Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 28

Hi guys…I am back…n guys even if u r very much busy…u have to comment before going..ok…

Raglak n swasan comes into the party…
A man comes…
Man:thx for coming…
Sanskaar:Swaragini he is our business partner aditya..
Lak:we had to come…btw where is ur wife…
Aditya:here she’s my life partner..
Swasanraglak:nice 2 meet u
Adi:where’s ur wife..I heard from somewhere that on the wedding day brides got exchanged…
Swasan raglak feels awkward…
Laksh:yes..u heard right but I am happy as no one can be better wife than ragini…
Swara feels sad..
Sanskaar:leave all this…we r here for the deal so let’s discuss that first…
Adi : business can be done later also first enjoy the party…adi goes
Ragini tries 2 talk to swara but laksh interrupts..
Laksh:come ragini lets go..he takes ragini with him n goes….
Scene shifts..
Host comes on the stage n ask everyone to come n dance..
Lak:so..ms.ragini would u like to dance with me..
Rag:hmm…yes.. they goes
Swasan doesn’t goes…aditya comes n drags them to the dance floor(Tere sang yaara-rustom plays in background)
Lak(while dancing): so ragini r u liking our date..
Rag(giving ‘seriously’ look):date..is this called date…isse jyada to hum ghar mein hi accha tha..
Lak:ok then after 5mins come to the terrace…
Lak:y do u ask so many questions..just come..he goes..
Sanskaar(while dancing):wat happened swara y r u sad…
Swa:no..I am not sad…
Sans:then y r u making a cry baby face….
Swara(angry):wat cry baby n me..wats ur problem sanskaar y u keep calling me child..in the car also u were saying like this n here also..I am so irritated n u r still troubling me..swara keeps talking
Sanskaar:swara(she doesn’t let him speak)
Sanskaar feels irritated n to stop her talking he kiss her checks..swara gets mute n shocked..
Sans:now can I speak .. I called u cry baby to divert ur attention..n u r so talkative that u don’t even listen to me..(swara is still quite) now what y r u silent
Swara feels shy n goes from there
Ragini comes to the terrace n is astonished 2 see the arrangements done for candle light dinner,she gets happy,a voice comes from behind
Voice:so now r u happy
ragini turns n the voice reveals to be laksh
Rag(happily): laksh wat was the need to do all this
Lak: u wanted a perfect date na so look I arranged it..now come
Rag:thanks Laksh
Laksh pulls chair for ragini sits,Laksh also sits,they talk for a while,Laksh’s phone ring
Lak:ragini its a important call..I have to pick..he goes
Swara comes outside the terrace thinking of sanskaar kiss on her cheeks,she blushes..suddenly she hears some sound from the terrace she goes in sees finds the arrangements but doesn’t finds anyone.She turns to leave but stops hearing laksh
Lak:wat r u doing here n where’s ragini
Swa:how will I know where’s ragini..I just heard some sound..so I come..
Lak:then where’s ragini..he tells swara everything.
Swa:I just ragini is fine..we have to find ragini…
Swalak comes down n tells everything to Sanskaar n 3 of them begins to search for ragini..swara comes out while searching for ragini..she doesn’t finds her..suddenly she hears some sound from one of the car..swara calls sanlak out n tell them..they starts to go to the car..but it starts moving…
Swa:I am sure ragini is in the car..
Sanskaar informs police..swasanlak gets into another car n follows the car…they keep following the car but the cars driver tricks them n they lost the car..swasanlak tries to find the car n after a long time they finds the car in an isolated place..they goes close to the car n finds ragini unconscious n her mouth n hands r tied..swasanlak gets worried..sanlak brings ragini out of the car..swara unties her hand and removes tape from her…swara gets hyper…she pats ragini’s face
Swa:ragini…ragini wake up…look.ur swara is here pls wake up..(looks at sanskaar)pls go n bring water.He goes
Laksh:ragini..ragini open ur eyes..
Sanskaar brings water..laksh takes it n sprinkles water on ragini’s face.Ragini gets conscious n slowly opens her eyes,swasanlak gets relieved
Swa:ragini…r u fine,how did u come here
Rag:I don’t know swara,I was sitting,suddenly somebody came n put napkin on my face,when I smell it felt unconscious,I don’t know what happened after that
Swa: no problem ragini u r fine thats enough for me
Scene shifts
In ragini’s room…doctor checks n informs ragini is fine,everyone thinks who did n thinks to talk to police n goes out of the room.Now only Swaragini r in the room,swara thinks to not disturb ragini n is about to go but ragini holds her hand
Rag:swara,pls don’t go
Swa(sits):wat happened ragini,r u fine,do u need something
Rag(cries):swara I am sorry,I am really sorry,I am so bad na I slapped my own,but wat could I do u were so rude to laksh,I am sorry swara pls forgive me(Swaragini plays in background)pls forgive ur sister swara..pls
Swa(cups ragini’s face):no,ragini its not ur fault,if I could have been in ur place I could have also done the same,I love u ragini more than anyone else,u don’t need to say sorry
Rag(holds swara’s hand):then if ask u something will u tell me honestly
Rag:y did u swap the brides..y did u marry sanskaar,swara I am ur sister,I can understand that u don’t love sanskaar,the matter is something else,pls tell me swara
Swa(wipes her tears):no ragini whatever I said that was the truth
Rag(takes swara’s hand n keeps it on her head):den swear on me
Swara doesn’t say anything n removes her hand
Rag:c swara u didn’t swear this tells the truth..pls tell me the truth,pls
Swa(shouts):yes..ragini..yes..I don’t love sanskaar,whatever I said was lie
Rag:den y did u marry him
Swa:for ur happiness,u luv laksh thats y
Rag(shocked n guilty):but swara wat was the need to do all this,y did u spoiled ur n sanskaar’s life for me
Swa:no, ragini don’t be guilty,mine n sanskaar’s marriage is an contract marriage,before the marriage started we both signed a contract that after 6 months we will divorce each other..n in 6 months,i will make laksh fall in love with u

Precap:swara tries to ignore sanskaar…

Guys I thinking of bringing a villain..so I want to know that u guys want a villain or not..pls tell me..ok

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  1. Raglak scenes are nice

  2. always making swara the mahan that’s the reason I don’t like to watch swaragini same goes with this ff

    1. Alia

      i know but …ragini is also going to be mahan..keep reading..but in the serial right now ragini is mahan..right

  3. Amaznggg episide…bt who kidnapped rags??raglak date ws nyc..happy independence day dear..keep rockng..loved swaragini’s bondng !!!!

    1. Alia

      thank u sooooooo much fairy..keep reading u will know…n happy independence day 2 u toot…..?

  4. nice… first show swara fall in love with sanskar then bring villan in swasan or raglak life….
    give swasan scenes also…

    1. Alia

      thanks..ok i will think

  5. Tamanna

    Nice… But please don’t bring villian….

    1. Alia

      thx…n yeah i not sure to bring or not…lets see..keep reading

  6. Nice one…. Bt I am not liking the story of swasan in the sense that swara is not loving sanskar n I can’t find any further track for them bt I trust u that u can give some interesting track for them as I am a swasan fan Bt ya raglak date n laksh’s surprise was also good.. Update soon

    1. Alia

      keep reading swara is soon going to love sanskaar n thx

  7. Superb dear love it. ??????

    1. Alia

      so sweet of u anjali..keep reading

  8. SNY

    Niz part…

    1. Alia

      thx sny

  9. Nice episode

  10. Soujanya


    1. Alia

      thanks soujanya

  11. No villan

  12. Mica

    new trick to shut someone mouth.. just kiss her hahahah
    love swaragini bonding…

    1. Alia

      i know…i saw it in other show n thought of adding it in my ff

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