swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 23)

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Recap : kavya and kavita kidnapped swaragini

The sun rays falls on sanskaar and lakshs room they didn’t know when they fall asleep they got up they got ready and went down to durga Prasad and anupurna only they both were present at dining table sujata and ram Prasad didn’t came and kavita and kavya were in their room sanlak took this as an opportunity and went to them
Durga Prasad : laksh sanskaar you got up come have breakfast yesterday too youll didn’t have anything come
Sanskaar : mom dad first listen carefully we want to talk to you’ll
Anupurna : ya say
Laksh : mom we want to talk about swara and ragini plz listen to us
Durga Prasad : ok tell
Sanskaar : mom dad I think swara and ragini have been in some danger I don’t know but they are
Anupurna : sanskaar haven’t you saw yesterdays video they both told by themselves they didn’t want to marry you’ll
Laksh : mom we have seen that but how can you trust that video didn’t you’ll know them they cant to this they have been in some trouble and who is behind this we both know and I have a plan you both have to help us in this plan
Sanskaar : mom and dad its kavita and kavya behind all this
Durga Prasad : sanskaar and laksh you’ll know what are you’ll talking
Anupurna : how can they be behind all these
Laksh : mom we don’t have prove for them but we will prove it just trust us
Sanskaar : plz you both trust us and plz us help to find swara and ragini plz
Durga Prasad : ok we both will help you’ll tell us what should we have to do
Laksh : thanks mom and dad the plan is that when that both kavya and kavita will be down you both will tell them to save our reputation and marry us marrying them and we will say yes and be with them and one more thing nobody gets to know that we are acting only we four knows this
Sanskaar : and when they both will be busy in their dreams of marriage we will try locate where swara and ragini actually are ok
Anupurna : ok sanskaar and laksh we will do as youll say but listen one more thing
Durga Prasad : bring our bahus swara and ragini back home again and you both take care
Sanlak : thank you so much
Suddenly kavita and kavya were coming down
Sanskaar : dad they are coming be ready
And they start to act

Laksh : mom that ragini was so selfish
Sanskaar : yes laksh that swara is too so mean they left by doing many promises
And both kavya and kavita came and consoles them
Kavita : its ok sanskaar I think she was not made for you
Kavya : yes laksh don’t think about she is gone now
Durga Prasad : kavya and kavita I and anupurna wants to talk to you’ll
Anupurna : will you both will marry our sanskaar and laksh plz all the socity members and staff members know that they are getting married plz marry them for our reputation sake
Kavita : no aunty don’t do like this how can we not follow your orders
Durga Prasad : that means you’ll will marry them
Kavya : yes uncle but if these two are ready for marriage then only will marry
Sanlak : no no we are having no problem if mom and dad wants we will marry you’ll
Kavita : perfect then I will tell this to bua and all
Durga Prasad : ok and marriage will happen on the fixed date when sanskaar and laksh were going to marry swara and ragini ok
Kavya : offo uncle we are talking of such beautiful things and why are you talking of that swara and ragini plz don’t talk of them both are b*t*h
Sanlak were fuming in anger and were about to hold her but anupurna comes there
Anupurna : sanskaar laksh you both have to go to office na go
Durga Prasad : ya the clients are coming I will also reach there in some minutes ok
Sanlak got calm and went from there
Anupurna : why you both go and do some shopping
Kavita : thanks aunty for so much care
Kavya : ya we will go bye
Anupurna and durga Prasad were tensed for sanlak

In the forested area swaragini got up but were really tired because of no food and water and the goons were sitting far from them and they fall asleep
Swara : ragini my body is really paining
Ragini : my too I can’t come of these ropes
She tried to free herself from but all went in vain she tried again and again and lastly she succeeded her hands got free
Ragini : swara see my rope has open wait ill open yours
Ragini opened swaras rope and they both hugged eachother
Swara : ragini be quite the goons are sleeping
Ragini : swara I don’t think we might be escape from here because it’s a forested area but we can contact sanlak
Swara : yup we have to take any of their mobiles to contact
Ragini : but carefully

In gadodia house both shekhar and sharmishta were tensed they saw sanlak at the door
Sanskaar : maa papa can we come in
Sharmishta : yes beta come in
Shekhar : what happened you both here
Laksh : maa papa we both know that swara and ragini cannot do this and they might be in some trouble
Sanskaar : so we have came here to help you’ll have you’ll filed a missing complaint
Shekhar : yes yesterday we have filed
Laksh : ok we both are going to police station for some evidence you both don’t worry we will find them and will bring them
Sanskaar : you both just take care of yourself we promise you that within 48 hours we will bring your daughters back safely ok come laksh
Laksh : bye maa papa take care
Sanlak went from there shekhar and sharmishta were happy seeing sanlak care and love towards swaragini
Shekhar : sharmishta they are really perfect for swaragini have you seen their love for them
Sharmishta : yes shekhar and when these two are there for them we don’t have to take tension
Shekhar : yup

In forested area both swaragini went towards goons they were five and swaragini went to one of them and swara started to put her hands to one of their pockets she found it but couldn’t take it of ragini was standing behind her tensed after many struggles swara took the mobile
Swara : ragini mobile
Ragini : swara come we will go to that corner
They went in corner and swara dialed sanskaars number it was unreachable
Swara : ragini its unreachable
Ragini : give me I will dial lakshs number
Sanlak were in the car when lakshs mobile ring he saw the number
Laksh : unknown number bhai stop the car whos dis
He picked it up

Laksh : hello
Ragini felt relieved to hear laksh voice
Ragini : hello laksh its me ragini
Laksh : ragini you
Sanskaar was shocked to hear raginis name from him
Laksh : ragini where are you are you fine sanskar and I are searching for you’ll where are you
Ragini couldn’t say anything she was just listening to him and she started crying
Laksh : ragini why are you crying say me where are you
Swara consoles ragini and said her to give the mobile
And sanskaar told laksh to be calm and said him to give the mobile
Swasan together : hello
Swara felt sanskaars voice and sanskaar felt swaras voice
Swara : sanskaar
Sanskaar : swara where are you’ll are you’ll fine na
Swara : yes sanskaar we are fine we are in some forested area I think its out of city some goons have kidnapped us (suddenly she remember kavita and kavya words that they will kill them) sanskaar plz take care of yourself and laksh plz its better if you don’t come plz
Sanskaar : swara what are you telling we both know who is behind all this its kavita and kavya we know don’t worry we both will escape you’ll
Suddenly some goons catches the mobile and throws it but mobile was connected

Goon 1 : he what were you’ll doing
Ragini : nothing we were just
Goon 2 : how did you’ll escape from the rope
Sanskaar could hear the voice and kept the mobile on speaker
Sanskaar : swara can you hear me
Laksh : ragini can you listen to me
The goons slaped swaragini very hard that they just fall on on ground sanlak could hear this and were feeling so helpless
Sanskaar : what happened swara talk to me
Laksh : hey don’t beat them I will not leave you
Swara : plz leave us don’t beat us
Ragini : plz don’t I beg you plz don’t beat us
Sanlak were feeling their pain and tears were falling from their eyes and call got disconnected
Sanskaar : hello hello laksh I think call got disconnected lets go
Laksh : ya bhai we have to reach there as soon as possible

In forest the goons beat swaragini very badly and they again tied them and left both were crying
Swara : sanskaar plz come and save me I cant bear this
Ragini : swara plz be brave they will come don’t loose hope I know they will come
And she started crying both were crying badly remembering sanskaar and laksh
On the way sanskaar drove very fast and laksh was trying the number again and again but it was unreachable
And the episode ends

Precap : sanlak found swaragini and beats the goons and they spend the night in the forest

So guyz how do you like this one and my precap plz just give me your comments and say frankly bye see you tomorrow

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