swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 15)

Hey again everyone as per you’ll said to update my episode regularly so I am trying my best to update it regularly so come lets start
Recap : swasan and raglak went amusement park
They all four enjoyed in amusement park it was 8 swasan raglak went from there for the dinner
Swasan side sanskaar and swara were walking on the road by holding eachothers hand
Swara : sanskaar till when we will reach the venue
Sanskaar : probably 10 to 15 mins why are you tired
Swara : yes my legs are paining since 20 mins we are walking yr
Sanskaar stops her and hold her in his arms
Sanskaar : no worry my princess I will take you in my arms then your legs will not pain
Swara : sanskaar why do you love me so much
Sanskaar : because you are my whole world swara if you are in pain it hurts me
Swara : I love you sanskaar (and saying this she kissed his cheeks)
Sanskaar : I love you too my jaan

And they reach the venue sanskaar put swara down they go to their reserved room where light was so dimn only candles were making the room bright
On the raglak side they were too walking but laksh was holding her in side embrace
Laksh : so ragini this is our first and official date
Ragini : no you are getting it wrong you have took me to lunch twice have you forgot
Laksh : how can I forgot those moments those were the happiest moments of my life but then we were frnds but now you are my love my life and today I am going first time for dinner with my love
Ragini : I love you very much laksh
Laksh : I know that and I love you too
And they both reach the venue they too go to their reserved place where light was so dimn only canles were there to brighten the place ragini was so happy they both settle and laksh ordered the food and told the waiter not to disturb them
On swasan side swara and sanskaar were eating their dinner and were lost in each other suddenly a song started
Sanskaar : swara would you like to dance with me
Swara : of course sanskaar
Sanskaar lands his hand to swara and both started to dance sanskaar was holding her one hand and other was holding her by waist and swara was too holding his hand and the other hand was holding his shoulder and they were sharing a passionate eyelock and song was going in background
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte Tere bina kya wajood mera
Tujhse juda agar ho jayenge toh khudse hi ho jayenge juda

Kyoki tum hi ho ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
Sanskaar broke the eyelock and kissed swaras cheecks which made swara blush and then he kissed her eyes and then he looks in to her lips and asked permission swara closed her eyes by giving permission to him sanskaar then leaned to her lips they share a soft kiss swara too reciprocates the kiss after the kiss swara hugged him tightly as she was blushing very much sanskaar smiled at her blushing and holds her very tightly
Tera mera rishta hain kaisa ek pal dur gawara nahi tere liye har roz hain jeete
Tujhko diya mera waqt sabhi koi lamhaa mera na ho tere bina har saans mein naam tera
Kyoki tum hi ho ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
And they finishes their dance and settled back to their seat
On raglak side
Laksh and ragini were eating and ragini was staring at laksh
Laksh : what are you looking at me ragini

Ragini : laksh did you remember that day when you was continuously asking me for the problem and was staring at me like this
Laksh : yes I remember but ragini I must tell you you are so stubborn that I was asking you so much but you didn’t tell me only
Ragini : you are not less you kept asking me everytime so lastly I answered you
Laksh : ya I won with you miss ragini gadodia
Ragini : because mr. laksh maheshwari I given you the chance to win
Laksh : ok now will you fight for the whole night with me
Ragini : I am fighting you only started this
Ragini : ok now ragini come lets change the mood come lets dance
Ragini : I am not coming ok
Laksh : sorry my princess now plz come na
And ragini agreed to dance laksh holds raginis waist by both the hands and ragini was holding him by his shoulders and song was going in background

Pal do pal ki yeh kyu hain zindagi iss pyaar ko hain sadiyaan kafi nahi
Toh khuda se manglu mohlat main ek nayi rehna hai bas yaha ab dur tujhse jaana nahi
Jo tu mera hamdard hai jot u mera hamdard hai suhana har dard hai jot u mera humdard hai
Ragini hold laksh tightly and then hugged him laksh smiled and hugged her more tightly
Teri muskurahatein hai takat meri mujhko inhi se ummed mili
Chahe kare koi sitam yeh jaha inme hi hain sada hifazat meri
Zindagani badi khoobsurat hui jannat ab aur kya hogi kahi jot u mera humdard hai
Jo tu mera humdard hai suhana har dard hai jo tu mera humdard hai
And song ends ragini was tears in her eyes

Laksh : why are you crying ragini
Ragini : this tears are of happiness laksh I am very much happy that I got you in my life
Laksh : mee too ragini now come lets sit

In swasan side sanskaar and swara finished their dinner and they reached the hotel and sat in sanlaks room
Swara : see they didn’t come yet
Sanskaar : ya I think laksh is in very romantic mood today but swara you know one thing that we are alone here
And smiles naughtily at swara
Swara : ya I know that sanskaar that we are alone and you know one thing today I am very tired so I need to sleep
Sanskaar : whenever I am in romantic mood you always does this go and sleep
Swara : oh my baby ok I was joking sorry na I als want to spend time with you
Sanskaar was still angry with her and turns back swara hugged him from back
Swara : I am sorry na jaan
Sanskaar melts by her words and turns and hugged her tightly

Swara hugging him and cried sanskaar saw this and cupped her face
Sanskaar : why are you crying swara
Swara : sanskaar why you are so close to me and my heart plz make distance rom me
Sanskaar was shocked by her words and said : swara what are you saying
Swara : no sanskaar let me say why you don’t make distance from me you should be practical that after this month my operation is there and I don’t know that I will be alive or not and after hat you will suffer plz make distance from me so that after my death you cope up with this
Sanskaar looks at her shockingly and angrily : swara I have told you before only not to talk this type of things but you are not listing to me why you are so negative swara how do you know that you will not alive look in my eyes swara do you think that I am acting of love with you my love is genuine swara I really love you and listen nothing will happen to you we will live together I cant live without you swara without you my life is no more you have made me live if you love me swara plz don’t dare to say this words again it kills me

Swara : sanskaar I love you and i am too will not be able to see you in problem ok if it kills you I will not say this again but sanskaar plz listen to me that if somethings happen to me you will happily plz tell me na

Sanskaar : no swara I will not happily got it because without you I will not live happily and you say me one thing if I die tomorrow suddenly would you able to live your life alone and happily
Swara : sanskaar shut up how can you just imagine that plz don’t say this things again
Sanskaar : exactly swara what you feel now you are making me that feel everytime
Swara understood it and said : I am sorry sanskaar I got it it is very much difficult for you I am sorry
Sanskaar : its ok and listen to me carefully I love you swara
Swara smiles : I love you too sanskaar
And both hugged eachother passionetly
At raglak side
Laksh and ragini where walking when some goons saw them and started to make very bad comments on ragini laksh was fuming in anger and cant bear it and goes to them in anger and beats them badly
Ragini : laksh let them go laksh leave them for god sake laksh leaves them plz
Laksh leaves them and ragini took him to the corner
Ragini : laksh what was the need of fighting with them they were drunked but you was in your senses na what if somethings happens to you

Laksh : so what ragini I cant bear if someone tells you anything I will not bear it got it
And suddenly ragini watches laksh hand was bleeding
Ragini : laksh see your hand is bleeding this was the reason I was stopping you oh my god see how much blood is gone
She took out her handkerchief and tied around laksh hand and she suddenly kisses laksh laksh was shocked at this but then he too reciprocates and then they share a soft kiss and then ragini hugged him very much tightly laksh also hugged her tightly and he feels something wet on his shirt
Laksh : ragini I am fine and see tears are falling from your eyes stop it I am fine
Ragini : its all because of me laksh that you are bearing this its my fault that I have came in your life

Laksh : shut up ragini its not your fault you have bought happiness in my life without you I am nothing ragini plz don’t ever say that you have came in my life that’s the happiest thing ever had in my life ok
Ragini hugged him again : laksh you know what I am the happiest girl in the world who has got a life partner like you I will never leave you till the end of my life
Laksh hugged her back : I will too never leave you ragini and your last breath will be mine
Ragini : I love you laksh

Ragini : I love you too my love
Screen freezes on both swasan and raglak

Precap : everybody returns to india

So guyz how do you like my this episode I thought that I am dragging much so I decided to concentrate now on swaras brain tumour but don’t worry guys you will able to see swasan and raglaks scenes ok no worry see youll soon bye

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