Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 26


Hi guys…I am back..I know I am not able to give more raglak scenes but what to do becuz of the marriage drama I couldn’t…but I try to reach up to expectations today….

Episode 25

Raglak room..it’s sleeping time..ragini is arranging bed..laksh comes n thinks to talk to ragini
Ragini:yes Laksh..
Laksh(holds her hand):ragini I know the way our marriage happened was not right..but what to do..it has happened…I loved swara but she betrayed me..but there was no fault of you..so I want everything to start over again…I think we should try to give this relationship 1 chance…
Ragini:what are you trying to say laksh….
Laksh:let’s start everything from the first..I mean we will be strangers from now..we will become friends n try to know each other…so…mrs sorry miss ragini gadodia will you be my friend….
Ragini(says after a while):hmmm..no
Laksh:y am I that bad that u can’t be my friend..
Ragini:Laksh relax..I was joking..I will be your friend Mr.Laksh Mehashwari…
Laksh:thank u..so be ready tomorrow…
Laksh:u will get to know tomorrow only..just be ready…
Ragini:ok..but Laksh now we have to sleep..so I will sleep on the bed n u will on the couch..
Laksh:o..hello madam..y will I sleep on the couch…It’s my bed so I will sleep on it..u go n sleep on the couch…
Ragini:y will I sleep on the couch..n it’s not only your bed after marriage I have 50% right on it…so I will sleep..
Laksh:no I will sleep…
Ragini:no I will….
Their fight continues…
Laksh:ok…madam let’s do one thing u have 50% right na…so let’s share the bed 50/50….
Ragini:but how….
Laksh:with the help of cusion..I will draw a partition on the bed…
Ragini doesn’t says anything….
Laksh:look miss ragini gadodia I can’t do anything more than this..sleep like this otherwise go n sleep on the couch…
Ragini:ok..no need to be rude mr. laksh mehashwari..
They both laugh..
Swasan room..swara comes after getting fresh….
Sanskaar:swara I will sleep on the couch…u can sleep on the bed…
Swara:r u sure
Swara:Sanskaar I want to say something…
Sanskaar:What swara
Swara:sanskaar I am very lucky to have a friend like u..u r doing so much for me..n I can’t even give anything to u in return..I m sorry..
Sanskaar:no need to be sorry swara ur friendship is enough for me…
Swa:thx for understanding me..

Scene shifts
It’s morning,in swasan’s room..swara comes being ready in anarkali(the anarkali’s that swara used to wear earlier in the serial..actually i liked her anarkali look then the saree look so I added it)…n in raglak room ragini comes wearing a saree(not the traditional one that she used to wear in start..I have given ragini saree look on the cover..as I liked ragini’s this look than ragini’s other looks) both sanlak gets mesmerized seeing Swaragini…
In raglak room..
Laksh is just looking at ragini..ragini notices n gets shy…
Ragini:laksh what r u looking at me like this…
Laksh(gets back to reality):no actually u r looking really pretty n different today..I have never seen u wearing a saree..so I just…
Ragini(smiles with shy):I can understand….
They both gets awkward n starts looking here n there…
Ragini(tensed):laksh u told me to be ready..y..at least now tell..
Laksh(laughing):ok ragini no need to be tensed…actually there is a partner of our company…he has just got married so he arranged a party n he has invited us..so I thought of taking u along with me n (teasingly) u can consider this as our first date after our new friendship…ms.ragini gadodia…
Ragini(laughs):ok Mr.Laksh mehashwari I will be ready…
Both smiles…

Precap:same as last episode

Guys..this episode was specially for raglak..as I couldn’t give more raglak scenes in previous episodes..n guys I hope now u r happy..n guys don’t forget to read next episode I am going to reveal a truth of swasan’s marriage…

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