swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 12)

Hey everyone once again thanks for your previous comments I will make this episode one of the best episodes of my ff so lets start
Recap : swasan and raglak cute moments
Next morning swaragini wake up and they were having no plan for today so they got ready and were waiting for sanlak they had their breakfast it was now 3 pm
Swara : ragini its so late they hadn’tcome till now
Ragini : ya swara they never do like this I think some important work has came that’s y
Suddenly they heard a knock
Ragini : maybe they came wait ill open the door
Ragini opened the door and was tensed seeing at laksh who was very much tensed and was full sweating
Ragini : laksh what happened why are you so tensed

Laksh comes inside : actually sanskaar…
Swara became tensed hearing sanskaar name : what happened laksh is everything ok is sanskaar fine
Laksh : woh swara sanskaar has been kidnapped
Swaragini : what
Laksh : yes today after the office work he was coming alone as I was having some other work so while driving some goons hitted his car and kidnapped him here
Swara : but in London who are his enemies laksh he is such a nice man how can anyone has problems with him and how come you know that he has been kidnapped
Laksh : swara actually I got a call that some people have kidnapped him and they demanded 50 crores from us so we have to go to that place and he told if we inform police then he will kill sanskaar
Swara : so what are you waiting for

Laksh : actually I have told dad all about this and he his transferring the money so can you go first to that place don’t worry driver will be with you he will drop you to that place and I and ragini are coming behind with the money
Ragini : but how can we send swara alone laksh
Swara : no ragini laksh is right nothing will happened to me I will be safe but I have to go for sanskaar
Ragini : ok go but plz take care
Swara : ya I will take care
Laksh : ok swara go now
Swara leaves from there after that laksh and ragini also leaves swara was so tensed for sanskaar that she forgetten all her problems and was only worrying for sanskaar and tears were rolling from her eyes and after half an hour she reached that place it was a lonely place nobody was there she shouted : sanskaar sanskaar
When she shouted flowers from up fall on her and she saw someone coming towards him it was sanskaar

Swara : sanskaar what is this you are fine and all this flowers and all
Sanskaar : swara relax I was not kidnapped it was my plan to bring you here I wanted to say you something
Swara : shut up sanskaar how dare you play this prank on me you know what I was going through what you want to say say na why are you quiet now and she was crying a little bit
Sanskaar : I am sorry swara I don’t wanted to hurt you I am sorry hold his ears I am sorry I will never do this type of pranks
Swara : melted by his talking ok but first and last time now say what you wanted to say
Sanskaar : swara I know that we are friends but from when you have came to my life everything has changed I have changed I was only having my life in work but you thought me how to live my life when you smile its like that my whole world smiles and when you cry I just wanted to end all your problems and make you smile again I know you are having brain tumour but because of it I cant hide my feelings for you and the feeling is that I love you swara I love you I love you with my whole heart I will be there in your good and bad times you are the one that will make my life wonderful without you my life is dull you are my best half I want my life to spend with you so would you like to spend your life ? do you love me
Swara was totally happy by his speech but suddenly she remembers of her tumour : I love you but
Sanskaar : but…

Swara : sanskaar plz you know that I am having brain tumour and after 1 and a half month my operation will be there and you also knows that only 30 percent chances are there of my survival so why are you spoiling your life you can find another girl and turns her face so plz
Sanskaar makes her turn and look into her eyes : I know that after a month your operation is there and I also know that nothing will happen to you
Swara : if some things happen to me then this smile will be vanished which I can see now on your face plz don’t suffer for me
Sanskaar : 1 minute swara first of all why are you thinking so negative you were the one who taught me to live in present so why you are worrying of future now and which swara I know she is really brave and this operation is nothing for her she can fight any circumstances and another thing keep in mind the smile which you are seeing now on my face is all because of you when you came in my life this smile also came and how can you think that I can marry another girl by loving you I cant marry anyone you love me swara and when we are together nothing will happen to you I will no let happen to you anything
Swara : but sanskaar then too I will not bear it if you suffer

Sanskaar : I will not suffer anything I cant live without you swara and this thing I have understood that you love me a lot then why you have come here without any proof that I am really kidnapped because you also love me a lot plz swara everytime I had made decisions with my brain this is the first time my heart has told me and chosen you plz don’t prove it wrong otherwise it will broke and it will ever be again fall in love with someone
Swara : yes sanskaar I do love you and I cant live without you your heart is right I love you too sanskaar and hugged him I love you since I saw you I have got this feeling earlier but because your life doesn’t get spoiled I never told you and nobody about it but today I am not able to control my self I love with my whole heart and wanted to spend my whole life with you and yes I will give you my hand
Sanskaar was hugging her tightly : swara nothing will happen to you and you will spend sorry we will spend our life together and I will always be with you like this promise
Swara was crying because she haven’t thought this would really happen : thank you sanskaar for coming in my life
Sanskaar : no swara thank you for coming in my life and make my life live
Both were in emotional situation and a song is being played in background
Tere bin tere bin
Tere bin tere bin

Tere bina marna nahi jeena nahi tere bin
Tere bin tere bin tere bin tere bin
On the other hand raglak
Ragini : laksh since 1 hour you are driving where are we going laksh you haven’t took the money too I am really worried for swara and sanskaar
Laksh : ragini just 2 mins and you will get to know everything
And they up in a place which was decorated of roses and all sweet decoration was being made
Ragini : laksh where are we

Laksh : ragini I wanted to tell you something ragini mai bahot ladkiyon ke saath ghuma hu and I have flirted also with them but when I first saw you that flirting feeling didn’t came only I was not able to flirt with you your innocent face was making me crazy all the time when you first smile and laughed you make me mad when you told me about your sister and how you sacrificed for them you really won my heart that how can a girl be like this ragini I truly wanted to make all your problems away and make you laugh and smile all the time I wanted to make you enjoy your life and ragini last I wanted to tell you that I am in love with you I truly immensely whole heartedly love you

Ragini was so emotional that she cried laksh cubbed her face and said : what happened
Ragini : I love you too laksh when I am with you I want to enjoy my life and I forget all my problems will you make my life enjoyable like this only for the rest of my life
Laksh : ragini we will together enjoy our life and from today you problems are mine and ragini you know what I am the happiest man on the earth who has got his love
Ragini : but laksh swara and sanskaar
Laksh : ragini actually sanskaar loved swara so we both made the plan to propose you both so don’t worry nothing has happened to bhai and swara is also safe
Ragini : what sanskaar loves swara you know what swara too loves him but she never showed and will not tell him also because of her disease and I am afraid that she may not accept his proposal
Laksh : don’t worry ragini how I convinced you bhai will too convice her
Ragini : I hope so

Laksh : so now stop thinking of others and think of us and one more thing I have to tell you when we first met na I have told you lie that I am dedicated towards my work actually I hate all office works but by impressing you now I am started to like my work and its all because of you so thank you
Ragini : thank you too for making my life enjoyable
And they both hugged eachother tightly
And song was going on background
Bheegi bhhege sadko pe mai tera intezaar karu
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko tere hawale karu
Khud ko mai yu khodu ke fir na kabhi payu
Haule haule dil ki zameen ko ab tere hi naam karu sanam re sanam retu mera sanam hua re
And screen freezes on both swasan and raglak hugging eachother

Precap : swasan and raglak first kiss

So guyz I have given my best to write the dialogues and all I know this may be long and too filmy but as I have tried to make it hatke so hope youll like it hoping for nice comments for only for this episode and see youll soon byee

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