swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 22)


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Recap : kavita and kavya make plan against swaragini

The next day in maheswari mansion all were busy in some of the other work sanlak were busy in office work and all the ladies were busy in marriage preparation and durga Prasad and ram Prasad were talking about the expenses in marriage preparations suddenly shekhar and sharmishta came
Durga Prasad : are shekhar ji and sharmishta ji what a surprise how youll came
Everyone watches them and welcomes but shekhar and sharmishta wre looking tensed
Anupurna : is everything why you both are looking tensed
Sharmishta : actually we want to ask you’ll something did swaragini came here
Durga Prasad : no they didn’t come here
Sanlak were shocked to hear this
Sanskaar : maa papa is everything ok
Laksh : yes maa swaragini are fine na
Shekhar : actually in the early morning they went to temple alone and it is now 3:00pm they didn’t came yet
All are shocked and kavita and kavya were watching these and smiling
Durga Prasad : may be they went to some of their friends home that’s why they are late you should call them
Shekhar : we have tried but their mobiles are switched off
Anupurna : don’t worry they will be sanskaar and laksh go first go the temple and ask about them ok
Sanskaar : yes mom we are going
Laksh : maa papa you both relax we both will go and will bring them
Durga Prasad : plz have a sit you both uttara go and bring some water for them

In car
laksh : sanskaar where they must be
sanskaar : wait first will go to the temple and ask about them
laksh : yup but I am feeling something gonna happen wrong yr
sanskaar : laksh yr be positive nothings gonna be happen it might be they must be in temple now too and must be doing some puja and all you know na these girls so stop being tensed
laksh : yup I hope so

after some time they reached to the temple and ask the pandit
sanskaar : have you these two sisters (shows their pic which was in his mobile)
laksh : have they came here today
pandit : ya ya I have seen them they have came here and they told me that their marriage is gonna happen so they were asking for the blessings and good wishes
sanskaar : so when did they leave from here
pandit : they left at 11:00am
laksh : are you sure you are talking about these two girls and they left from here at 11:00am
pandit : yes yes I am sure that they were these two only and they were sisters and they left at 11:00am I am sure
sanskaar : thanks pandit ji
laksh : sanskaar now what will we do where they have gone and their mobiles are too switched off
sanskaar : I also don’t have clue laksh where are they I think we might go to home and inform everyone about these
laksh : yup come
both were really worried for swaragini
in maheswari mansion all were waiting for sanlak and they came
sharmishta : sanskaar laksh did you got them
sanskaar : no maa there are not there
laksh : actually when we asked that temples pandit he was saying that they both came but left at 11:00am
hearing it sharmishta became broken anupurna consoles her
sharmishta : I think they might me be in some difficulty if somethings happen to them
anupurna : sahrmishta ji plz nothing will happen to them they might be safe plz don’t think like this
shekhar : I think we should not sit like this we should file a complaint in police station
durga Prasad : yes we both will go and will file a complain
hearing this kavya was a little bit worried
kavya : kavita they are going to police if police gets clue of us
kavita : oh kavya how much you scared na calm down they will not go anywhere just wait and watch
suddenly sanskaar gets a video message he opens it and was happy
sanskaar : laksh see ragini and swara
laksh : what
all the members were shocked

sanskaar connected it to tv and played it
in video message
swara : hello everyone I know that everyone is watching us
ragini : so we have to tell youll something we don’t want to marry laksh and sanskaar
swara : yes we don’t want to marry them but our family forcefully told us to marry sanskaar and laksh for that stupid business
all were shocked to hear this and sanskaar and laksh could not hear this
ragini : so we decided to leave this city and we both will leave together alone so plz don’t able to find us we want to leave happily
swara : and 1 more thing sanskaar and laksh both are nice but we don’t love you’ll so for your reputations sake marry kavita and kavya
ragini : yes at least they know you from childhood and they will happily marry you’ll so be happy and let us be happy
swaragini : so bye everyone
and video gets closed

all could not believe what they just saw now sanlak were so much shocked that unwanted tears were flowing from their eyes
shekhar : sharmishta what is going on why they told lie durga Prasad ji believe us we didn’t force them for this marriage plz trust us
sujata : are what will bhaisa and jiji will say youll have done this because of money but your daughters didn’t want this so they ran off and jiji when I told some years back that let laksh and sanskaar marry kavita and kavya but what you told no my sons will chose their wives see what they have chosen
anupurna : stop it sujata plz keep quite
sujata : no why should I see now who is there for them my nieces kavita and kavya see
both kavita and kavya stole the opportunity and started to console sujata and make her calm down
ram Prasad : sujata come with me
then ram Prasad took sujata to his room and kavita and kavya too went from there smiling
all were quite in the hall
sharmishta : I don’t know what they told but I can see that they are lying they cant run off
shekhar : no worry sharmishta we will go to police station and will find our daughters
durga Prasad : shekhar ji I am not able to say anything i am sorry for what sujata have said
shekhar : its ok durga Prasad ji I can understand your situation its not your fault but plz trust me I don’t know who is behind all these but I will find him come lets go sharmishta
shekhar and sharmishta went from there sanlak without saying anything went to sanskaar room

in some forested area some goons have kidnapped two ladies it was none other than swaragini they were tied to the chair
swara : ragini I think everyone has seen our video
ragini : yes swara but how will they react and will laksh and sanskaar will marry that b***ces
swara : I don’t know ragini I was not knowing that these kavita and kavya are so much evil
and they recalls the flashback
they have done the puja and all and were returning to home when they were returning some goons kidnapped them and they took them to forested area
swara : hey who are you’ll why you have you have bring us here
ragini : plz free us who have told you’ll to kidnap us
kavya : why you are being so impatient ragini we have came here see us
both swaragini were hell shocked
swara : kavita
ragini : kavya
kavita : yes its us what youll thought that you both will marry our sanlak
kavya : from childhood we have dreamed to marry them and you both will snatch them so easily
ragini : what you all these to marry sanlak
kavita : yes we did these for them
swara : no worry ragini you know how much they love us and they will never marry us
kavya : ya we knew that but if you both only tell them to marry us then
ragini : what are you saying
kavita : simple we both will record your message in which you both have to tell that you both doesn’t want to marry them and it was your family choice that they forcefully wanted you’ll to marry them and suggest them to marry us and tell them that you have left this city and don’t want to see their faces again
ragini : what the hell do you think we will tell that
swara : we will die but will not tell them anything
kavya : if you will not tell them then we will kill your lives it means we will not kill you’ll your lives lies in sanskaar and laksh then we will send some of our goons and how we kidnapped you’ll they will kidnap them and will kill them if they will not ours we will not let them to be yours too
ragini : noo you’ll will do nothing like that
kavita : so do as we say
swaragini were left with no option so they said
swara : ok we are ready
kavita : that’s good
and they recorded their video
kavita : hey you all of you tie them to this chair and keep an eye for them they will die like this without food and water and I will now marry my sanskaar
kavya : and I will marry my laksh I am very much happy I cant wait till you’ll die so be here without food and water bye
and they tied swaragini to their chair
and flashback ends

swara : ragini I know they love us they will find us somehow don’t worry
ragini : I know swara I have trust on them I hope they all are fine
in maheshwari mansion in sanskaars room sanskaar was standing in his balcony and laksh was sitting and both were busy in their thoughts
sanskaar : no laksh it cant happen
laksh : sanskaar what happened
sanskaar : no laksh I cant believe that swara can do this to me
laksh : yes bhai I cant too believe that ragini can do this I mean how will their parents will force them into this they were not knowing about it first of all they were not ready for this marriage only and our convenience they told yes
sanskaar : and did you notice one thing what they said in last marry kavita and kavya
laksh : ya how can they tell us means its been only one day and they didn’t knew about them
sanskaar : that’s the point I think they might be in some difficulty and these kavita and kavya are behind that
laksh : yes sanskaar you are correct I will not leave them
sanskaar : no laksh not now we don’t have prove and this is their plan to have us so be calm we have to handle the situation calmly
laksh : I don’t know what they have done to them
sanskaar : laksh its night now we cant do anything now tomorrow we will find them but secretly kavita and kavya should not get about our plan ok
laksh : ok go now and have some rest
sanskaar : yup

in guest room
kavita : in two or three days these sisters will die and tomorrow that both sanskaar and laksh will come us and ask us for marriage
kavya : yup Its really nice that they are dyeing and laksh is going to be mine
in forest the goons didn’t gave anything to eat or drink to swaragini they were just sitting and recalling their cute moments spend with sanskaar and laksh
swara in her heart : sanksaar plz save me I know you will save me but I cant live without you don’t marry that kavita plz
ragini in her heart : laksh I trust you you will not marry that kavya plz take care of your self I will not be able to live without you
in maheswari mansion both sanskaar and laksh were restless and were not able to sleep and where thinking about swara and ragini and tears were flowing from their eyes
and screen freezes on swasan and raglak sad faces

precap : swaragini got a phone of some of the goons and they tried calling sanlak

so guyz how is this one plz say me in your comments I need it so see you tomorrow bye

Credit to: kaynat khan

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