Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 14


Hi guys,I am happy that you are liking my ff and pls keep commenting.

Swara gets awkward while dancing with Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: You think me as your friend,right.
Swara : ofcourse, why did you ask?
Sanskaar: Then ,no need to feel awkward,I won’t eat you up.
They both laugh.
Swara : ok,leave all this,I want to ask to something?
Swara : You are helping me to unite ragini and Laksh but in your own life,do you have someone special or not?
Sanskaar drags swara close to him ,swara gets surprised,and says
Swara : Sanskaar , what are you doing?
Sanskaar(romantically): There is someone.
Swara(nervously):who ?
Sanskaar comes more near her , swara thinks that sanskaar is going to kiss her and gets more nervous but sanskaar goes more close and keeps his face on her shoulder and says
Sanskaar: My mom
Swara gets normal and says
Swara:what ? I thought….

Sanskaar : What you thought ?
Swara : leave it but I asked you about someone special
Sanskaar : Moms are also special
Swara: Accha ok baba ! Leave it.
They both smile.
Raglak are dancing.
Laksh: are you ragini or someone else?
Ragini :What?
Laksh:Earlier you used to fight with me,in fact you used to hate me and nowadays you talks so sweetly to me.
Ragini(smiles a little): Situations have changed now.
Laksh:yeah right.
Ragini: But if you want I call be the old ragini who only used to fight with you.
Laksh: no thank you,I like this ragini more ,no need to change.
Something gets into ragini eyes.
Ragini: Ahh!!!

Laksh: what happened?
Ragini : something got into my eyes .
Laksh:show me
Laksh blows airs in her eyes.Ragini looks at him immensely. Swasan sees them and gets happy.
Their moments breaks when the music stops and Swasan goes to raglak.
Swara : Laksh,ragini lets go home now,it’s very late.
Raglak: ok let’s go.
Swasan and Swaragini are in the car.Sanlak sits in the front and Swaragini at the back.
Sanskaar is in the driver’s seat and while driving he sees mirror and sees smiling and gets lost in her.A truck starts coming from front nobody notices it ,when the truck is too close ,Laksh notices it.
Laksh(screams) : Sanskaar vai ,vai see a truck is coming.
Sanskaar gets conscious and is shocked to see and Swaragini is also shocked.Sanskaar immediately turns the car and the car hits a tree.

Precap:Laksh tells everyone that he loves swara not ragini,everyone gets shocked.

Guys thx for your time and reading my ff and pls keep commenting.Guys whom do you like more varun kapoor(sanskaar) or namish teneja(Laksh)?

Credit to: Alia

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  1. Apne……phir s purana wala episode upload krdiya……plzzzplzzz???
    New post kijiye…….
    I’m waiting for ur ff……?????

  2. N I luv varun aka sanskar more…….than namish

  3. it’s same as ep 13

  4. Dharani

    hey this episode is reposted

  5. There is misunderstanding guys , when I posted yesterday it didn’t show the successfully posted message ,so I thought that I isn’t posted,thats y i posted today also,but now I got to know that I was posted … n don’t worry I will post the new episode today itself with the title Swaragini – swasan and raglak episode 14 (new)

  6. SPP

    This epi is reposted
    I love both of them

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