Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 16

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Engagement starts, sanlak comes together beside each other, and Swaragini comes together beside each other.They are told to exchange rings together but when they are about to exchange rings,lights goes off , everyone gets worried but they still exchanges rings.Adasrh goes to check the light and the lights comes back. Everyone sees they have exchanged the rings and gets happy.Engagement is done.Everyone is doing dinner,laksh messages swara ‘ I love you ‘
Swara sees the message and eyes laksh and laksh eyes her to reply,Sanskaar sees them eyeing each other and gets sad .Swara reply ‘ hmm ‘ , Laksh reply’ what hmm say I love you too ‘
Swara reads the message and looks at ragini(ragini is sitting beside her) , ragini sees her and say..
Ragini: what happened swara?
Swara: nothing ragini !
Ragini: Then y are you looking at me.
Swara: just like that
Ragini: I know I am beautiful but that doesn’t mean that you will keep looking at me…
Swaragini laughs, swara says in mind ‘i am sorry ragini,but whatever I am doing is for your happiness ‘ and replies to Laksh ‘ I will say that later , first do your dinner’ ,laksh sends an angry emoticon.
Swaragini is in their home , ragini comes to swara’s room . Swara is thinking something..Ragini hugs her shoulder from side …
Ragini : what are you thinking , swara?
Swara: nothing….ragini breaks the hug and comes in front of her
Ragini: ok leave all this,you know what…we are going shopping…I have to buy so many things…and just what I have invited Laksh and Sanskaar also…it’s going to be lots of fun…quickly get ready…we are leaving right now..
Swara: but ragini…how can we go so suddenly
Ragini: swara…I don’t want to hear any but,if , how…..quickly get ready..sanlak is coming to pick up us…Ragini goes
Scene shifts
Sanlak and Swaragini are in the mall and they in some jewellery shop as before going shopping ap called then and asked them to buy jewellery for Swaragini. Sanskaar goes to the rings section,swara sees him and goes to him.
Swara:Girlfriend ka lia choice kar raha ho..
Sanskaar : nahi aisi koe bat nahi lekin aaj tumne prove karlia ki tum 100% duffer ho..
Swara(giving an angry expression): kya par kiu .. ar mane tumse kitni bar bola hai ki mujha duffer mat bulao..
Sanskaar: duffer kiu nahi bulao ekto itni tension hai .. aparsa tumhe shopping karni hai,seriously swara!
Swara: pehla tum mujhe duffer bulana band karo or waisa bhi mujhe nahi ragini ki ko shopping karni hai..
Sanskaar:after all behan kiski hai..
Swa:what do you mean by behqn kiski hai..ar main to tumhari help karna aiye thi ki gf ring lani hai toh yah wali lana ( she points at a beautiful diamond ring) lekin tum toh mara hi pecha par gya , jao ma tumse bat nahi karungi… ar ha mujhe duffer mat bulana ….She goes.
Sanskaar ask the manager to pack this ring(which swara pointed)…..

Precap:swasan and raglak gets stuck in jungle..

Guys I didn’t write earlier as I am writing an ff for the first time,the characters in the story are same as the serial.And guys pls comment,thx for your time.And guys do you want to see a villain in the story.

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