swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 2)

Hey everyone again I have seen ur comments but there will be no love triangle I am writing something new but I will focus on both swasan and raglak and in upcoming there will be a suspence also so plz keep reading my ff thank you all of you who are reading it
Swaragini : swasan raglak a unique love story
Recap: swasan raglak meeting
In venue
Durga Prasad : hey mr. gadodia welcome lets have a seat
Shekhar : ya sure
All sat durga Prasad and shekhar started talking about business so sanlak decide to talk to swaragini
Sanlak : hello swaragini
Swaragini : hello
Sanskaar : I have heard that ragini you was handiling the business but swara you too handle the business of your dad
Swara : oh no I don’t handle only ragini handles business I only come when there is important meeting that’s all
Sanskaar : so what did you do then

Swara : I love music so I do concerts some time and I am a social worker I help charity’s for orphans and poor children
Sanskaar : nice
Ragini : but I have knowledge dat sanskaar was only helping his dad but today I got to know dat laksh is too handling business
Laksh was simply lost in beauty and when sanskaar was to say that he don’t work laksh interrupted him
Laksh : ya ya I am also working in the company and handling the business with my brother you know what ragini I just love to work In the company and help my dad i just love it
Ragini : oh good ur thoughts are just like mine
Laksh whispes in his bhai ears “plz bhai don’t say anything plz”
Sanskaar understood everything and winks at him
After 2 hour Durga Prasad and shekhar finish their talkings

Durga Prasad : so nice meeting with youll common lets have lunch here
Shekhar : ya sure our pleasure
Swara : but papa I have to go for the charity work today its really important
Sanskaar : and dad I have to go for my presentation so I cant join
Durga Prasad : ok sanskaar go we will reach office in 2 hours
Shekar : ok swara do you need car so I would call the driver
Swara : no no papa I will manage

Sanskaar : hey where your charity come
Swara : near link road
Sanskaar : so nice my office is on the same road come ill drop you
Swara : thought for a second and said ok
Laksh was interested in having lunch with ragini so he went with them
And the episode ends

Pecap : raglak interaction and swasan bonding

So how do you like my episode plz let me know by you comments I am trying to give something unique and I am trying my best hope you liked it and as promise next part will also be there soon

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