Swaragini – Swasan and Raglak the love story (Episode 4)



guyz if u r nt following me thn try to read the previous as all of them are interlink

In sanskaar room
Swara is about to say something but sanskaar puts his hand on her mouth and says I have 100% belive on you ..no need for any explanation..swara looks at him with admiration…
Ragini shows myrah her room …on her way back she thinks that lamp fall on swara’s head was it intentionally?? Or it was just a mistake….who is this new enemy of swara?? I have to find out.
. all the other family member are about to sleep ..but suddenly they hear bells ringing …all the family member come in the dining room..including gaddodias ..then suddenly light goes of and a boy makes … badtameez dil plays in the background …all are shocked and totally confused ..then the boy takes the mic and says RAJ NAAM TOH SUNNA HI HOGA!![ my name is raj] ..annapurna and sujata’s happiness knew no bound they goes near the boy and hug him and kiss him on his forehead..lights come and a fair looking tall handsome boy appears ..he is raj {his character is +ve..you can imagine gautam rode or vivan desai}..

all the maheswari..are very happy.. for them its diwali has already come..raj comes and touches everybody feet..he touches dp and ram’s feet he then goes to ap and sujata and hug them and touch their feet..the he goes to parineeta bhabhi and says that “ I am sure bhai have’t take you on date till now ..don’t worry I have come now we both will go on date ..every one laughs..the he goes to swara and say ‘ bhabhi what you find so interesting in this boring piece{pointing towards sanskar} that you deciced to marry him??’

sanskaar punches him softly and both the brother laughs heartly..while swara says that his family is way more interesting..raj laugh at sanskar while sanskar looks at swara dissappointly…then he goes toward ragini and says beautiful..indeed very beautiful..then he look at laksh and says that I don’t know how you got such a beautiful wife you will be the luckiest husband in the world” there is sudden silence but ap manages the situation and says” you have come home after such a long time go freshen up” dp turns toward gaddodias and guptas and says‘he is raj ..son of my sister who died when he was just 1 year old ..from then till now and forever he is going to living with us he is the son of this family” ..he looks at dp and says “ god took my mother away and in return gifted me 2 mother [looking at ap and sujata]and 2 father[looking at dp and ram] and such a huge family he sees atmosphere getting serious and shrinks himself in sofa holding his stomach and says that I come from such a long distance and touched all your feet then to nobody is asking me for food” and he makes cute face and every1 laughs..

parineeta says you go and freshen up I will make some delicious dishes and your favourite shahi paneer raj smiles and goes All gather in the dining hall and sujata feeds raj with her own hand looking at this dadi,,swara,ragini are surprised At the celebrity treatment raj is getting.dadi says“I thought that except sanskaar sujata can’t love anyone else” parineeta says “ you are right ..but with raj case is different …he can have his magic spell at anybody ..if he comes to talk to you then after he is gone you can’t stop loving him ..you know when he was small papaji and chachaji has fulfill all his wishes even in the procedure laksh or sanskar wishes were remain unfulfilled and with chachiji and maaji he has never disappointed them or given them chance to complain..he call both of them maa …in short he is a spoil brat..

but a man with golden heart..now he has come back everything is going to be alrite ”she goes and ask swara to serve raj while swara was about to sever raj hold her hand and says bhabhi what is this blood on your hand have you murdered someone [looking at sanskar]with your beauty” swara relizes that after lamp fall on her and everybody ask question on her character how sanskar supported her and hold her hand [as sanskar hand was already bleeding so blood from his hand ..got to her hand] swara says I will go and wash
Raj says now my tummy is overloaded so I will go and sleep everyone is just going to their respective room..while raj shouts stop everyone taken aback ask what happen?? Raj goes near sanskar and ask why so many bandaged what happen to you?are you alrite…he looks worried..then ap tells him how sanskar car got blasted..and how lamp fall ..he says so much happen and you all didn’t even inform police listening this ragini got tensed..raj notices it… dp says we will inform police in the morning now all go and sleep but raj remains unsatisfied..he decides to find out truth
Raglak in there roomand swasan in there room …raj goes to freeze and take out on bottle and mix something then ragini comes and take that bottle and starts drinking water..she starts feeling dizzy and soon after that she is totally drunken..raj come to her and ask do you know something related to sanskar bhaiyas car blast ??
Ragini: ya I only did it
raj could not believe what he heard just now..
raj : but why??
Ragini tells him the whole story how she throw swara in river ..how her truth came out and how everyone ignored her how she fake memory loss ..how defame swara ..everything how laksh told lie to swara that he has given second chance to ragini..
Raj: you are a criminal but I know behind all this there is true love he goes and takes of the camera in which he recorded everything then sanskar comes there and see ragini he comes near her and is shocked to find her drunken he tells to himself that if in this condition he takes her to room then it will be a huge issue already lot of drama has taken place ..so he picks her in his hand and takes her to store room and make her comfortable ther and leaves

In sanskaar room
Saanskar comes in and takes his pillow and blanket just the swara holds his hand and says sanskar before me this is your room plz sleep here sanskar totally shocked what ???
swara: I mean I will sleep on sofa you sleep on bed
sanskar: ok I will sleep here but only when you will allow me to sleep on sofa and you on bed
swara agrees and goes when she comes back she finds sanskar struggling with his cloths swara helps him in changing his cloth and makes him wear t-shirt with her hand but all the while sanskar looks at her lovingly

swara: why r u luking at me like this?? Ur hand are injured that’s why I helped you
sanskar says alright he then moves but he falls on the bed with swara on him

Precap : ragini missing
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