swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 14)

Hey guys once again thank you all for your comments and I know there are some silent readers too of my ff so thank you all so without wasting any time lets start
Recap : swasan and raglak first kiss
In swasan side they were still hugging
Swara : ok now sanskaar leave me its too late and I am really tired I want to sleep
Sanskaar : what so early you want to leave me
Swara : so early its 2:30am of night and u r telling too early common na leave me
Sanskaar : ok fine
They broke the hug
Sanskaar : come lets disturb ragini and laksh they are too busy
Swara : ya ya nice idea by the way you are becoming so naughty in such days
Sanskaar : its all because you and now come yr fast

They both moved to swaraginis room where raglak too were hugging eachother were disturbed by swasan knocking and they open the door
Sanskaar : so you both doesn’t finished your conversation yet
Swara : I thought that you’ll be waiting for us but it seems sanskaar they need more to say to eachother should we give you more 1 hour
Ragini : swara stop it
Laksh : no we have finished our talking and sanskaar stop pulling our leg let me get one chance then see I will not leave you both got it
Sanskaar : ok now come let them take rest bye swara
Laksh : ya bye ragini
And both swaragini and sanlak headed to their rooms respectively and slept
Next morning it was their 15 day in London and today sanlak were having no work they were free they got up at 9 am
Sanskaar : so laksh today we have no work so where should we take these both ladies
Laksh : sanskaar I have heard about amusement park lets take them there and after that let them take to candle light dinner
Sanskaar : wow laksh such a brilliant idea
Laksh : thank you thank you so now come lets go to them
Sanskaar : ok

And both get very much exited about today they freshen up and move to swaraginis room they knock the door when the door opened they both were shocked to see swara and ragini ragini was wearing frock with yellow embroidery and she was looking extremely preety and swara was wearing white top sleeveless with black jeans and she was looking extremely cute . both were smiling and blushing seeing sanlak shocked
Swara : excuse me where are you’ll lost
Ragini : what you both are thinking
Sanskaar : no nothing
Swara : so what is the plan of today
Laksh : how did youll know that we are going somewhere
Ragini : laksh we know that today you both are having no work so we were knowing that youll will take us somewhere so we are ready
Sanskaar : very smart
Sanskaar then moved to swara and laksh then moved to ragini
Swara to sanskaar : so where are we going
Sanskaar we are going to amusement park then
Swara : wow amusement park and then
Sanskaar : whispers in her ears we will go to candle light dinner where nobody will disturb us just you and me
Swara : wow that so nice but what about them (raglak)
Sanskaar : what do you think laksh hasn’t planned anything for her they will also go somewhere but seperatly we will go alone don’t you want to spend time with me
Swara : of course sanskaar I am so happy

In raglak side
Laksh : ragini you are looking damn hot yr but you don’t think is this too short
Ragini : really if you don’t like it I will change it
Laksh : no yr its nice if you like something how will I don’t common and you know what where we are going
Ragini : where
Laksh : to amusement park
Ragini : what (very much exited)
Laksh : yup then we will go to (move towards her ears ) a candle light dinner ok just you and me and these swara and sanskaara will also not disturb us they will also going but sepreatly so today only you and me ok will you come na
Ragini was blushing so hard : yes
All of them had breakfast and moved for amusement park

There in amusement park swara and ragini were very much exited seeing rides and all
Sanskaar : ok now which ride should we start first
Swara : what about that roller coster ya we all our will go
Laksh : ya that’s nice ride come ragini
Ragini : ok
All for sat in roller coster swasan were sitting in front and raglak were sitting at back ragini in feard hold laksh hand laksh was smiling and holded her hand tightly in signaling her to stay calm
There swasan side both were holding eachothers hand
And the ride starts as it was taking turns ragini was swara was shouting madly sanskaar and laksh were busy staring at them and ride gots over
Laksh : so sanskaar and swara did youll enjoy
Sanskaar : how will I enjoy yr laksh this swara made me deaf by screaming
Laksh : mee too yr sanskaar in whole ride this ragini was shouting so madly that her voice was ecoing
Laksh : how mean laksh I was afraid that’s y I was shouting
Swara : ya sanskaar you too so mean go we both will not talk to youll come ragini
Ragini : yes swara
And they both moved from there in anger

Laksh : bhai I think they both are very angry with us now what to do
Sanskaar : no worry laksh they are like ice cream they will get melt only at last come lets see them
And they both moved to swaragini who were standing at icecream stall and ordered their icecream
Sanskaar : swara I am sorry ok I will not tell you anything
But swara was busy with her icecream and moved from there
On raglak side laksh : ragini I am sorry plz forgive me na
She too moved away
Laksh went to her : common ragini I am sorry I am sorry while he was apologizing her his hand touched a branch and it gets pinched and it started bleeding ragini saw it and and she hurridly took lakshs hand
Ragini : laksh see your hand is bleeding why are you not taking care of your self see this now
Laksh was totally lost in her : I am sorry ragini and it’s nothing ok now I will take care from next time
Tears were rolling from her side and she hugged him
Ragini : I cant see you in pain laksh you are my everything now if somethings happens to you I feel the pain plz take care of yourself
Laksh : yes ragini and you know what I love you
Ragini : I love you too

On swasan side
Sanskaar : ok na swara I am sorry see I am holding my ears I am sorry
Swara bursted out laughing
Swara : oh my god a business tycoon is holding his ears oh common I was not angry with you it was a fake anger
Sanskaar : what you are not angry but now I am angry withyou
Saying this he turned and showed swara his back
Swara : ok my cutie pie I am sorry saying this she kissed his cheecks
Sanskaar : what did you say I am cutie pie
Swara : yes you are a cutie pie
Saying this she ran and sanskaar too ran after her after thet they both were tired and hugged eachother
Swara : you know what sanskaar these are my happiest moments of my life I don’t know whether I be able to enjoy this in future and tears were rolling from her eyes
Sanskaar saw this and cupped her face : swara shut up what rubbish we will enjoy this moments in our entire life got it and dare if you talked like this again
Swara again hugged him : that’s the reason I love you more than myself sanskaar
Sanskaar : I love you too
Screen freezes on both swasan and raglak

Precap : a candle light dinner for both swasan and raglak and their cute moments

So guyz how do you like it its really very hard to write ff but still I am trying my best to entertain youll so how do you like it just write it frankly in your comments bye see youll soon

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