Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 30


Episode 29
Hello guys…thx for ur valuable comments..guys I heard that helly is going to be eliminated on 6th week of jdj..is it true?

It’s morning,everyone is having tes..dp tells sanlak n adarsh about some project..dp tells sanskaar to handle the project..but laksh interrupts
Lak:dad I want to handle the project
San:but laksh bade papa told me to handle
Lak:but I have joined business recently so I should handle the project 2 get used to business
San:laksh u r new n u won’t be able to handle such big project
Lak:oh pls,I can n anyways I don’t betray people like u
Dp(shouts):shut up u both,none of u will handle this,me n ram will handle this project
Sanlak gets angry on each other n leaves from there,Swaragini sees this n feels bad
At night,swara comes to ragini’s room
Rag:arre swara wat happened
Swa:actually ragini I want to talk to u
Rag:tell me swara
Swa:today in the morning both of brothers fight so badly,ur misunderstands has been cleared,we’ve united as well,so I think we should try to make things good between the brother,we should try to unite them
Rag:I was also thinking about the same but wasn’t able to talk to u…
Swa:so it’s done
Rag:ya after all everything is possible wen Swaragini r together..
They gives hi-fi n smiles

It’s morning,swara comes to the room n sees sanskaar sitting sadly n angrily on the sofa..swara starts arranging clothes
Swa:wow! Sanskaar u r such a great husband..I normally called u angry bird..n u..nu started to that u r truly a angry bird..impressive
San:swara pls..I am not in a mood of fun
Sw:oh god! Wat a boring husband I have..he doesn’t even know how to keep wife..so unfair
Sanskaar thinks something n goes near her
San:accha so I am boring..
Swara nods her head in yes..
San:den c wat ur boring husband do..
Sanskaar comes close to her,swara moves back
Swara gets nervous n suddenly sanskaar starts tickling swara’s stomach,swara starts laughing n asks him to stop but sanskaar doesn’t
Sw:sorry..sorry u r not boring now pls leave me
Sanskaar leaves her
Swara:sanskaar u r gone
Swara takes a pillow n starts running..they mess up the full room..sanskaar comes infront of the door..
Sa:sorry..sorry..I have to go..bye sweetheart..he goes
Swara smiles n suddenly realises wat he said n blushes but later jerks her thoughts thinking about the contract..outside sanskaar also blushes thinking about the word sweetheart..All this is noticed by laksh n he is hell angry..he goes to the room n starts throwing things..ragini comes n gets scared seeing laksh like this

Rag:laksh…stop it..wat r u doing?
Lak:ragini pls..I am not in the mood to talk…don’t disturb me
Rag:but laksh stop throwing things
Lak:ragini pls it is my room n I will do watever I want to do..pls go away
Laksh throws scissors..ragini who is standing nearby gets hurt in her hand
Lak(worries):sry ragini I didn’t noticed u got hurt bcuz of me..I m really sry
He makes her sit on the sofa n gets the first aid box n starts bandaging her hand
Lak:I am sry..I m really sry..I didn’t wanted to hurt u..I told u to go den y u didn’t go
Rag:ssshhhh! (Laksh looks at ragini)whatever happens,I will never leave u
Laksh n ragini have a sweet n small eyelock
Lak:y r u so sweet ragini
Rag(teasingly):I have to be sweet as I have to tolerate an angry young man
Laksh n ragini laughs

Precap:sanlak gets stuck in a room..Swaragini gives hi-fi..

Sorry for this small n late update,wat to do I m not feeling like writing des days n I am not getting any ideas also.I know todays episode was boring but tysm for tolerating..n ya pls don’t forget to comment..bye bye 🙂

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  1. Superbbb episode dear….hope sanlak get united soon…loved raglk scene?? … Laksh concern towards rags ws incredible…hope soon he”ll fall for her…love u my rupunzel(ragini)..n keep rockng dear☺
    N sry bt i dnt hve ny news about jdj,so icnt tell nythng…hope its jst to b a rumour…may helly win jdj?….swaragini rockss!!

    1. Alia

      Thank u soooo much fairy

  2. Hemalattha

    awesome part.hope sanlak get united.raglak scene amazing.

    1. Alia

      Thank u dear..keep reading

  3. Awesome dear

    1. Alia

      Thx anjali

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