Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 3

Ragini and swara returns from shopping and goes to their rooms to get ready.
They both gets ready and comes outside.And they both r looking like angels.
Sharmista:U both are looking like angels.
Swara:thanx ma,but where’s dadi and baba?
A sound comes from the door saying ‘we are here and my both princesses are looking like angels.’
Swaragini says on the same time: thank you papa.And where is dadi?
Shekhar:She will come later ,you too carry on.
Scene shifts
In Maheshwari house everyone comes home and gets ready.The party starts.Laksh is waiting for someone.
Sanskaar :whom r u waiting for.

Laksh:For swara and her sister.
Sanskaar:Uttara is also waiting for her and her sister.
Laksh:Here they comes.
Swaragini comes and greets everyone.
Swaragini:Happy birthday uttara.
Uttara:Thank you so much I am very happy that you both come.And are older than me in age but still you both takes soo much good care of me like me like friend’s.And Laksh bhaiya did only good thing in life he made swara his friend.
Laksh:how really,now I will show you how many good things I have done in life.Uttara runs and he runs behind him.
While he runs ,he stops and thinks that I am going to do one more good thing in life,today I am going to propose swara as she’s perfect for me.
Ragini comes and keeps her hand on his shoulder.
Ragini: y r u standing here like a ghost.
Laksh:what problem do you have with me.
Ragini:I have a problem with u because u always sticks with my sister and I don’t like u.
There fight continues,then swasan sees them and stops their fight and goes with there respective sister and brother.
Annapurna,Sujata,swara and ragini are talking.

Sujata: oh god! I forgot to get the plates from the store room.
Swara:don’t worry I will get it.
Laksh hears them and goes.
Ragini:Swara I will go and get ,u stay here.
Ragini goes ,swara gets thirsty and goes to get water and while going she collides with Sanskaar and falls in sanskaar’s arm.And they both have an eyelock.And their eyelock gets break with music’s sound,swara gets up.They both are standing in front of eachother but both are feeling very awkward as they haven’t talked to each other ever.
Swasan together says: hi
Sanskaar: I know you are feeling very awkward as we haven’t talked ever.
Sanskaar:thx for coming.

Swara: I had to come.
Sanskaar:By the way you are looking very beautiful.
Sanskaar :Let’s go the cake cutting is about to start.
Swara:Yes let’s go.

Precap:In the store room Laksh proposes ragini thinking she’s swara.

Guys thx for reading and commenting.By the way guys who is you favourite jodi swasan or raglak?

Credit to: Alia


  1. Asha(Hope)

    If u have time plz read my ff ..
    Kahani hamari Dil Dosti Diwangi ki”
    I like ur story alia

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