Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 2


Hey! I am once again back with episode 2 of my ff hope you all like it.

Durga Prasad:Ask them to come fast.
Sanskaar : bade papa ,we r here.
Durga Prasad:Good,now come and have breakfast.
Laksh and sanskaar came and sit next to each other.
Durga Prasad:So, sanskaar u r coming office today,right.
Sanskaar : yes,bada papa.
Durga Prasad(giving a strict look):And Laksh what are you thinking ,are you joining office or will you just relax at home.
Laksh : Papa,I am thinking.
Durga Prasad:think fast,the world doesn’t wait for anyone.
Laksh :ok
Laksh to Sanskaar( in a lower tune):why does papa hate me soo much .
Sanskaar : he doesn’t hate you ,he is just worried about you.

Dp,Rp(short form of Durga Prasad and Ram Prasad) and Sanskaar r leaving for office just then Sujata comes and make sanskaar eat dahi sakkar .And then they go.
Laksh is going somewhere.
Annapurna:Laksh where r u going?
Laksh:I am going for some important work.
Annapurna:ok ,come fast today is your sister’s birthday party.
Laksh:don’t worry ma ,I will come on time how can I miss my sister’s birthday party.
Laksh is in the car and calling someone.
Caller : hi how r u ?
Laksh:hi hope you are coming today?
Caller :Yes offcourse after all you are my best friend how can I deny.
Laksh :Thanks swara and bring your arrogant sister,after all she is my sister friend.
A girl is shown getting ready wearing an skirt and tops ,only her ears are shown as she is wearing earrings.A person shouts from outside ‘swara come fast u have to wake up ragini also u know na she wakes ,she only wants to see you first’
Swara:ok ma.
The girl turn it is our swara and she is looking very cute.And then swara went another room calling ‘Ragini ,Ragini wake up pls.We have go to my friend’s sister’s birthday party’
Ragini wakes up and she is looking really cute like a doll.
Ragini:I know your stupid friend’s sweet sister’s birthday.But at first we will go to shopping as it is my best friend’s birthday party I have to look special.
Swara :ok.

Precap:Birthday party starts,swara and sanskaar collides.

Guys I hope you ar liking and if u find it boring you can tell I will try to make it interesting.And guys its swasan and raglak ff and it was typing mistake in the title.And after some episodes there wil be a love triangle between swasan and raglak.

Credit to: Alia

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  1. Superb….loved it yaaaar….rags always looks cute 🙂 …hope in ur love triangle,rags dsnt suffer…

    1. Don’t worry ragini won’t suffer,in fact she will get happy.

  2. Jwala


  3. Maddy_02

    Good…start…… I like the story..awesome post soon… 🙂

  4. Deeksha


  5. Interesting dear and waiting for next episode

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