Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 19

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Chapter 18

Raglak comes to swasan.Laksh puts ragini down.They notices that swasan are constantly looking at them.
Laksh: what happened,why are you both looking at us like this?
Swara:no nothing like that actually u both in this position…..
Ragini:oh swara actually I got hurt in my leg so was just helping me
Swara(murmurs to Sanskaar):see,mana bola tha na…kuch bhi nahi hua…but I just hope iss trip sa…thora sa hi sehi lekin laksh ke mann ma ragini ka liya feelings agaya..
Sanskaar :I also hope so…by the way, guys I called the mechanic ,and he has come and I think the car must have been repaired by now..
Laksh:yeah then let’s go..
Swasan and raglak starts walking,laksh pulls swara back…
Swara:what are you doing Laksh?
Laksh(smiles) : I want to talk to u…come at your house backyard before 2 days of our wedding you remember na for the first time we meet on that day….I have a surprise for you..
Swara:lekin laksh..
Laksh : lekin,wakin kuch nahi tumhe aana hi paraga….
Swara :thikha…
Scene shifts
Swaragini and sanlak reaches at their respective homes,their families takes care of them,as they were out for all night….
Day passes now 2 days are left for the wedding, swara comes to the backyard and sees a beautiful candle night dinner is planned,laksh comes and hugs swara from back…
Laksh:swara I am very happy after 2 days we are going to get married….you know na how much I love you…
Laksh: what hmmm? We’re about to get married,and you haven’t said I love you to me,don’t you love me..
Swara: no..Laksh it’s not like that….
Laksh:then you have to say I love you to me…. Ragini….
She turns and sees ragini standing,she gets shocked,ragini runs from their cryingly
Laksh:what happened to her?
Swara (nervously):a…a..actually laksh,u know na she loves you,that’s why maybe she got hurt seeing us together…
Swara rushes to ragini,laksh looks on.Ragini comes to her room , swara goes behind ragini ,Sanskaar calls swara ,Sanskaar says I am coming.
Swara comes to ragini..
Swara:Ragini,look I can explain…
Ragini(tears are falling from her eyes):swara hum kuch nahi sunna chahata pls chali gao…
Swara:ragini pls meri bat toh sunlo…
Ragini comes to her and says…
Ragini:kya suna swara ki tumna humsa jhot bola ki tum Sanskaar sa shadi karna wali ho
Swara comes to ragini’s room.
Swara: ragini mujha tumsa kuch bat karni hai..
Ragini: hai bolo swara..
Swara:ragini mein ar Sanskaar ek dusra sa pyaar karta hai ar shadi karna chata hai.
Ragini :kya…ya kab hua…ar tumne humma kuch bataya bhi nahi..par jo bhi hoh hum bohot khush hai tumhara lia..
Swara:toh tumhe koe atraz nahi hai na iss rishta sa…
Ragini: nahi..swara humma kiu atraz hoga…
Fb ends.

Precap:ragini says to swara ‘nahi swara aisa rishta nahi banta ab laksh humse khabhi pyaar nahi karenga’. Swasan promises to ragini, that laksh will accept and love her , wholeheartedly.

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Credit to: Alia


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