Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 9

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Annapurna and Laksh comes to his room.
Annapurna: I have a very good news for you.Your marriage has been fixed.
Laksh gets shocked : what? With whom?
Annapurna: with the person you love.
Laksh: you mean… But how did you get to know ?
Annapurna:Actually me and Sujata followed you but I didn’t want to,Sujata forced me.
Laksh(acts to be angry) : mom how can you do this?
Annapurna: sorry ,beta.
Laksh( happily): relax mom I was joking ,in fact I am very happy,thanks mom.
Annapurna: it’s ok I am very happy for you.
Scene shifts
Shekhars informs everyone about the marriage alliance , everyone gets happy hearing this and swara tease ragini about Laksh.
Scene shifts
Swara is in her room thinking about Sanskaar and says to herself .
Swara: Maybe I was a very rude to him, yesterday I should say sorry to him,I will say it to him tonight at the dinner.

Scene shifts
It’s night, Gadodias comes to Mehashwari house.Everyone greets each other,Laksh hasn’t come yet.
Everyone sits and starts talking. Sanskaar sees swara and pulls her to side.
Swara: what happened? What are you doing?
Sanskaar: sorry!
Swara: what?
Sanskaar: for yesterday.
Swara(confused look): what happened yesterday
Sanskaar: phone call,I thought you would be angry with me.
Swara : oh! , I forgot.It’s ok And I am also sorry for what.
Sanskaar: For what?
Swara: Actually I was very rude to you.
Sanskaar (acts to be angry): Yes, you were very rude, I thought you won’t talk to me ever.
Swara: sorrrrry( she was looking very cute )
Sanskaar: it’s not ok.
Swara:Look I forgive you,you should also forgive me.
Sanskaar: wow, this is nice ,now I cannot be angry also,what a rule.
Swara:No, I mean to say that you should forgive me,I didn’t make any big mistake
Sujata sees them and comes to them and says.
Sujata: what are you both talking about since a long time.
Sanskaar: nothing mom
Sujata : ok ,now come dinner is about to start.
Sanskaar:ok mom
Swara: ok aunty
Sanskaar smirks and goes,swara calls him from behind but he doesn’t stop.swara says to herself.
Swara(smiling): Attitude right, I will also see ,how long you attidute goes.

Precap: Laksh proposes swara and swara gets shocked.

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Credit to: Alia


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