Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 4

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Ragini goes to store room,and the lights are off.Laksh comes from behind and doesn’t not see her face.
Laksh:I Love u,I don’t know when I fall in love with you,but I know only one thing that you are perfect for me,and I like u a lot.He goes.
Ragini is shocked,she turns and doesn’t see Laksh.
Ragini:He loves me and how is it possible,we hate each other,I think I have to talk to swara about this.
Scene shifts
Its morning ,Swaragini wakes up,Ragini is tensed about Laksh words and thinks to talk .Swara sees her.
Swara:what happened Ragini y r u tensed.
Ragini:swara I want to talk to u.
Swara:yes,tell me.
Ragini:Actually swara…..
Shekhar calls swara
Swara:Ragini I will talk to u later,right now let’s go baba is calling us.
Shekhar:Swara today is your music class,have u forgot.
Swara:Oh shit !I forgot,I will go right now.
Ragini:but swara I want to talk to u.
Swara:I will talk to u after coming back,bye.
Swara leaves .
Scene shifts
Laksh is thinking y swara is not calling him to answer,he thinks,has she got angry,I have to talk to her.He calls her.Swara forgots to take her phone,ragini sees it and goes to pick it up,she sees Laksh name on the screen and doesn’t pick it up.Swara remembers that she forgot her phone and goes back to pick it up.Ragini sees her and the gives the phone to her.Swara sees her tensed.
Swara:r u ok
Ragini :yes
Swara leaves the house and doesn’t gets taxi.Sanskaar is leaving for the office and stops seeing her.
Sanskaar:Aren’t u getting taxi ?
Sans:sit in the car,let me drop u.
Swara:no it’s fine.
Sans:no need to be so formal ,come and sit.
She sits in the car.
San:where r u going?
Swa:to my music classes.
San:so u learn music also.
Swa:yes I love music.
Their talks continues and they reach ,Swara goes inside and gets to know that the class got cancelled meanwhile sanskaar gets to know that meeting is cancelled so he don’t have to come .Swara comes sees sanskaar’s car and says
Swa:y r u still here?
San:my meeting got cancelled.
Swa: and my music classes also got cancelled.
Sanskaar comes outside the car and says
Sans:so,miss.swara would you like to have coffee with me?
Swara becomes surprised and says
Swara:r u taking me on a date?
Sanskaar:on a friendship date.
Swara:And when we become friend’s?
Sans:u came with me and now we’re taking so that means we’re friend’s and now will you come?
Swa:Yes,Mr.Sanskaar mehashwari.

Precap:Ragini tells swara that Laksh proposed her.

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