Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 15


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Sanskaar : I know that a very misunderstanding has happened but we can’t compromise with ragini’s health , Laksh doesn’t want to marry ragini,that’s why I am ready to take her responsibility by marrying her.
Everyone gets shocked but later agrees as it’s important for ragini’s health.
Swara : Even I want to say something.Whatever happened there is not any mistake of Laksh,and I also love Laksh but I didn’t say it as I thought he loves ragini.Everyone gets into tension but Laksh gets happy hearing swara’s confession.Everyone also agrees thinking that if they loves each other they should also get married.
Dadi:But what about ragini,she loves Laksh.
Swara: dadi I will talk to her.
Gododias reaches home.
Ragini: All you have come back,I was eagerly waiting for you all what did Laksh said….
Swara: Laksh I want to talk to u…
Ragini:What? Tell me…..

Swara takes ragini to room and tells her something and comes back with her …
Dadi: what do think….should this happen…..are you ready….
Ragini(first stays quiet ,then says):yes ofcourse …I am really happy….I always wanted swara and me to go to the same house….I agree with her decision….
Everyone gets relieved and starts doing preparations for engagement and the engagement day comes . Gadodias comes to mehashwari house for engagement . They welcomes them and they starts talking . Swara is standing quietly , someone comes and takes her to the side and it is relieved to be sanskaar.
Sanskaar: Swara are you sure you want to this ,this is getting very dangerous,what if someone gets to know.
Swara: I know sanskaar but I am doing all this only for ragini’s happiness.
Sanskaar: But if swara our plan backfires everyones life will be ruined , in fact ragini and yours also..
Swara:I don’t care about myself I just care about ragini , and for that I have to make this plan successful at any cost.The engagement is about to get started I got to go,bye…..
Swara goes…..
Sanskaar (with teary eyes):You don’t care for yourself but I care for you,if something happens to you I won’t be able to live…..

Precap: Engagement happens.

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Credit to: Alia

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