swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 19)

Hey guyz once again hope you’ll enjoy my previous episode I am sorry that I cant post my episodes yesterday but today I will post two episodes one is here and next I will post in the evening
Recap : swara’s operation became successful
Swara shifted to the general ward and all the members went to meet swara
In the ward swara was lying on bed ragini sits beside her and hugged all the members were watching this and sanskaar was standing in the corner
Ragini : swara I am so happy that your operation is finally successful and you have fought this I was so much scared I cant even tell you
Swara : no worry ragini now I am save na and now nothing will happen to me ok
durgaprasad : beta you take rest don’t take any kind of stress
and doctor came to check swara
doctor : swara how are you feeling now

doctor : better doctor
doctor : ok now all of you swara have to be here in hospital atleast for 1 week as she is really very much weak and tonight only one person can wait in the hospital ok
sharmishta : yes doctor sanskaar will wait in the hospital
shekhar : yes doctor sanskaaar will wait
sanskaar was amazed by their decision
durga Prasad : ok now I think we should leave now as swara have to rest and sanskaar take care of her and of yourself ok
sanskaar : yes dad
anupurna : take care swara
swara : yes aunty
anupurna : not aunty beta maa ok

swara : yes aunty oh I means maa
all of them left smiling leaving swasan alone
swara was trying to get up but cant because she was weak sanskaar helped her in sitting and they both share an eyelock
sanskaar : swara are ou ok na
swara : sanskaar calm down I am fine now as you said I have fought this also for us
sanskaar : yes swara but you know one thing when your operation was going for a second I thought that you are leaving m life was going away from me as if someone has snatched my breath and I was not able to do anything you know I felt like dying

swara : sshh whatever you talk sanskaar I am fine now and don’t ever think of saying that ok you are my life ok and I anything happens to you It will pain me
sanskaar : and if something happens to you it will too pain me
swara : your love has given me one more life and I will dedicate this life in loving you protecting you from the world and I will be yours forever
sanskaar : I will also be there for you forever
and by saying this they hugged eachother and after sometime sanskaar made swara sleep on bed and he slept on the couch seeing her
on the other side laksh was dropping ragini at her home and they reached gadodia mansion
laksh : ragini your house came
ragini : ha laksh I want to tell ou one thing
laksh : ya say
ragini : laksh today you were there for me thank you for that thank you fr handling me
laksh : oh common ragini you are my everything and if you cry I don’t know it pains in my heart I cant see you crying

ragini : how much you loves me na laksh sometimes I think that if I may be able to give you that much of love in return
ragini : no ragini love cant be measure and I know you loves me a lot so you don’t need to tell me ok now go neither I will not leave you whole night ok
ragini : ok bye takecare
laksh : you too take care
after somedays sanskaar was taking good care of swara and laksh and ragini was also helping him
days passed now swara was in her house now she was perfectly fine now
in gadodia mansion all were getting ready to go to the maheshwari mansion as pandit is coming there for marriage date fixing
swaragini and sanslak were too happy
and episode ends

precap : new entry in maheshwari family that will ruin all four lives swara sanskaar laksh and ragini

i know guyz i have wrote this one short but my next one will be big that i will post in evening so stay tuned for twist and turns see youll soon bye

Credit to: kaynat khan


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