Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 8


Guys I am back, with new episode and thanks you for reading and commenting.And couldn’t write yesterday as I was busy so sorry.

Swaragini are having breakfast with their family members.
Misti: swara and ragini after having breakfast can you go to market to buy some groceries.
Swaragini: ok ma.
Swaragini are in the market Laksh sees them and stops the car and goes to them.
Laksh: Swara ragini what are you doing here?
Swara: what a coincidence? R u following us .
Laksh: I was coming to meet you and I saw u here.
Ragini: we have to buy groceries.
Laksh:O! Swara I need to talk to u.
Swara(teasingly) : Laksh I will talk to u after coming, I have to buy earrings till then you talk to ragini ,ok bye.She goes.
Laksh: but swara,uff! This girl I tell you.
Laksh and ragini starts talking.
Sujata and Annapurna are passing by and stops seeing Laksh with ragini.And goes back home.Swara returns,
Laksh : now can we talk?
Swa:No, actually ma called a while ago and asked us to come back home.
Laksh:but swara I want to talk to u.
Swara: sorry, u call me tonight then we will talk.Swaragini goes.

Scene shifts
Annapurna and Sujata comes home and the other family members also comes.
Annapurna to Durga Prasad: I want to talk to you about something.
Durga Prasad: what?
Annapurna: Laksh loves someone.
Durga Prasad:what? What are you saying? How is this possible? And whom does he loves?
Annapurna: Ragini,shekhar gadodia’s daughter.
Durga Prasad: what? When did this happened? But anyways it’s good that we got to know about it before situation goes out of control.And if Laksh really loves ragini then we should talk about their alliance.
Everyone gets happy hearing this.
Durga Prasad : call Gadodias for dinner tonight.
Laksh and Sanskaar comes home and Annapurna takes Laksh with her to his room.
Sanskaar to Sujata: what happened mom? Where is bari ma taking Laksh?
Sujata: Don’t you know Laksh loves ragini.
Sanskaar: what? R u serious when did this happened?
Sujata: Even I didn’t know I got to know from jiji.And they have called Gadodias tonight to fix the alliance.

Precap:Swaragini gets happy about ragini’s marriage.

Credit to: Alia

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