Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 27


Hello guys, I am back….

Episode 26

Let’s start….
Swasan n raglak r walking…suddenly they comes face to face….
Laksh:look ragini here comes the betrayers ….
Sanskaar:Laksh pls i don’t to fight now..
Laksh:oh look who’s talking….
Swara:laksh pls…wats ur problem..y r u not letting us leave in peace..can’t u stay Happy in ur own marriage… ragini take care of ur husband otherwise he will get out of ur hand.
Swara(in mind):sorry laksh I have to say this…I have to create hate for me in ur heart otherwise u won’t be able to love ragini..I am very sorry..
Ragini felt very angry…she couldn’t able to control her anger n slapped swara…swasanlak gets shocked…
Ragini:swara have u gone mad..how can u say like this about laksh..today I am feeling very bad that I am ur sister…
Laksh:no..ragini..no need to talk to her…she doesn’t even deserves ur scold…
Laksh takes ragini with him n goes to their room…swara feels heartbroken n runs to her room…sanskaar runs behind her…swara sits in the bed n cries..sanskaar comes n feels bad seeing swara crying…sanskaar sits beside swara n keeps his hand on her shoulder..
Swara(cries):sanskaar my sister..ragini slapped me…she says she feels very bad being my sister…she hates me Sanskaar…she hates me
Sanskaar puts swara head on his chest n keeps his hand on her hand(guys u can imagine as this kind of scene is already shown in the serial)
Sanskaar:swara she slapped u becuz she doesn’t know the truth..once she will know the truth she will love you more than herself..when she will know u did such a big sacrifice like marriage she will be proud to have a sister..no one does this for her sister…
Swara(sobbing):really sanskaar do u really think she will love me when she will know the truth…
Sanskaar(cups her face):yes swara..we will tell her the truth…
Swara:no sanskaar…we won’t tell her now…she will feel very guilty when she’ll know the truth…
Sanskaar:But swara…
Swara:no Sanskaar we can’t her tell her…

Scene shifts
Everyone is having tea in the hall…raglak comes getting ready for the party..
Dp:raglak u r ready for the party..good but where is swasan…
Sujata:y bhaisab y wll swasan be go…
Dp:I know Sujata that we r angry on them but the society has got to know that they r married..n invitation has come for swasan also…
Swasan comes…
Sanskaar:no bade papa we don’t want to go…
Laksh:y papa if they don’t want to go..no problem me n ragini will…
Dp:no laksh the invitation has come for both so u both have to go…go n get ready …
Swara looks at ragini but ragini turns her face but also feels very sad thinking about slapping swara…ragini thinks in mind..
Ragini:sorry swara 4 slapping u but u were to harsh with laksh that I couldn’t control my anger n slapped I am sorry…
Raglak are outside in the car waiting for swasan…swasan comes..they r about to sit in the car…
Laksh:u both will go in the other car.
Laksh starts the car n goes…ragini feels very bad n thinks that ‘my sister can’t be bad…she can’t so rude with some1 I have to talk with her…
Swasan goes 2 the other car n starts driving…
Swara cries thinking about the slap..sanskaar notices n feels bad…
Sanskaar (2 make her mood her change):Aww swara u r looking like a baby while crying…
Swara(angrily):stup up…
Sanskaar:y..I mean seriously look at urself u r truly looking like a baby..
Swara:n what about u…u know what when u r looking cute…
Sanskaar:wat seriously swara…u have such a handsome guy as ur husband n u r saying cute…
Swara:yeah…but u r more cute…
Sanskaar :just stup up I am not cute…
Swara(laughs):ok my cute husband…
Sanskaar feels happy seeing her laughing…
In raglak’s car…Ragini is sad..
Ragini:laksh don’t u think that we
Shouldn’t be so rude with them..
Lak:ragini dey deserves it
Ragini gets little angry n turns her face
Laksh(smiles n murmurs):angry bird
Ragini:wat wat u say
Rag:u called me angry bird.If I am angry bird then wat r u
Lak:good-looking handsome guy…
Rag:U know what,u r the most self obsessed guy I have ever meet
Rag:I called u self obsessed n u r saying thx
Lak:yeah..being self obsessed is not a crime.
Rag:talking 2 u is useless…
Lak:I know..

Precap:Ragini get kidnapped..swara rescues her..swara reveals marriage truth to ragini.

Sorry couldn’t go as the Precap..
Bye bye! 😉

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  2. nice love rag

  3. Amaznggg episode alia dear…..raglak scenes r awesome…waitng for precap…keep rockng dear. 😉 😉

    1. Alia

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  5. lakshya is naughty love raglak scene next part soon

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    1. Are u in the sense always poking the nose….. It’s very bad habit…. To demotivate someone…..

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    luv it so much alia..
    mostly luv swasan, but what to say, here in this ff, raglak seem awesome too
    better than the serial

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      so sweet of u mica..

  9. nice… but im nt liked the fact ragini slapped swara.. here swara sacrifies her love for ragini and let marry ragini with laksh for ragini she did u showed ragini is slapped her.. how swara will hurt.. even family will not consider them nice.. how rudely laksh talking with her… sorry to say by this their rude behaviour u hurting swara but she did for her sister… i want even laksh and all comes to know the truth …i liked their scenes but didnt liked their behaviour,… sorry if i hurt you….

    1. Alia

      thx…n even i didn’t feel good making ragini slap swara..but ragini felt angry thats y she slapped swara..n don’t worry when ragini n everyone will know the truth soon n everyone will say sorry to swara..n swaragini will also unit soon

  10. It’s good I can say only this much…… ?

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