swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 10)

Hey guyz I am back again I know in previous episodes I kept youll bored but trust me in upcoming episode you will find my ff intresting so come lets start
Recap : swasan raglak reached London
In hotel swaragini were taking rest 2 hours passed suddenly alarm rang
Swara : ragini why did you kept this alarm stop it I have to sleep more
Ragini : swara get up did you forget sanskaar and lakshs words they said they have surprise for us so common get ready
Swara : ya ya I am too exited so common
They both get ready swara was wearing black color t-shirt full sleves and half white color jacket with black jeans and ragini was white color shirt with black dots with blue jeans and both were having light makeup both were looking superb

Sanlak came and directly went to their room
Laksh : sanskaar I think they might be sleeping so till then we get ready
Sanskaar : ya comon
Both got ready sanskaar was wearing orange tshirt with light blue jeans and laksh was wearing brown t-shirt and brown jeans both were looking stunning
They both go to swragini room and knocked the door
Swaragini opened the door
Sanlak were shocked seeing them and were mesmerized
Sanskaar : so youll are ready
Swara : so what you have thought that you will come and wake us then we wil get ready we are smart guys we are one step ahead from youll
Laksh : ha ha why not because you are girls you will be ahead
Ragini : no no because you are boys that’s y youll are behind
And both swaragini gives hifi and laughs
Both sanlak smiles seeing them
Sanskaar : so common don’t youll want to see the surprise

Swara : oh ya come lets go
They all leave sanskaar and laksh blindfolded swaragini
Swaragini : what are youll doing
Sanlak : just trust us and come
Both take them in car and they reached the destination and open the cloth
There was a helicopter
Swara : what is this sanskaar where are we going in this helicopter
Sanskaar : we are going for skydiving
Laksh : yes we all four are going for it

Sanskaar : laksh but you have told me that you will take ragini and swara with you I am not coming in this got it you are use to it but I am not this is my first time yr
Laksh : oh common sanskaar how can I take both of them with me plz come you take swara with you and I will take ragini is that cool swara will you manage with sanskaar and take him
Swara : ha laksh why not sanskaar plz come its my too first time I am so exited plz come for me
Sanskaar : how can I tell you no come
Ragini : but I cant I am afraid of it u guyz go na
Laksh : ragini come I am with you don’t be afraid its just a ride and first time comes only once so enjoy it totally come with me trust me

Ragini : ok
All of them tied parachute one in sanskaar and swara and other laksh and ragini
And all of them headed to helicopter helicopter starts swara was full of excitement sanskaar was watching her ragini was little bit of afraid and laksh was calming her and at lat they reached up in sky and it was the time to do it
Laksh : so common guys are youll ready so sanskaar and swara youll go first
Sanskaar : swara thinks once more its my first yr
Swara : so what this is my too so come enjoy both of us first time
and they both jump and open the parachute
laksh : come ragini
ragini : laksh plz
laksh : ragini trust me come

and they both too went and open the parachute
both swasan were enjoying shouting and laughing together swara was tigjhtly holding sanskaar and sanskaar too doesn’t looses his grip from her both were on the seven sky
in raglak ragini was shouting of afraid suddenly laksh hold her and looks in her eyes she calms down and both enjoy the ride by smiling and seeing the world down there ragini at last was very much happy and was laughing and laksh sees her laughing and both holds eachother very tightly that air cannot passes by them
soon ride got over they were on the ground
swara : wow sanskaar what a ride I will never forget this and ragini how was your ride
ragini : it was cool swara laksh and I enjoyed very much
swara : ya even sanskaar is also a good campanion
all laughs
lash : so now after this I am very hungry come lets have lunch
sanskaar : ya even I am hungry
all of them headed to restuarent and have food
sanskaar : guyz I have asurprise for you
swara : again surprise

laksh : what surprise
sanskaar : why only you got ideas and the surprise is that after this we are all going for jet skiing
swara : what jetsking sanskaar you know what this was my dream to do it you are just awesome
laksh : oh ho bhai kya baat hai you are also becoming adventuoures what an idea ragini you will also join na and now don’t say no plz
ragini : no laksh I will also come how can I say no to my friend
swara : oh wow ragini you and jet sking nice so guyz come lets go what are we waiting for we have our lunch so lets go
sanskaar : yup common
And all of them headed to beach
Swara : I will go alone
Sanskaar : swara have you lost it no I will not send you alone you will come with me
Laksh : ya sanskaar is right and ragini will come with me
Ragini : no laksh I want to enjoy it alone I want to go alone
Laksh : no ragini it is final you will come with me that’s itr
Sanlak : clear

Swaragini : fine
All smiles
Sanskaar and swara on one jet and laksh and ragini on one jet and both started
Swara was holding tightly sanskaar. Sanskaar was enjoying it and was driving very fast
On the other side laksh was driving too fast in fear ragini hold him very tightly
Ragini : laksh slow slow what are you ding
Laksh : why you wanna go alone na so enjoy this
Ragini : ok iam sorry now plz slow it
Laksh : ok
Raglak and swasan both were enjoying the ride and they finished sking
Sanskaar : so how was my ride
Swara : it was nice you drove fast but I enjoyed it
Ragini : laksh I will kill you who drive so fast I was so sscared you know
Laksh : ok ok I am sorry
Ragini : its fine

It was night all of them reached hotel and ordered food for dinner
Laksh : bhai what plan of tomorrow
Sanskaar : ya we will be having meeting 10am to 2 pm till then we are free
Ragini : what about going shopping
Swara : ya nice idea
Sanlak : ok as youll say
Everybody finishes their dinner and headed to their rooms
Sanlak : ok guys bye see youll in afternoon be ready
Swaragini : ya bye goodnight
Sanlak : goodnight
And episode ends

Precap : ragini gets missing in mall laksh gets mad of not finding her on the other hand sanskaar teases swara by getting lost and swara could not find sanskaar and starts crying

Hey guyz next episode will be my one of the best episode and sorry for if I have wrote something wrong in skydiving and jet sking what I have seen in films I have wrote that I don’t know much about that so hope youll like my episode see you soon with my next episode bye.

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