swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 24)


Hello guyz again I think you’ll not getting bored from my ff as I am trying to make it more and more interesting hope you’ll like it so start
Recap : swaragini got phone and they called sanlak
Sanlak was searching for that forest that where it is they tried calling the number from where swaragini called but it switched off now they were getting more tensed and called anupurna
Laksh : hello mom
Anupurna : yes laksh say
Laksh : mom we got a call from swaragini some goons have kidnapped them and they are in some forested area
Anupurna : what

Laksh : yes mom so now listen to me don’t panic and tell this to dad secretly and keep an eye on kavya and kavita make them busy in some or the work and don’t let them to go out of the house ok I and sanskaar are going to save swaragini ok
Anupurna : I will do that but take care of you both bye
Laksh : ha bye
In maheswari mansion
Anupurna was very much scared and don’t know what to do suddenly kavya and kavita were going out of the house anupurna saw them
Anupurna : where are you both going
Kavita : actually we both are going to shopping
Sujata : are jiji don’t stop them let them go to shopping and I am very happy what you and bhaisa took the decision at last you both took correct decision and kavita and kavya you both go
Anupurna : are but I want them I want them for arrangements to be done like designer caterers and all how will I do alone you’ll can go tomorrow also na for shopping
Sujata : ok today youll help her tomorrow you both go tomorrow ok
Kavya : ok we will help you’ll

And anupurna kept them busy in preparation work
In forest sanskaar and laksh reached the forest it was so deep and was far away from city as swara told him but they were still searching for them and there swaragini were kept tied with rope they were not able to bear the tortures and ragini was feeling like fainting (actually she was acting)
Swara : ragini what happened
Ragini : swara my head I am feeling like I will faint
Swara : hey you’ll cant you see my sister is in pain plz open us we will not escape plz
Goon 1 : as if youll are saying and we will open you’ll
Swara : plz open us she needs me plz for god sake open us
Goon 2: ok let them open we will keep an eye on them hey go open them
The goon open swaras rope and she ran to ragini she opened her rope
Swara : ragini ragini what happened open your eyes
Ragini winks at swara
Swara understood and both try to ran off but suddenly two goons catches them by hair
Goon 3 : what youll have thought that you’ll will leave not so easily you’ll will never escape us
Swara : leave us if sanskaar will come na he will never leave you
Ragini : you’ll will never be alive if laksh once caught you

Goon 4 : what is this sanskaar and laksh are they your lovers oh so sad because only we are here not them and they will never be able to get here so don’t worry
And the goons started slapping them and beats them swaragini couldn’t tolerate they were shouting like hell
Ragini : aahh aahh plz leave us laksshh
Swara : plz don’t beat you dogs sanskaarrr save me
Sanskaar and laksh heard their voice
Sanskaar : laksh did you hear that
Laksh : yes sanskaar I heard it means they are nearby let’s find them
They both saw a hut and got hinted that they might be hear they both ran to that hut and what they saw was unbearable swara and ragini were lying on the floor and the goons were beating them from their belt and when swaragini saw sanlak standing at the door
Swara : sanskaar
Ragini : laksh
Sanlak was broken to see swaragini at these stage they saw that goons and were totally un stoppable and went to them and started beating them very much badly that blood was coming from the goons mouth
Sanskaar : how could you beat her I will not leave you

Laksh : how could you touch her I will not spare you
Swaragini got courage and they both stood up and goes to sanlak to stop
Swara : sanskaar stop it leave them plz sanskaar they will die
Ragini : laksh leave them don’t make your hands dirty laksh plz leave them
But they were still beating them
Swaragini : if you’ll love us then plz leave them
Sanlak hands stopped and they stopped beating them and leave them and they turned around they saw swaragini in misearable condition their face was dark and belt mark all over the body and blood mark near their mouth swaragini got tears in their eyes sanlak couldn’t control they ran towards them and hugged them
Sanskaar hugged swara very tightly and swara too reciprocates it
Laksh hold ragini so much tightly that no air could pass over them and today ragini was also holding him very tightly
Swara : thank god sanskaar you came neither…
Sanskaar : sshh nothing was gonna happen forget everything now I am here na
Ragini : laksh you know how much I was scared if something…..
Laksh : no ragini nothing will gonna happen to you I have came na now you are safe
Soon they releases the hug

Laksh : but why you both have told in that video that you’ll don’t want to marry us
Sanskaar : any you’ll told marry that kavita and kavya why
Swara : actually sanskaar they both told us to do
Ragini : yes laksh and they told if we both will not do what they want they will kill you both
Swara : we both were scared and have no choice so we have to told that
Sanskaar : I will seriously not leave that kavita
Laksh : bas one last time if I caught that kavya I will kill her I mean how disgusting
Ragini : but how did you’ll get to know that these all were their plan
Swara : ya and that we are acting
Sanskaar : we both were knowing that you’ll cant do these things and that both stupid girls were having crush on us
Laksh : and we knew that for that stupid crush they can go to any stupidity but we don’t know that they can will fall to this because of me ragini you have to face so much I am sorry
Sanskaar : I am sorry swara that because of saving me you have bear all this tortures
Swara : no sanskaar its all right no need to say sorry
Ragini : yes laksh don’t say it again you have came that’s all I want
Suddenly one goon catches laksh and puts a knife around his neck
Goon : hey don’t try to escape if you’ll try I will kill him

Swasan stood still ragini was behind the goon slowly took up the stick and beats on goons head and all four of them ran from there and goons were following them
Sanskaar : ok laksh I and swara will go that side you and ragini go that’s side be in touch with me with the mobile
Laksh : ok take care you both and you too be in touch
Both swasan and raglak went seperatly as goons couldn’t catch them the goons couldn’t see them now
Goon 1 : now what they had escape
Goon 2 : are leave it they it’s a big forest if they can’t escape some animals will eat them but what we have to do come lets go
Goon 3: and what about that kavita and kavya
Goon 4 : leave them we don’t anything if they somehow escape then they will go to police and police will arrest us so we have to leave this city ok
And all goons left from there and swasan and raglak were still running
In maheshwari mansion it was now dinner time all gathered at dining table
Sujata : are where is this sanskaar and laksh didn’t came
Kavya nad kavita were having doubt but durga Prasad hold the situation calmly
Durga Prasad : no actually they are busy in some conference so they might don’t come but you’ll don’t worry have dinner
And by saying this all have dinner

In durga Prasad room
Anupurna : where is this sanskaar and laksh I am really worried
Durga Prasad : I have tried calling them but they are unreachable but don’t worry nothing will happen to them
Anupurna : hope so they come soon with swaragini
In guest room
Kavita : why this goons are not picking up the call
Kavya : if swaragini ran from there
Kavita : oh shut up kavya whenever you talk you talk only rubbish talk some good things I think that their mobile be must be on silent don’t worry tomorrow we both will go and ask them ok
Kavya : ok
And episode ends
Precap : swasan and raglak some romantic moments and swaragini give a tight a slap to kavita and kavya

So guyz how is this I am uploading everyday just for you’ll so plz keep commenting and give me more support see you tomorrow bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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