Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 5

Swasan returns after having coffee.And reached swara’s house.
Sanskaar:we’ve reached ur house.
Swara:thx for today, I didn’t realize when time passed with u. Pls come to inside.
Sanskaar: No,actually mom is waiting for me.
Swara : ok bye then.
Swara goes.Sanskaar sees swara’s earring fallen in the car and turns to give her but she went inside the house.Sanskaar smiles seeing it and keep it with him.

Scene shifts
It’s night,Swara is in her room and ragini comes and says I want to talk to u.
Swara:what happened r u alright?
Ragini:Yes,I am fine.
Swara : then what happened?
Ragini(tensed ) : A…Actually s…swara l..Laksh proposed me.
Swara(in a surprised look): what I can’t believe it.R u serious,how did this happened?Laksh and u used to fight,then how ?
Ragini: Even I can’t believe it but yesterday at the party he proposed me.I used to think that I hate him but ever since he has proposed me, I am only thinking about him, I am not able to understand anything.
Swara: ragini take your time , but as a elder sister I could like to tell u that Laksh is a very good person and he will take very good care of you.Now go and sleep we will talk about it tomorrow.

Scene shifts
Sanskaar is in his room thinking about swara,seeing her earring,and starts talking to himself.
Sanskaar:She’s different,ever since I have seen her I am only thinking about her,what’s happening to me?

Precap:Laksh says to Annapurna that he loves someone.

Guys I couldn’t write much today as I am a little busy,so sorry.And pls do comment.

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