Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 21


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Episode 20

Ragini gets angry with swara and comes to the hall,Swasan also comes there,Swara says..
Swara:ragini pls try to understand my situation(swara keeps talking)
Ragini isn’t able to hear swara,she isn’t able to see clearly,she gets dizzy and is about to fall,swara shouts , but swasan catches ragini before falling on the ground..swara gets worried for her and pats her face saying ragini…ragini but she doesn’t wakes up..they take her to the room…
Sanskaar: I will call the doctor…
Swara: yes quickly,I will also call the family…

Scene shifts
Ragini is sleeping , doctor is checking her, and everyone (including mehashwari family) , swara and sharmishta is sitting beside her…
Doctor checks ragini and says..
Swara(worriedly) :doctor how is ragini , I hope she is fine…
Doctor:did she meet with an accident,few days ago?
Swara:yes doctor…
Doctor:no need to worry, she is fine she just faint due to excess pressure in mind(guys I don’t know this happens or not I am just writing it in the ff) you have to take care of her..
Doctor stands up to leave,shekhar says I will company u outside,they leaves..
Laksh thinks maybe she fainted as she saw me and swara together and got stressed…I think I have to take to her….
Ragini slowly gets conscious..swara gets relieved seeing her getting conscious and without taking breath asks her…
Swara:ragini..ragini are you fine?
Ragini just looks at her but doesn’t replies ..
Sharmishta: ragini beta, r u fine, I was soo worried for you…
Ragini holds her hand and says:ma I am fine, don’t worry..

Annapurna:but beta how did you get unconscious, doctor told us that because of excess stress you got unconscious, I mean what happened all of a sudden?
Swasan gets stressed , swara thinks if ragini tells the truth then everything will be finished..ragini looks at swara..swara nods no(she is asking ragini to not say anything)
Ragini:actually…I was very excited about my wedding…so…I think that’s why..
Ap:don’t stress or excite yourself very much….you are going to come to our house only….
Everyone leaves the room except swasan….
Ragini turns her face
Ragini:don’t think swara…that I have forgiven you…I didn’t say anything as I wanted you to say the truth to family..
Sanskaar:ragini pls try to understand our situation also…you tell us what could you do…if yours sister’s love was in stake…..(ragini doesn’t says anything)ragini we didn’t do it with our own wish…situation made us do it…

Precap: raglak meets….

Guys sorry for this chotu update,I hope you all are liking my ff….and guys I hope you all watched swara on jhalak,and honestly tell that who is your favorite contestants on jhalak.. helly or anyone else,mine is hellu….

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