swaragini-swasan/ raglak- love will find a way – ep 3

Sumi: ‘Aaahhhh’.
Everyone looked on shocked.
Shekar: ‘Leave Mishti, take whatever you want.’
The guard ran back out.
Ragini: ‘Leave Ma.’
Dida seeing the chance ran from there and returned after a couple of minutes.
Person: ‘Aaahhhh… save me from this crazy women!’ The person shouted while Dida was hitting the person with a cricket bat chasing him/ her.
Ragini: ‘Go on Dida!’

Person: ‘Save me Dadi!’ Screamed the person after running towards Dadi.
Dadi: ‘Serves you ri…’ Before she finished the sentence, she realised the person had called her Dadi.
Dadi: ‘Shona!’ She shouted in a joyful tone.
Everyone looked on shocked. Dida started to shake because if this was really Shona she’d better start hiding.
The person threw the gun on the couch and took of the coat and hat. As soon as the hat came off, long, beautiful hair bounced in place. Everyone looked surprised.
A man: ‘You!’ Everyone looked at him.

Ragini: ‘Sanskar you know her?’ She asked in excitement. (The man was Sanskar).
Person: ‘Mr Attitude… What are you doing here?’ Person yelled back ignoring Ragini.
Sanskar: ‘I don’t even know her name so I wouldn’t say know.’ Sanskar replied to Ragini’s question.
Ragini: ‘Then I’ll introduce… Shona this is Sanskar my best friend, I had told you about him before and Sanskar this is Swara my cousin.’ (The person was Swara).
Both Swara and Sanskar looked on surprised.

Ragini: ‘But how do you know each other?’
Everyone sat back down but Dida was still shaking. Both Swara and Sanskar told the family that they accidently met in the airport. (Sanskar had gone to drop his friend off and went to Swaragini Mansion straight after, a couple of minutes before Swara entered). They both looked at each other angrily.
Guard: ‘Arrest her!’ Shouted the guard as he came in with the police.
Everyone looked towards the entrance. The police entered and moved towards Swara.
Police: ‘We have a complaint against you.’ He said in a low tone.
Ragini: ‘No Sir, it was a misundersta…’ Before she could finish she was interrupted by the guard.

Guard: ‘Sir, first she tried to come in using Swara’s name and when I refused she crept in and placed the gun on Shamishta Ji’s head.’
Shekar: ‘Buvaan (name of guard), please listen.’ He said trying to be polite as Buvaan is older.
Shekar to police: ‘This is my niece Swara.’
The guard looked shocked.
Officer: ‘But the gun?’ He asked confused. As the gun laid on he couch.
Shekar: ‘It’s a toy gun, we didn’t realise before as we were all so tensed. Sorry for disturbing you.’
Officer: ‘It’s okay, we will leave now.’
After they left Buvaan came and started apologizing.

Buvaan: ‘Sorry Swara Ji, I didn’t recognize you.’
Swara: ‘It’s okay, it’s not your fault so there’s no need to apologise and yeah… Shona sounds better than Swara.’ Everyone including Sanskar smiled.
Buvaan: ‘I’ll bring your bags Shona.’ Saying this Buvaan left.
Sharmishta: Shona go to your room and freshen up. Then come for dinner.’ Ordered in a calming voice. (The room next to Ragini’s is Swaras).
Swara: ‘Okay Maasi.’

Swara started to leave but stopped hearing a voice call her. She turned around to face her Dadi while her Dadi smirked.
Dadi: ‘Shona, I think your forgetting something.’ She said pointing to the bat and Dida started to panic.

Swara: ‘I was soo happy I totally forgot, thanks for reminding me, my gorgeous Dadi.’ She said in a sweet voice.
Dida was giving Dadi a death glare. Swara moved towards Dida and Dida ran. Swara picked the bat up and chased Dida. After 15 minutes they got tired and Swara went to fresh up. After a couple minutes Swara came down in a light pink nightie, that went just above her knees. She came and joined everyone for dinner, Sanskar was also there. Swara was talking soo much on the dining table and Sanskar just kept staring at her and smiled. She noticed him so kicked him under the table which started a war. (They were sat opposite each other). After dinner Sanskar left to his own home.

That night in Ragini’s room, Swaragini were talking.
Swara: ‘Laddo, how is Romeo?’ (Swara calls Laksh as Romeo and doesn’t know about their breakup because Swara really wanted Laksh and Ragini to get married as she thought Laksh was perfect for Ragini, so Ragini didn’t tell her but felt it was time).
Ragini: ‘Sho..n..a… Shona, we broke up a couple of month ago.’ Ragini stammered.
Swara: ‘What?… How?… Why didn’t you tell me?’ Swara asked shocked. Ragini wasn’t surprised at her reaction.

Ragini: ‘Shona, I didn’t know how to tell you… can we go to sleep.’ She said tucking herself into bed.
Swara pov:
I don’t know what happened but I know that you’re perfect for each other and I will help to unite both of you.
pov ends.

Swara slept in Ragini’s room with her as she wanted to and couldn’t be bothered going to her room. Lazy Swara.

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