Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 29


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Episode 28

Rag:but swara…
Swa:pls I don’t want to talk about it…I just want to focus on u n laksh..ok…now take rest….swara goes..
Ragini(thinks):but swara I have seen love for u in sanskaar’s eyes…u did so much for me..now its my turn I will make u fall in love with sanskaar…as u can never husband like him..
Swasan’s room
Swara comes outside the door n thinks about the kiss on her cheeks while dancing
Swara:oh god..wat is happening..I don’t know y but y am I feeling so awkward…how will I face Sanskaar..god pls help me
Swara enters the room,sanskaar is reading some files,swara ignores him n goes to change,she comes back
Sans:thank god..swara u came back,I am not able to find my phone..pls help me finding..
Swara doesn’t say anything n stands there quietly..sanskaar finds the phone behind swara on the sofa..he goes to take..swara gets nervous as she think that sanskaar is coming close to her…she moves back n says Sanskaar..sanskaar takes the phone from behind…
San:wat happened swara
San:den y r u behaving like this
Swa:where..I am fine..I am not feeling awkward(she realize wat she said)
Sanskaar understand n moves forward..swara moves back again sanskaar moves forward n swara moves back..she gets pin to the wall
San:I am sorry
San:don’t u know y
Swa:I mean I know y
Swara starts to go but sanskaar holds her hand n pulls her closer to him by holding her waist..swara gets goosebumps in her stomach
San:y r u getting so awkward,I m not going to eat u..u know what I think u r starting to fall for me..
Swa:yes(then nods her head in no) I mean no y will I love u
San:wen I said love
Swa(nervously):wo..wo..I thought u mean that n I don’t feel anything for u
San:den y r u still in the same position
Swara realises n jerks him hardly,sanskaar finger little hurt but he acts to be severe pain
San:ooucch swara,how wicked r u,I think I have 2 file domestic violence case on u
Swa:stup up sanskaar,u r not hurt so stop doing drama she goes..sanskaar smiles..
Raglak room
Laksh comes to the room,ragini is lying on the bed
Lak:ragini r u fine
Rag:yes laksh,laksh I want to say something to u about swara
Lak:look ragini,I know that she find u n I am thankful to her for that but I don’t want to talk about her..plz
Rag:but Laksh
Laksh ignores her, ragini feels thirsty n stands up to get water but she slips,laksh holds her n they have an eyelock
Lak:ragini,u could have called me
Rag: laksh u don’t even listen to me so y will I say to u
Lak:ok baba,I am sorry
Rag:sorry won’t work
Rag:u have to promise me that u will listen to everything I say
Lak:uff..ok I will listen to whatever u say..happy now
They both smiles

Precap:Swaragini joins hand to unite sanlak..

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  3. nice raglak scene are good

  4. nice raglak scene are good plzz

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  10. Mica

    aaahhhh love swaragini’s mission, swara want laksh fall in love to ragini
    ragini want swara fall in love to sanskar..
    luv it Alia… muuaah

    1. Alia

      thank u soooo much mica….?keep reading supporting like this

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