Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 7


Laksh reach the cafe but doesn’t see swara.Ragini comes to him.
Laksh: where’s swara?
Ragini : she lied to u.
Laksh : but why?
Ragini:because she wants us to meet.Actually at the party.
Laksh thinks that she is talking about swara and his love confession. Laksh thinks that she is feeling shy , that’s why she send her sister.
Laksh: ragini (holding her hand) whatever I said that day was genuine.My love is genuine .I didn’t realize when I fall in love .I want to be with my love always.And I love s……
Suddenly Laksh gets a phone call and he picks the call and says I am coming.
Laksh: Ragini I got to go, I will talk to u later.
Ragini: but Laksh.
Laksh: ragini bye.
Scene shifts

It’s night,Ragini is thinking about Laksh, and the time she spent with him and his love confession. And finally she realize that she has really fallen in love with him.

Scene shifts
Sanskaar is thinking about swara, he should call swara or not, as it is very late at night. And finally he calls her.
Swara was sleeping and wakes up hearing phone’s ringtone.
Swara: who is it?
Sanskaar: swara,it’s me sanskaar, don’t you have my number saved in your phone .
Swara : I have, but have you seen the time, should I sleep or should I see the name .
Sanskaar:oh sorry.
Swara : it’s ok,now say.
Sanskaar:what ?
Swara:offo! For what reason have you just to hear my voice or for some work?
Sanskaar murmurs : to hear your voice.
Swara : what?
Sanskaar:I mean for some work?
Swara : now,for God sake, will you say now.
Sanskaar(in a confusing way) : A…Actually I c…called you f….for
Swara: For what,will u say?
Sanskaar(nervously) : class!
Swara(angrily) : what?
Sanskaar: yes, that day your music class got cancelled,so,I thought of asking you,did you go to your music class, today?
Swara(angrily) : Sanskaar have u gone mad or what? Who calls at this hour to ask for class,u would have asked ,tomorrow morning,what was the need to call now.
Sanskaar ( sadly) : sorry swara
Swara: now go to sleep, and let me also sleep bye.
Sanskaar: sorry swara,good night bye.
Swara cuts the call and Sanskaar says to himself..
Sanskaar: what was the need of calling her,look at the outcome she has got angry, stupid me.
Scene shifts

It’s morning Laksh is going to meet swara with a bouquet of flowers. Annapurna and Sujata sees him.
Sujata to Annapurna : jiji u told me yesterday that Laksh has fallen in love with someone.Maybe he is going to meet that girl .Let’s go and check.
Annapurna:No, Sujata this is not right,he is free to do anything, I don’t want to spy on him.
Sujata: I know jiji but at least we should check,let’s go.
Sujata drags Annapurna and follows Laksh.

Precap:Laksh and ragini’s alliance gets fixed.

Guys thx for reading my ff and pls try to comment because it means a lot.And Fairy and nikky I will try to not suffer ragini very much but when the truth will be revealed,she has to suffer.

Credit to: Alia

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