’t you came yesterday
Kavya : I was so much scared laksh you know
Laksh : wait a minute we want you both to meet somebody
Sanskaar : plz come in
There swaragini comes with police all were happy to see swaragini but were shocked too to see their condition kavita and kavya were hell shocked
Swaragini comes to them swara comes to kavita and give her a tight slap and ragini comes to kavya and give her a tight slap
Both sisters shout at them : how dare you’ll
Sanskaar : don’t dare to utter a word
Laksh : neither I will forget that you are a girl is that clear
Sujata : are why are you’ll speaking with them like this what they have done
Swara : chachi ji we both respect you but you don’t know what your niece have done
Ragini : they have gone so much down in their love that they haven’t seen anybody they only saw their love
Sujata : you both only ran what have they done
Swara : no chachi ji we haven’t run these both kavya and kavita have kidnapped us
Ragini : and give money to goons to finish us and told us to made that video
Swara : and they told us if we both will not say as they say they will kill sanskaar and laksh
Ragini : so we made that video
Swara : but yesterday we got a goons mobile so we called them and they both come to our rescue if they hadn’t come we wouldn’t stand here
Sujata : what
Sanskaar : yes they have gone this much down today I am very much shameful to call you as my friend kavita
Laksh : you love me is this is your love to kill me and to make my love away from me I hate you kavya and will never love you
sujata was shocked and started crying anupurna consoles her
sujata : police officers plz take them I am really sorry swara and ragini because of them you’ll have bear so much
swaragini : no no you don’t be sorry its their mistake not yours
police : you both are under arrest miss kavya and kavita
kavita and kavya both went in anger with the police
swaragini hugged shekhar and sharmishta and sanlak hugged durgaprasad and anupurna
and episode ends

precap : marriage preparation started

so guyz howz this one am I able to balance both swasan and raglak romantic moments if you don’t like it plz say to me and I didn’t drag much drama of kavita and kavya so I send them to jail plz tell me by your comments see you’ll tomorrow bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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