swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 11)

Hii guys again today I will see that this and next episode will be my one of the best episodes of my ff so lets start
Recap : swasan and raglak go for skydiving and jetsking
In London
sanlak wakes up at 9 and got ready for the presentation
It was 11 swaragini woke up
Swara : ragini sanskaar and laksh will come at 2 so till then what should we do
Ragini : lets get ready and then we have to call maa and papa
Swara : ya common get ready
They got ready and called their papa
Ragini : hii papa how are you and maa is all fine
Shekhar : ya ragini everything is fine but how are youll is everything there ok
Ragini : ya papa wait talk to swara

Swara : hello papa
Shekhar : hi my beta how are you hope you are taking care of your health one second your maa wants to talk to you
Sharmista : swara how are you and ragini hope you are taking your pills on time
Swara : maa relax I and ragini are fine and ragini is here to take care and sanskaar and laksh are also taking good care of us they are really nice
Sharmista : that’s nice ok take care both of you lots of love bye
Swara : bye
After cutting the call sharmista : shekhar both sanskaar and laksh are very good they are taking good care of them
Shekhar : ya I know both are very nice and well mannered both are also good in work too
Sharmista : nice hope swara and ragini will be fine there
Shekhar : yup
In london
Ragini : I am happy that I talked with them
Swara : me too
Someone knocked at the door it was sanlak

Swaragini : so youll came
Laksh : we are always on time
Sanskaar : so without wasting time can youll come so that we can go for shopping
Swara : come na who is telling no
Ragini : ya come
All smiled and reached in car this time swasan were sitting in front seats and raglak were sitting at back they all reached to mall
Sanskaar : laksh and ragini you both enter the mall I and swara come after parking the car ok
Laksh : ok
Laksh and ragini headed to the mall
Sanskaar parked the car
Swara : so sanskaar you will too buy for yourself
Sanskaar : oh no no youll do it ill just accompany youll
Swara : no you will also buy infact I will buy for you we are friends and I can buy for you yr
Sanskaar : swara plz no
Swara : shut up and common
Sanskaar : ok come
Raglak were waiting for them
Laksh : ragini since they are coming why wont you start shopping come
Ragini : ok but I have never done shopping alone you will accompany me na
Laksh : ofcourse

they were doing shopping suddenly laksh turns behind he saw one small little kid fall down so he rushes to him and make him stand
laksh : hey how did you fall down
child : there was water so that’s why thank you for helping me
laksh : its ok yr go now to your parents
ragini was unaware that laksh was not with him so she was walking suddenly she called laksh and saw laksh was not there
laksh turns around and saw that ragini is not there
ragini started crying and started shouting : laksh laksh
laksh was gone mad and was finding ragini and tears were rolling from his eyes he was shouting : ragini where are you
suddenly both of them see eachother laksh saw ragini and ragini saw him and without wasting time ragini went to him and hugged him tight laksh too huged her tight
ragini : laksh where did you went you don’t know what I was going through plz don’t leave me again
laksh cups her face : ragini sshh be queit now I am here na I was helping a kid and we got lost so I am sorry I will never leave you
ragini : promise me that you we will never leave me
laksh : I promise you now comon stop crying and we have to do shopping also
ragini : ya
and both started again shopping
on the other hand swasan
swara : where this laksh and ragini have gone I have to do shopping and she blabbers
sanskaar tries to tease her and hide behind a wall that she doesn’t see him
swara : sanskaar come lets do shopping alone (and finds that sanskaar is not there) arre where he went he was here sanskaar sanskaar she tried to call him
and sanskaar was smiling at her

swara : where he went yr she started shouting sanskaar sanskaar (and started crying) plz come and she started feeling afraid
sanskaar cant bear all this and went to her swara after seeing him swara hugged him tightly
swara : sanskaar were do you went I was feeling very afraid plz don’t leave me my breath was gone when you were not here plz don’t leave me again
unknowingly sanskaars eyes were also filled with tears : I am sorry swara I was just teasing you but i am sorry I will not do it again and will not leave you promise now plz forgive me
swara : ok I forgive but never do this pranks again with me
sanskaar : never so now wipe your tears and do some shopping
they started shopping and they found raglak
swara : ragini laksh where were you yr
ragini : (doesn’t tell her about getting lost) we were doing shopping and you where were you
swara : actually we have also done some shopping ok now come lets move to hotel I am very tired
sanskaar : ok come
sanskaar notice laksh sad and thought I will talk to him later
all of them went to hotel and had dinner nobody talked too much today everybody ways bye to eachother
and in sanlak room
sanskaar : laksh what happened why are you sad
laksh : sanskaar I am in love
sanskaar : what

laksh : yes sanskaar I am in love with ragini today in mall while doing shopping we were lost and I cant find her for 5 mins those 5 mins are like hell to me and when I got her I was in heaven I have many friends girls but this girl has changed my life my feelings and all and when I see her I feel like take her away from all her problems and only give happiness I cant see her in pain I cant bear when she cries is this is what love then I am in love
sanskaar was happy for laksh : very good laksh I am happy that you have made a matured decision I also wanted to share something with you I am also in love with swara
laksh : (he was too happy for him but he remembers something) but sanskaar her tumour and operation
sanskaar : I know she is having that problem and I don’t know after two months she will be there or not but my heart says she is perfect for me you know laksh she is different from all she is having that disease but didn’t let anyone come to know and enjoy her life she had made me changed today why I am smiling is all because of her
laksh : bhai you are right I have a plan lets propose them tomorrow whatever be the answer but let us tell them our feelings
sanskaar : ya laksh lets plan it but we will propose differently at different places no copy
lash : smiles ok sanskaar common now go to sleep we have lots of work for tomorrow
and both sleeps in swaragini room both slept thinking todays incident and smiled
and episode ends

precap : sanlak both proposes swaragini

so how was the episode guys I have tried hard to make it best and my next episode I will try harder as it will be a propose day for swasan and raglak so stay tunned and do leave your comments bye

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  1. I think swara will not accept sanky proposal because of her illness

    1. I agree with her … I think same swara not agree due to her illness .

    2. well its a suspence and it will be emotional too

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