swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 17)

Hey guyz once again as I promised you’ll that I will update my episodes regularly so its here and I am very much overwhelmed by your comments I know that my ff got less comments but its ok those who are reading my ff that is really very important for me and I respect silent readers too because I am also a silent reader of some ffs so I respect them too just thank you to all who read my ff and also a big thank you who comments I will make my ff best and entertaining for youll in upcoming episodes so ill end my bakbak here and start with my ff
Recap : swaragini and sanlak parents got to know about their relationship
It was a bright morning for swaragini and sanlak
In gadodia mansion at 7 am swaragini got up as it was their engagement day and need to get prepare for it

Swara : ragini I am so happy for you and me that finally we got what we wanted
Ragini : yes swara I am very much happy for us
Suddenly they heard a knock it was sharmishta and shekhar
Sharmishta : oh wow that you two got up common get up today there is very much work and youll have to help me ok
Shekhar : oh common sharmishta today my princess are getting engaged let them sleep till they want right na
Both swaragini were happy and hugged their mom and dad
Swara : thank you maa and papa for yesterday

Ragini : yes papa thank you so much for accepting them
Sharmishta : oh common ragini does a child says thank you to her parents we have to accept them at last they are your choice
Shekhar : and don’t even think to say thank you to us again we are yur parents and we know which is right and which is wrong for youll and they are perfect for youll
Swaragini blushes and leaves to get ready and shekhar and sharmishta too leaves from there for work
In maheswari mansion all were busy for todays preparations
Anupurna : are sujata that flowers I have told you to order have you order
Sujata : yes jiji why are you so hyper be calm
Anupurna : how can I be calm sujata its our sons engagement and need to do the preparation
Sujata : everything will be fine jiji first you relax
In sanskaars room laksh enters

Laksh : are bhai you are awake so early
Sanskaar : laksh you also is awake why
Laksh : oh common sanskaar how can you forgot its our engagement today
Sanskaar : exactly I haven’t forgot anything so that’s why I got up if I can help anyone in work
Laksh : but sanskaar I am happy that we got our love and all our parents also agreed I am so much happy
Sanskaar : yes laksh I was very much tensed that how will mom and dad will react but they accepted and swaraginis parents too accept it
Laksh : ya sanskaar that is too a big news but finally we got our loves now officially
Sanskaar : now no more worry
Laksh : acha come lets have breakfast then we have to do the work too
All were busy in preparation swaragini were busy in selecting dresses and all sanlak were busy in all house works and office works and the engagement was taking place at a 5 star hotel where and all business man and reputed peoples were invited to the party as it was durgaprasad and shekhar both reputed businessman party and engagement so it was now 5 pm all preparations were done it was now time for swaragini and sanlak to get ready and the party and engagement both will took place at 7 pm
In gadodia house swaragini room

Swaragini wore their dress and jewellery swara wore pink lehenga and ragini wore blue lehenga ( which they exactly wore on karwachauth on serial) and they were looking absolutely gorgeus princess
Sharmishta : look my daughters are looking like angles I wish you both will happy like this forever
In maheshwari house sanlak got ready sanskaar was wearing black sherwani and laksh was wearing golden colour sherwani and no doubt both were looking handsome prince
And all of them in maheshwari mansion left for the hotel as it was now 6:45 and they reached the hotel
All guest started to come but our sanklak were only waiting for their loves and keep staring at the gate uttara sees these
Uttara : excuse me you both we have lots of work besides seeing at the gate so shall we do our work and for whom youll are waiting
Sanskaar : no nobody laksh you are waiting forsomebody

Laksh : no no I am also not waiting for anyone
Uttara : but I know youlll are waiting for my future bhabhis na
Sanskaar : very funny
Laksh : go na uttara everytime –just talking now go do atleast some work too
Uttara : ok ok I am going you both be busy in your staring bye
Sanskaar : yr this uttara na
Suddenly swaragini and sharmishta and shekhar arrive
Sanlak were mesmerized seeing them swaragini too sees them and blushes
All maheshwari family greets them swaragini took blessings from all the elders
After that sharmishta got busy with sujata and anupurna and shekhar got busy with durga Prasad and ram Prasad
Sanskaar took swara to one corner and laksh took ragini to one corner first at swasan side
Swara : sanskaar what are you doing if somebody sees us
Sanskaar : let them see I am talking o my fiancée
Swara : our engagement is not done yet
Sanskaar : so whatever it will be done soon but first I will tell you are looking absolutely stunning in this Indian avatar I must say
Swara : you liked it I was thinking you only like western
Sanskaar : no swara girls look nice in western but they look best in Indian which you are looking now you perfect

Swara blushes
Sanskaar : oh so you know how how to blush too but you haven’t given my gift yet
Swara : which gift
Sanskaar : my engagement gift
And leans his lips to hers swara then moves her lips and kisses him on cheeks
Swara : mr. sanskaar wait for it ok
Sanskaar : you are so mean
Swara : ya I am mean but only for you and she pulls his cheecks
And both smiled
At raglak side
Ragini : laksh if somebody sees us then
Laksh : oh no one will see and if they see I don’t care but by the way you are looking absolutely preety and cute
Ragini : thankyou but I thought you like me in western
Laksh : ya you look nice but you look damn cute in western wear this only everytime
Ragini : ok
Laksh : but I want my gift

Ragini : what gift
Laksh : a kiss from you
Ragini : what now No no
Laksh : yes yes yes
Ragini : ok wait after this function you will get your gift I promise
Laksh : pakka
Ragini : yup pakka but by the way you are looking absolutely handsome
Laksh : oh reall
Ragini : yup
Then durgaprasad was making an announcement on the stage both couples came out and 4 of them were standing together

Durgaprasad : today I am very happy and there are many reasons also I would like to share my happiness with you’ll first for our business which has become no.1 in Kolkata the credit not only goes to me its due to my business partner shekhar our business has became no.1 and it’s a big happiness and credit also goes to my sons sanskaar and laksh and shekhars daughter ragini who has put their all efforts in the business and secondly I am happy that my both sons are getting engaged to none other than my business partners daughters swara and ragini and it’s a huge happiness for me thank you for giving me your time so we shall start now engagement ceremony
Both families gathered on stage sanlak and swaragini too came on stage it was now ring exchange time first sanskaar and swara exchange ring happily then ragini and laksh exchange rings happily both the couples were extremely happy and after some time ragini swara sanskaar and laksh were talking when swaras feels uneasy and fainted sanskaar sees swara and catches her suddenly in her arms

Sanskaar : swara swara what happened
Ragini : swara get up swara
Laksh : wait ill call the family members
All came and shocked to see this

Sharmishta : what happened ragini
Ragini : maa swara fainted see na what happened to her
Sharmishta : let me check
She checks her hand
Sharmishta : oh my god her pulse is falling lets take her to the hospital
Anupurna : laksh go and start the car sanskaar you ragini laksh and sharmishta ji go first we are coming
Sanskaar took swara in his arms and he was telling in mind : swara nothing will happen to you I will not let happen to you anything
All were sad seeing these after sometime all reached to the hospital and took swara to the ward
All were tensed after checking dctor came

Doctor : sharmishta ji and shekhar ji swara needs to get her operation now
Shekhar : but the operation was going to take place after 15 days
Doctor : no we have to do it now otherwise we will not be able to save her
Durgaprasad : no no doctor don’t say that plz save swara start you work from now only and don’t worry about money just operate her
Doctor : ya I will operate her but don’t forget that she has chances only 30 percent
Anupurna : ya we know that plz start your operation soon we don’t want to lose our swara
And anupurna started to console sharmishta snd durga Prasad started consoling shekher where ragini laksh and most of all sanskaar was in shock
And episode ends

Precap : operation took place and what will happened to swara plz see tomorrow

So guys how do you like it hope its nice see you’ll soon bye

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