swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 16)

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Recap : swasan raglak candle light dinner

Days passed in London swasan raglak relationship became more and more stronger they cant live now one second without each other and sanlak work also gone successful and it was their last night in London they were waiting at the airport for the flight but they were busy in solid discussion regarding their relationship how will they tell them to their parents
Swara : ragini I was thinking to tell maa and papa about our relationship and what we have decided
Ragini : ya swara I was too thinking the same till when we will hide this things from them one day they will come to know about it
Swara : what say sanskaar and laksh
Sanskaar : I and laksh have decided when we reach home we will talk to them
Laksh : and I know they will accept because our choice is best
Ragini : ya but if they don’t
Swara : ya sanskaar if they don’t accept
Sanskaar : oh common stop worrying nothing will happen we booth will see to it
Laksh : ok now come security announcement is done neither we will not reach only India ok
They all left for the flight swasan were sitting toghther and raglak were sitting toghther flight takes off

In swasan side swara and sanskaar were sitting entwining their hands
Swara : sanskaar I have a question if our parents doesent accept what will we do
Sanskaar : uff swara stop it how much negative you have started to think which swara I know only thinks positive so stop it and listen when we are together nothing will happen ok
Swara : I am very mich happy sanskaar that I have got a life partner like you I promise no more negativity and I will never leave your hand you too promise me that you will never leave me
Sanskaar : ya I promise you that I will never leave you in any time k so now sleep its late ok good n8
Swara : good n8
Sanskaar kissed swaras forehead and both slept in eachother embrace
At raglak side ragini was laying her head at lakshs shoulder
Ragini : laksh listen if our family doesn’t accept us so what will you do
Laksh : I was thinking that we will run and do our marriage
Ragini : what rubbish laksh
Laksh : why only you can talk rubbish things from when I and sanskaar are telling no worry but you are the queen who will take all problems on her stop this yr ragini stop worrying for all this think positive be positive nothing will happen just trust me
Ragini was teary eye listening to his words : yes laksh I do trust you ya I will not worry ok
Laksh : that’s like my ragini chalo come lets sleep its late good n8
Ragini : good n8 laksh
Saying this he too kissed her forehead and both slept in eachothers embrace
Next morning they reached india they headed to their cab and leave for first swaraginis home after 1 hour they reach gadodia mansion
Laksh : hey swara and ragini your house has came
Ragini : oh we didn’t noticed come swara
Swara : yup coming
Sanskaar : listen you both be calm and handle the situation calmly we will also talk to our parents and we will see to it
Laksh : got it no worrys
Swaragini : ok bye
Sanlak : bye

Swaragini entered their house sharmista and shekhar were waiting for their daughters as they came both of them were happy seeing swara and ragini after 1 month they hugged them
Sharmishta : oh swara and ragini I missed you both so much how are youll
Swara : maa we are fine
Shekhar : oh and how was the trip and business clients
Ragini : papa it was very nice and clients were too impressed with our company and I and swara enjoyed a lot
Shekhar : ya I can see that and where is sanskaar and laksh they have gone to their house or what
Swara : yes papa they dropped us and went
Sharmishta : ok now you both go and freshen up we all will have lunch so go now
Ragini : maa we need to talk to youll
Sharmishta : after lunch ragini you can talk so go now
Swaragini went to go for freshen up and sanlak reached maheshwari mansion all greeted them sujata ramprasad uttara anupurna and durgaprasad
Durgaprasad : so how was the trip my sons
Sanskaar : awesome dad clients are so impressed with us that they will do all projects with us
Durga Prasad : excellent

Laksh : and mom you know what beside work we enjoyed a lot there with swara and ragini
Anupurna : and how is swara now is she fine na
Sanskaaar : ya mom she is fine don’t worry
Durga Prasad : hope youll have taken good care of them
Laksh : mom dad and everyone present here I and sanskaar wanted to tell youll something
Sanskaar : yes dad plz first listen to us then take your decision after that
Durgaprasad : tell na sanskaar what happened we will support you both
Anupurna : yes tell
Laksh : actually maa we both are in love I love ragini
Sanskaar : and maa I love swara
Durgaprasad : what are youll serious
Sanskaar : yes dad we are very much serious we have started loving them on this trip only
Laksh : and we don’t find it good to hide things from youll so we told youll maa ragini is very good dad you know her she is very nice
Sanskaar : and dad you have met swara in the first meet you know that she is very nice both of them are very much nice plz do not separate us from them
Anupurna : ok you both now we understood what you wanted to say but sanskaar swara is having brain tumour then after that she will be having operation
Sanskaar : yes mom I know that but swara is my world without her I will not be able to leave I don’t care mom about her disease I only know 1 thing that I love her
Laksh : mom I am with bhai plz
Durgaprasad : ok you two have decided how it will be wrong we will go and meet their parents today
Anupurna : ya even I will see how they both look and don’t worry sanskaar and laksh we are with youll ok
Sanlak are very much happy to hear this
It was evening in gadodia mansion swaragini tried their best to talk to their parents but didn’t work out and this time they were trying for the last time when everyone was in hall
Swara : maa papa I and ragini wanted to tell youll something
Suddenly they heard a knock
Ragini : wait ill open it

When ragini opened the door she was shocked to see sanlak with durgaprasad and anupurna
Ragini : hello uncle and aunty maa papa look who have come
Shekhar and sharmishta greeted them and swara was also shocked to see them here
Shekhar : are durgaprasad ji and anupurna ji you both here something important
Durgaprasad : sorry shekhar ji that we came here without informing youll but its important
Shekhar : are no problem plz have a seat
They all settle down swaragini were looking at sanlak blankly that what is happening

Anupurna : shekhar ji and sharmishta ji we will come to the point actually my sons sanskaar and laksh loves your daughter swara and ragini
Shekhar and sharmishta were shocked to listen this
Shekhar : what
Durga Prasad : yes shekhar ji we also came to know now only swara and ragini didn’t told you anything
Swara : no uncle we haven’t we were trying our best to say but we didn’t got time and now when we were saying youll came
Sharmishta : swara means anupurna ji and durga Prasad ji are saying the truth
Ragini : yes maa
Anupurna : sharmistha ji its ok that they haven’t told you we will ask their hands for our sons and I have now only seen both of them both are very nice and they we will be perfect for them so its not their fault
Shekhar : but youll know na that swra is having brain tumour and she will be undergoing fo operation in somedays
Durgaprasad : yes shekhar ji we know that but my sanskaar loves swara and we cannot snatch his happiness and nothing will happen to swara we were only business partners but now we are going to become samdhi but only if you both accept
Shekhar : no no durgaprasad ji our daughters are lucky that they got youll and I and sharmishta have no problem with this relation what say sharmishta
Sharmishta : yes yes we don’t have any problems with this
Anupurna : we are also having no problem so congrats everyone
Durgaprasad : congrats shekhar ji
Shekhar : congrats durga Prasad ji
Durga Prasad : I was thinking that tomorrow I am throwing a party for our business progress so why don’t we keep their engagement tomorrow what say shekhar ji
Shekhar : not a bad idea shekhar ji
Sharmishta : but durgaprasad ji in one day how we will do the preparation
Anupurna : oh don’t worry sharmishta ji we all will help you so tomorrow is their engagement
Sharmishta : ok its ok na ragini and swara
Swaragini blushes : yes maa
Sanlak were mesmerized seeing them blushing all were happy and episode ends

Precap : swasan and raglak engagement but swara faints and taken to the hospital

So guyz how do you like it I know that today I have wrote some foolish things but guyz I don’t know about how will parents react so that’s y I have wrote like this but plz express your ideas and views in comment box which is for youll so thank you and see you now everyday bye

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  3. Nice… what happens to swara after her operation?

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