swaragini (swasan and raglak ) – love me hate me but don’t leave me (season 2) Episode 1


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♡Episode 1 ♡

The scene opens in a room where a couple is sleeping cuddling each other . Their body is covered under the bedsheet . They are none other than our raglak . Suddenly the alarm rings . Ragini half open her eyes .
Ragini (with irritation) – lakshya !!!!!! (Shakes lakshya so that he can wake up ) lakshya !!!!!!!! ( lakshya Wakes up with a jerk) plz switch off the alarm .
Lakshya wakes up sits on bed rubs his eyes and closes the alarm .
Lakshya (with fake anger ) – why u waked me up ragini ????
Ragini (cutely ) – Awww … mere bachhe ko aur sona tha …… (my child wants to sleep more ) .
Lalshya nodded like a cute child .

Lakshya immediately wakes up takes out a towel from the cupboard and goes to take a bath . Ragini laughs seeing lakshya but supress it .
Ragini (supressing her laugh ) – hahaha !!!!!!!! Itna toh lakshika bhi nahi darti mujhse (lakshika also doesn’t fear from me this much )
Suddenly Ragini remembers about lakshika . She immediately gets up and goes to lakshika’s room .


At lakshika’s room
In short term we can say that it was ”fairyland” . I think so I don’t need to describe it . Ragini goes to a king size bed kept in the middle of the room . A cute princess was sleeping there . (U can assume RUHANIKA DHAWAN as lakshika ) Ragini shakes her.
Ragini (trying to wake her up ) – lakshika … lakshu. … wake up baby !!!!! u have to go to school na !!!! So wake up !!!!!!
Lakshika immediately sits like a obidient child and cutely rubs her eyes . And then again sleeps . 😂😂😂😂
Ragini (angrily ) – why u again slept lakshika ????
Lakshika (cutely) – u only said na THAT WAKE UP so I waked up like an obidient child and yesterday u only said that if I will obey ur orders than I will get a gift . So plz mumma let me sleep more…. this is the biggest gift for me . (Awww … so cute na …)
Ragini (keeps one hand on her head and another on her belly ) – oh my god … baap beti bilkul ek jaise hai ….
suddenly ragini get an idea .

She started crying fakely .
Ragini (while crying guys don’t worry its fake ) – u are very bad lakshika u made ur mumma cry …. now I will not talk to u …
Ragini was about to go when lakshika holds her hand . Lakshika wakes up and sits on bed
Lakshika (sadly ) – sry mumma …

Lakshika makes ragini sit on bed and hugs her.
Lakshika (whispers in ragini’s ear ) – mumma … don’t try to act in front of me … I know u are acting …. don’t worry today I am havinvg my maths test I will go to school !!!!! I know mumma u till now hadn’t taken bath so I think so u should also go and take a bath .
Ragini shocked ,,,,,, lakshika rocked 😂😂😂😂😂

Ragini breaks the hug and fold hands in frnt of her daughter 🙏🙏🙏.
Ragini (while folding hands ) – Prabhu , aapke charan kahan hai (god , where is ur feet )
Lakshika (giggles ) – mumma yeh rahe mere charan (points towards her legs ) (mumma see these are my feet )

There was a silence in the room suddenly both brust out laughing sharing a good mumma-daughter hug making lakshya to praise their adorable bond who was standing at the door .
Lakshya (cutely ) – that’s very bad I am also here …..
Ragini and lakshika turns back oy to find their husband / Papa standing at the door. Lakshika immediately goes and hugs lakshya .
Ragini analysis lakshya from top to bottom and find out that he hadn’t taken a bath till now .
Ragini (with fake anger) – lakshya … u hadn’t taken bath till now ???
Lakshya (innocently ) – actually I want to take bath with my cute daughter that’s why …..
Ragini (smiles ) – ok ……
Ragini leaves from there leaving papa – daughter alone .
Ragini immediately goes and take a bath .


Here in another room of the same mansion .
A boy around 25 was lying on bed talking to a girl on phone .
Boy – hello jaan … how are u ?????
Girl – I am fine …. there is a request from u ….
Boy – say anything jaan … main tumhare liye chaand aur tare bhi tod ke laa sakta hoon ….
Girl – take my sweet name from ur mouth …
Boy – ‘bas itni si baat ….. oh meri sweetheart ”RIA ” …
Girl (angrily ) – SANSKAAR !!!! my name is priya not ria …..

Saying this girl immediately cuts the call .

Sanskaar – hello !!!! Hello !!!! Ria I mean priyq … hello !!!
He sees his phone and sees that the girl had cut the call . He take a breath of relief.
Sanskaar (with relief)- HUSHHHHHH !!!!!! Thank god kaat diya !!!!!! (Proudly) This is 25th breakup in this weak . Wow sanskaar !!! What a goal !!!!! Lets see who our next ” bakra ” .
Saying this he goes to get ready for his college .


Precap – swara’s intro and much more ….


  1. Fairy


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    Happpppy diwali sweety😊😊😊hahahahah lakshika is chooo chueeeet ……awww!!!loved raglak part,……my rago is such a nautanki hehhee😁 …omg sanky ka 25th breakup in jst a week huff!!!wt a guy he is!!!!bt dnt wry sanky…swara is coming sooon n she”ll surely change u😊😊😊…waitng eagerly for more raglak moments…keep rockng n stay blessed dear😊😊😊😊😊😄😄😄

  2. Vidhi

    25th break up in a week😱😱😱cool yar… I hope the next bakra is not swara… N he truly fall in love with her… N Ha happy Diwali dear… 😘n thanks for the link…. 😘😍😘😍😍😘😍


    Hey sanjana …its awesome…and if u don’t mine plz send love me hate me but don’t leave me(season 1) links (from 15th link)…plz..plz

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