swaragini: swasan raglak unique love story (Episode 1)

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Swaragini : swasan raglak a unique love story episode 1

Swaragini and sanlak both have completed their education. Swara don’t have interest in her dads business she is mainly interested in music and does some social work. She contributes in charity for orphanes. But sometimes she make a visit in the office. On the hand ragini likes music but she decided to work for gadodia business so she join the business to help her dad. In maheswari house sanskaar was having the only aim of becoming a large business tycoon so he started to lead business and on the other hand laksh was having no interest on business so mainly he travels a lot with his friends and rarely comes to office only on important meetings

So one morning in gadodia house ragini wakes up at 8 clock and goes to swara and wakes her up
Ragini : swara common its 8 I have told you na that you have to come to office we have important meeting with maheswaris so plz get up na

Swara : ragini I have told you dat I have not interested in all your business so why should I come yr plz I am not coming

Ragini : swara my baby I know you don’t have any intrest in all dis but plz papa told that we both have to come its really important na common plz for me
Swara : ok now don’t black mail me I am coming my cutie sister
Ragini : ok now go and get ready we will be leaving at 10 maa and papa are waiting for breakfast kk
Swara : yup I am going
Maheshwari house sanskaar as usual go for jogging and after coming from dat he saw laksh was still sleeping so he splashes water on his face naughtily
Laksh : bhai what are you doing yr
Sanskaar : laksh you know yr today we are having meeting with the gadodia so why you haven’t got up till now yr

Laksh : I am not coming I want to sleep so plz don’t disturb me
Sanskaar : laksh dad told dat we both have to come for meeting so plz get up neither I will not talk to you
Laksh : ok fine again started emotionally torture I will be down in half an hour ok
Sanskaar : I am waiting for you bye
In gadodia at 10 shekhar sharmista swara and ragini went in car
Shekhar : mishiti (sharmistha pet name call only by shekhar) I will drop you to your clinic then me and swararagini go to the office ok
Sharmista : ok shekar
All sat in the car after a while sharmista clinic came she went to her clinic and three of them reached the venue decided for meeting
On the other side sanskaar and laksh went in one car and durga Prasad and ram Prasad went on the other car and reached the venue
Gadodia were having having a seat till then maheswari came
Swasan and raglak both see eachother and screen freez on them

Precap : swasan and raglak first conversation

Hope you like it I will upload my episode everyday I will not make anyone wait plz do leave comments.

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