Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 31

Hi guys..I felt really bad..only 3 comments on last episode..maybe bcuz I was irregular or it wasn’t posted on Swaragini’s pg..don’t know but pls try to comment today..let’s start…

Sanlak goes to office but forgets to take tiffin..Swaragini insists to take tiffin 2 the office n give 2sanlak n everyone agrees..Swaragini goes to the office..Here in the office sanlak doesn’t talk to eo(each other),ignores eo..Swaragini comes 2 the office n sees sanlak ignoring eo..Swaragini feels bad
Swa:look ragini..bcuz of us des brothers doesn’t even look eo
Rag:I know swara..even I feel bad but wat can we do
Swa:we can do
Swa:I have an idea(swara says something to ragini which is muted)
Rag:amzing idea swara..just hope it works
Swa:hope so
Swaragini takes tiffin box n goes in different direction..swara goes to laksh’s cabin n ragini to sanskaar’s cabin

At ragsan
Ragini enters..sanskaar was sitting in the chair n gets surprised
Sans(stands up n goes towards ragini) :ragini u..all of a sudden,is everything alright,where’s swara..is she fine
Rag(smiles n sits in other chair)):oh my god! Sanskaar so many questions..relax everything is fine..can’t I come into ur cabin
Sans:of course u can..but all of a sudden..n btw where’s swara
Rag(keeps her hand on her head):uff! Sanskaar u r so desperate to meet ur wife..ok listen she’s in the store room
Sans(shocked):but y
Rag(stands up):bcuz ur wife was fighting with me so I looked her in the store room
Sans(worried)wat ragini..have u gone mad…u looked swara in the store room..I hope she’s fine
Sanskaar gets hell worried n goes to the store room..ragini smirks

At swalak
Swara enters n laksh gets shocked n angry on seeing her
Lak(angry):swara wat r u doing here..I told u na never talk to me
Swa:laksh I know u r angry…but pls listen 2 me
Lak:listen 2 u..for wat u didn’t care for me den y should I listen 2 u,u know wat nothing is left 2 listen btw us so u better leave
Swa:laksh pls
Laksh notices tiffin box in swara’s hands
Lak:ohh I see,mrs.swara sanskaar mehashwari has brought tiffin for her husband mr.Sanskaar mehashwari..(cries)den mrs.sanskaar mehashwari sorry 2 say u have come in the wrong cabin..as ur husband is in the other side..n I have moved on
Swa(cries):I had came here 2 only inform u that ur wife has got stuck in the store room as u have moved on so u should go n save her
Laksh gets worried n leaves for the store room without saying anything to swara

In store room
First sanskaar comes n den laksh..light is off 2 c eo..suddenly door gets looked from outside dey both gets shocked..dey still didn’t c eo..outside Swaragini looks the door n gives hi-fi but swara is still still little sad n lost bcuz of laksh n doesn’t looks at ragini..ragini notices
Rag(turns swara to herself n holds swara’s hand):wat happened swara y r u sad
Swa:nothing ragini..I m just not feeling well
Rag:don’t lie 2me swara..I know laksh must have hurted u with his words..(holds swara’s face)swara I know u must be feeling very bad 2 c ur best friend like this..but try 2 understand his situation..wat he must be feeling after getting betrayed from the person he loves..I know watever u did was for me..my happiness..but swara laksh was hurted a lot..he needs time 2 get over all this
Swa(sobs):I know ragini..I can understand..but still it feels very bad 2 c ur best friend like this..he hates me..he was my best friend..but still I m happy dat u got ur (holds ragini’s face) happiness..ur love
Rag:I know swara n I promise u we together will make everything alright(Swaragini plays in bg)..n Laksh will again become ur best friend..but know lets unite the brothers
Swa:ya ya we can do des rona-dhona(crying) later

In the store room
Lights comes..sanlak gets shocked 2 c eo
Laksh:wat r u doing here
Sans:y r u asking I should ask the question..wat r u doing here
Lak:wat..actually I know the answer u n ur wife made plans 2 trouble me n my wife
Sans:pls laksh..ur habit of blaming others hasn’t gone yet..in childhood also u used 2 blame others
Lak:I used to blame others..bhai how can u say that..u know na I only used 2 blame the ones who had done the mistake..so pls bhai don’t put wrong allegations on me
Sanskaar was happy to hear the word bhai from him..whereas laksh was shocked 2 c dat he said bhai
Dey both became quite..Swaragini was trying to listen everything from outside by sticking their ears on the door
Rag:wat happened..a while ago dey were fighting n shouting but now dey r quite
Swa:actually..wat happened all of a sudden..I think we should check

Dey both enters..n sees sanlak standing still looking down..dey don’t understands anything n goes towards them
Rag:laksh..sanskaar wat happened y r u standing like this
Swa:yes sanskaar wat happened
Sanskaar slowly holds swara’s hand tightly n Laksh holds ragini
Sans:wo..wo swa..ra
Rag:r u both going 2 tell anything or we should go
Swaragini:den tell na
Sanlak jumps on sofa
Swara(giggles):wat r u both mad ..rat..u both r scared of rats
Lak:y r u not scared of cockroach
Rag(giggles):we r but being a boy scared of cockroach is little shameful
Sans:y r boys not human
Swa:ofcourse dey r(tries 2 stop laughter n turns 2 ragini b hits ragini’s shoulder playfully) stop it ragini..we shouldn’t trouble des kids..can’t u see dey r so scared
Sanlak gives death glare 2 swara
Lak:swara wait let des rat go den I will c u
Swa:ok den stay here bcuz I m not going 2 move des rat
Sans( pleads):leave him swara..c ur husband is getting scared..save ur husband
Swa:ok my dear husband
Swara starts to move but ragini holds swara’s wrist
Rag:y so quick swara..wait for a while..let’s have some fun
Lak:wat fo u mean ragini..here we r having tough time n u want 2 have fun
Swa:so wats the big deal n ya right now u both wants our help not us
Sans(acts 2 cry):wat swara wat kind of wife r u,wife takes promise 2 protect their husband n here u r giving me tough time

Swa:stop ur drama
Rag:n ya if both wants us to help u den u both have 2 hold ur ears n say sorry 2 us
Lak:but y..wat did we do
Rag:have u forgotten so quickly..earlier u used 2 trouble me so much..u always used 2 fight with me..so today u have 2 say sorry for everything
Sans:dats alright laksh can say sorry but I didn’t do anything na swara..pls save me from des rat
Swa:oh hello mr u alsilo have 2 hold ur ears n say sorry
Sans:but y
Swa:wat fo u think u r smart once I had came with laksh 2 ur house n u mistakenly broke my favorite smart phone’s cover n flee from their n u thought dat I will not able 2 catch u but sadly I had saw u ..so today u will say sorry 2 me
Rag:everyone has 2 pay for their sins..so today is ur turn
Sanlak looks at eo n den gives death glare 2 Swaragini n unwillingly holds their ears n says sorry 2 Swarag

Precap:sanlak unites n swalak again becomes friend..swara start 2 understand dat she loves Sanskaar..Laksh starts 2 feel for ragini

Guys I hope I will get comment today..so pls don’t forget otherwise I will keep rats in house..just joking..nevertheless I know u all r bored…so I will not waste ur time..keep reading n supporting like this..bye bye

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  1. Fairy

    Superbbbb episode dear…hahaha sanlak scene ws really funny!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…waitng for precap eagerlyyyy…loved swaragini😊😊😊keep rockng ntay blessed dear😊😊😊

  2. Ashnoor

    Wow….not at all sanlak scenes are adorable. πŸ˜‰feelings to grow in swara and laksh for their partners.

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