Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 17

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It’s night,the shopping is over and 4 of them are in the car.Sanskaar is driving but suddenly the car stops near a jungle.
Laksh:what happened,vai?
Sanskaar: I don’t know laksh,maybe there is some problem with the car.Let’s go and check.
Swaragini and sanlak comes outside the car.
Sanskaar : There is some serious problem in the engine,we have to call the mechanic .
Laksh:But vai it’s very late we won’t get a mechanic right now n there is no network so, we can’t also call them.
Ragini:what then ,what will we do now.

Laksh: don’t know..
Ragini: what do you mean by don’t know,we can’t stay here for whole night….
Swara thinks something and says ..
Swara: actually we can , let’s do one thing lets play a game….
Ragini : what?
Swara: truth and dare (I hope you all know the game)
Sanskaar:oh god! Swara we can play game later but first we need to call at home….
Swara winks at sanskaar..

Ragini : yes, swara sanskaar is right,we should inform at house first
Laksh: yes swara…
Sanskaar: no actually swara is right, we can drop a message at home and when we get network, the message will be automatically send.And anyways we have to stay here,so y don’t we play and pass our time..
Ragini : But are you sure?
Sanskaar: yes I am….
Suddenly rain starts and laksh sees a house and four of them goes there.
Swara sees a bottle and starts the game,the bottle points at sanskaar…
Laksh: truth or dare…
Sanskaar: dare
Laksh: vai go and give a round of the jungle and come back here….
Sanskaar:what? Laksh have you gone mad ? You know na that there is wild animals in this jungle.
Laksh: why vai are you afraid?
Sanskaar :I am not afraid, I am concerned for you as you are afraid of wild animals.
Sanlak stands up
Laksh : no vai I am afraid of wild animals…
Swara thinks something and Swaragini also stands up…
Swara: ok fine you both think you are not afraid , let’s do one thing we 4 will go to different directions and come back here and the person who comes back here perfectly fine,that person will be the winner…

Ragini: But swara what is my fault why are you dragging me in it u know na that I am afraid of darkness and animals, I can’t go alone..
Swara:ok fine let’s have team ,laksh and ragini,me and Sanskaar.Now do you all have any problem…

Precap: Ragini hugs Laksh…

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